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How Are Schools Doing Mobile?


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Published in: Education, Technology
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How Are Schools Doing Mobile?

  1. 1. Dorian Brown, Joseph Sweeney, Lakavious Jones, Fatima Ferguson, Suha Tamim, Dr. Michael M. GrantMichael M. Grant, PhD
  2. 2. Download the slides & resources from this URL.
  3. 3. Backgroundž  Purpose of the study: •  To explore/describe the use of mobile computing devices in K-12 education.
  4. 4. Background•  What does the research say about mobile computing devices?•  What does the popular press say about mobile computing devices?
  5. 5. Background•  What are barriers to integrating mobile computing devices?•  What are supports for integrating mobile computing devices?
  6. 6. Research questions How? Supports? Questions Barriers? Changes?
  7. 7. Research methodsž  Qualitative– Why?ž  Case studyž  Purposeful Sampling
  8. 8. Our participantsName Age Gender Ethnicity Grade(s) Subject Area(s) Public/ Location Private1. Ashleigh 48 Female Caucasian BK-4th Computers Public Michigan2. Steven 25 Male Caucasian 9th-12th Math Private Kentucky3. Pam 53 Female Black 8th Inclusion Public Tennessee4. Isabella 29 Female South American 3rd All/Dual Public Tennessee Language5. Marne 43 Female Caucasian 9-12 Spanish Public Tennessee6. Gabe 27 Male Black 9-12 Algebra 1 Public Tennessee7. Tony 29 Male Black 6-8 Input Technology Public Mississippi8. Mike 39 Male Caucasian 12 English Public New York
  9. 9. Findingsž  Control & ownership of mobile computing devicesž  How teachers are using mobile computing devicesž  Teachers seek out & receive professional developmentž  Technical problems & frequencyž  Administrators as champions or not
  10. 10. Control and ownership ofmobile computing devicesž  Control •  Teachers use only •  Teachers determine use •  Students determine use FINDINGS
  11. 11. Control and ownership ofmobile computing devicesž  Ownership•  School owns the devices for students to use in school.•  School owns the devices for students to use in school and take home.•  Students own the device•  Teachers own the device(s) FINDINGS
  12. 12. IN THEIR WORDS“ I use it as a documentation tool. I can type out a quick note on my phone, and it will save it and it will sync to my computer automatically, so that I can look at that later whether in a conference meeting with parents. Steven ”
  13. 13. How teachers are usingmobile computing devices:Steven
  14. 14. IN THEIR WORDS“ They want to be involved, so they are actively involved in the application, 99% of the time.“ ” The students before didn’t really care if they couldn’t use the computers, ” Ashleigh
  15. 15. IN THEIR WORDS“ My lessons are more student-centered. Students are directing their own learning. I only serve as a facilitator.“ ” Yes, they (students) are going to play around on their iPads or what I call "high tech doodling, but it is up to the teacher to keep them on task. ”
  16. 16. How teachers are using mobilecomputing devices FINDINGS
  17. 17. IN THEIR WORDS“ Its almost like youre tricking them into learning, which is what were always trying to do anyway...We want them to learn without realizing theyre learning. Isabella ”
  18. 18. How teachers are using mobilecomputing devices: Isabella FINDINGS
  19. 19. How teachers are using mobilecomputing devices: Isabella FINDINGS
  20. 20. IN THEIR WORDS“ Youre more eager to plan because its like, "wow, wait til I show them this!" They are so eager to learn and participate. Pam ”
  21. 21. How teachers are using mobilecomputing devices: Pam FINDINGS
  22. 22. How teachers are using mobilecomputing devices: Pam FINDINGS
  23. 23. Teachers seek out & receiveprofessional development.•  Teach for America •  iPad + iPod=Same•  Apple •  Background Distinguished Experience Educator•  Summer Webinars •  Self-Taught FINDINGS
  24. 24. IN THEIR WORDS“ If they offered more (PD), I would definitely go! ”“ With my background in working with mobile devices as well as outside training outside the school, I believe that both ” have proved to be adequate training
  25. 25. Technical problems &frequency•  network errors •  Overload of network•  Flash based •  Lack of daily access programs not to devices compatible. •  E-mail only way to•  Lack of LCD send or recieve projectors to show data. images from devices FINDINGS
  26. 26. Teachers perceptions ofbenefits to mobile devicesž  Efficiencyž  Differentiatinginstructionž  Enthusiastic planningž  Students that... Want to participate!! FINDINGS
  27. 27. Administrators as champions“ My principal fully supports the integration of technology into my lessons.“ My principal has allowed me the flexibility of conducting classes in other locations such ” as outside and in the auditorium in order to give children the opportunity to interact in ” different learning environments. Raymond FINDINGS
  28. 28. Administrators as champions“ I showed her everything and she was just sold on the level of organization and documentation that it gave me per student. Steven ” FINDINGS
  29. 29. Administrators: Support vs. Budget“ It would be helpful if the principal would buy a classroom set. Barb ”“ We’ve had a discussion about becoming closer to a one-to-one school where we’ve got rolling carts and have iPads on them, and things like that, but as far as the teachers are concerned, they give each teacher a laptop, but I think ” that’s as far as they’ll go with teachers. Steven FINDINGS
  30. 30. Administrators: Misguided Logic“ Our board is really where we are not getting ” our support.“ I’ve heard that the board, and again this is just what I heard, is that several of the board members did not understand why, and I guess some of the teachers didn’t understand why they would be put in the lowest grade level ”G S school first. Ashleigh FINDIN
  31. 31. How can this help?•  More ideas on how to use MCD in classrooms•  Teachers will have an expectation of how they will be supported and trained•  Administrators will understand teachers perceptions•  Software developers
  32. 32. What we still want to know•  Student achievment?•  iPod vs. iPad vs. iPhone?•  Use of non-Apple products?•  Impact on teaching practices?•  Why are some schools and teachers not using them?
  33. 33.
  34. 34. Download the slides & resources from this URL.
  35. 35. Michael M. Grant, PhD 2011