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BlueOS Company Presentation: Pitch Deck


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An introduction to the service portfolio of Blue Ocean Solutions (BlueOS) marketing consultancy that focuses on Inbound marketing and technology go-to-market strategy development & implementation.

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BlueOS Company Presentation: Pitch Deck

  1. 1. Pitch Deck BlueOS   People  shop  and  learn  in  a  whole   new  way  compared  to  just  a  few   years  ago   Brian  Halligan,  CEO,  HubSpot   Content  MarkeAng  is  all  the   markeAng  that’s  leC   Seth  Godin,  American  author,  entrepreneur,   marketer,  &  speaker  
  2. 2. Pitch Deck BlueOS  MarkeAng  departments  are  under  pressure  to  perform   People’s   behaviors   have   changed.   They’re   tuning   out   of   tradi9onal   marke9ng  tac9cs.     To  a<ract  customers,  marketers  have   to  provide  them  with  something  they   love!     Solu'on   Inbound   Marke9ng   -­‐   a   holis9c,   data-­‐ driven   approach   to   marke9ng   that   a<racts  individuals  to  your  brand  and   converts   them   into   your   long-­‐las9ng   customers  and  advocates!  
  3. 3. Pitch Deck BlueOS  How  is  Inbound  markeAng  different?   Past:  Cavear  Emptor  (Buyer  beware)   •  Sales  personnel  empowered  with  superior   informa9on  about  products  and  services   •  Trust  on  the  sales  person’s  opinions   •  Seller  power   Today:  Caveat  Venditor  (Seller  beware)   •  Buyers   empowered   with   superior   informa9on  about  products  and  services   •  Trust  on  online  reviews,  blogs  and  other   user  generated  content   •  Buyer  power    
  4. 4. Pitch Deck BlueOS  How  can  BlueOS  help  YOU  with  Inbound  markeAng?   BlueOS  helps  answer  the  ques9ons:   •  Who  are  your  customers?   –  Buyer  personas   •  What  are  they  interested  in?   –  Content  strategy  &  development   •  Where  are  your  customers?   –  Channel  research   •  How  do  you  reach  them?   –  Outreach  analysis   •  Why  should  they  buy  from  you?   –  Value  ar9cula9on   •  Is  your  mix  compelling?   –  Value  confirma9on   •  Who  are  your  compe9tors?   –  Compe99ve  Analysis  &  Intelligence  
  5. 5. Pitch Deck BlueOS  BlueOS  offers  a  complete  Inbound  markeAng  porLolio     Content Strategy Content Creation Thought Leadership Influencer Posts Website, Blog and Content Management System rollout Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Marketing (SEM) Campaign Conception & Execution Support Lead Generation Tactics Marketing Automation Scorecards & Analytics Community Engagement Value Confirmation
  6. 6. Pitch Deck BlueOS  Client  success  stories   Customer   A  major  Swiss  quality  assurance  company   Engagement  Dura9on   October  2013  –  September  2014   Deliverables   •  Content  crea9on  (Ar9cles,  Blogs,  Press  releases)   •  CRM  automa9on  (Salesforce)   •  Knowledge  management  (Starmind)   •  So^ware  tester  community  building   •  Events  and  speaker  slot  acquisi9on   Conversion   •  20+  ar9cles  published  in  the  USA  and  Europe   •  7  new  corporate  logos  acquired   •  240%  pipeline  growth   •  55%  more  website  visitors  and  signups   •  23%  improvement  in  website  ranking   •  434%  more  index  pages   •  340+  new  community  membership   •  14%  growth  in  net  monthly  recurring  revenue   •  41%  reduc9on  in  marke9ng  expenses  
  7. 7. Pitch Deck BlueOS  Our  channels  and  methodologies   The  USA  &  Canada   •  Wired   •  Informa9on  Week   •  CIO  Magazine   •  Big  Data  Republic   •  Smart  Data  Collec9ve   •  UXMag   •  Re/code   Europe  &  the  UK   •  Outsource  Magazine   •  Computer  Weekly   •  ComputerWoche   •  Heise  Online   •  Tes9ng  Experience     And,  many  more…   Insight  Selling   Value  &  Solu9on  Selling   Pyramid  Principle   Power  Messaging   Balanced  Scorecard   Design  Thinking   Whiteboard  selling   Basho  Sales   JAWS  selling   ATL  /  BTL  marke9ng   Choice  Architecture   Design  of  Experiments   A/B  Tes9ng  
  8. 8. Pitch Deck BlueOS  What  could  YOU  expect  by  working  with  us?   •  Superior   collaterals   and   effec9ve   Inbound  marke9ng  campaigns   •  Established  content  publisher  network   in  the  USA  and  Europe   •  Compe99ve   prices   through   blended   delivery  (on-­‐  and  offshore  teams)   Our  driving  force:   When  Cicero  spoke,  people  said,  Great  speech!   When  Demosthenes  spoke,  they  said,  Let’s  march!  
  9. 9. Pitch Deck BlueOS  What  makes  us  unique?   •  We  understand  readers’  mindset   •  We   are   great   in   connec9ng   the   dots  to  create  compelling  content   •  We  are  great  in  storytelling   •  Wri9ng  is  our  passion  
  10. 10. Pitch Deck BlueOS  Interested?  Reach  us  for  a  discussion   Blue  Ocean  Solu'ons  (BlueOS)  UG   Mithun  Sridharan,  Managing  Director   Hauptstraße  2,  65760  Eschborn,  Germany   Ringstraße  21,  69115  Heidelberg,  Germany     Mobile:  (+49)  176  9792  4897   Business:  (+49)  6221  673  9772   E-­‐Mail:   Web:  h<p://     The  %me  is  NOW  to  re-­‐think  your  marke%ng.   Don’t  become  a  boiled  frog!  
  11. 11. Pitch Deck BlueOS   Backup  
  12. 12. Pitch Deck BlueOS  B2C  Case:  How  to  purchase  a  camera  today?   1   • User  wants  to  purchase  a  camera   2   • Reviews  available  cameras    on   eCommerce,  blogs  and  diverse  sites   3   • Compares  prices  online     4   • May  solicit  feedback  from  social  network   5   • May   a   visit   to   brick   &   mortar   shop   to   gather  a  “feel”  of  the  gadget   6   • Chooses  the  best  deal  among  all  available   opAons   7   • Makes  the  purchase  
  13. 13. Pitch Deck BlueOS  B2B  Case:  Why  is  Inbound  markeAng  extremely  relevant?   •  Purchases   are   strategic   in   nature   and   directly   affect   careers   of   those   involved  in  the  process   •  Procurement  decisions  through  buying   gates  in  large  enterprises   •  Product   or   service   must   meet   the   needs  of  several  business  units   •  Mul9ple   stakeholders   with   diverse   expecta9ons  involved  in  buying   •  A  broad  content  porpolio  is  required  to   meet  the  informa9onal  needs  of  these   stakeholders  
  14. 14. Pitch Deck BlueOS  Customers’  online  behavior  is  re-­‐defining  markeAng   •  70%   of   buying   decisions   made   online   before  first  contact  with  seller   •  Customer  preferences  are  increasingly   specific   and   they   expect   suppliers   to   cater  to  their  informa9on  needs   •  Omni-­‐channel   content   marke9ng   increasingly  important  to  customers   •  Buyers   expect   high   quality,   unbiased   content   from   diverse   sources   to   aid   their  decision-­‐making  process   •  Social   buying   trends   shaping   buyer-­‐ seller  interac9on   •  Purchasing   strategies   converging   between  B2B  and  B2C  segments