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Leon Lutheran School


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Leon Lutheran School

  1. 1. MEXICO Mission Project 2012Leon Lutheran Middle School “Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them,for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’” (Matthew 19:14 NIV)
  2. 2. The MissionTo provide a Lutheran School for families in Mexicowho want a high quality school that will embraceeach student as a redeemed child of God.
  3. 3. Can you find Leon on this map?Leon is located in central Mexico about 200 miles northwest of Mexico City. Mahahual .
  4. 4. Do you know?Who can guess what the name of the city ofLEON means?If you guessed LION then you are correct!
  5. 5. Even the city of Lions isstronger when their familieshave the good news that Jesus is their Savior!
  6. 6. Planning will continue during2012 with the goal of openingthe school in the fall of 2013.• Leon is a growing city of about two million people in the metropolitan area.• It is the fifth (5th) largest city in Mexico.• It has a strong economy and is considered the shoe and leather capital of Mexico.
  7. 7. Potential Site Plan for ConsiderationThe final plan will be adjusted to fit the building site and funding. The final school building will change to fit the property that we select and the gifts that we receive, but these drawings give us a picture of how it might look. First Floor Room Layout with spaces for future expansion 1 Auditorium/Chapel (Added as needed and as funding permits.) 2 Lobby 3 Kitchen 4 Office 5 Commons 6 & 8 Classrooms (More classrooms on 2nd level 11 Area for Future Expansion
  8. 8. Who will work at the school? As soon as possible we will hire 3 people: – A school principal to help us plan and prepare the new school; and – A dean of students who will work in the neighborhood to enroll the students; and – A lead teacher to work on the curriculum (what we will want every student to learn).
  9. 9. Who will teach? English speakers from the United States
  10. 10. Who will teach? Mexican Spanish Speakers
  11. 11. Who will help? Office WorkerCleaning Teaching Assistant
  12. 12. Facts About the Leon School• Half of the teaching will be in English – The other half will be in Spanish• The plan is to start with 6 teachers – Six more will be added within a year or two
  13. 13. This is our challenge… this is our opportunity. Let us never doubt God’s ability to do great things through the service and gifts of faithful Christians.
  14. 14. You can help make it happen!
  15. 15. Thank you for your gifts to help us build a new Lutheran School in Leon, Mexico.