Who Can Benefit from Financial Planning and How We Work


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A brief presentation on who benefits from financial planning and who we are and how we work at Minerva Planning Group.

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Who Can Benefit from Financial Planning and How We Work

  1. 1. Financial Planning and Wealth Management An Overview of Who Planning Can Help
  2. 2. Who Works with Us  Majority of clients include:  Independent consultants and small business owners  Business executives  Retirees  Work with us for one of several reasons, including:  To establish a plan, or to update an existing plan due in the face of a life-changing event or challenging market  Lack the time to maintain a plan and manage their investments  To offload responsibility for managing portfolio to an advisor with whom they will maintain a long-term relationship  Need help in making business and benefit choices, particularly if they are independent consultants or small business owners
  3. 3. Why Our Clients Work with Us  We’re fee-only  We sell no commissionable products or services - our only revenue is from our clients  We act as fiduciaries  We have knowledge and experience  Micah is a CFA Charterholder  Micah and Renee are working towards the CFP designation  We take our time with clients Each planner works with fewer than 75 clients  Focus on client education 
  4. 4. How We Work  We begin with a complimentary consultation by phone, or in-person Offers us a chance to understand your needs  Offers you a chance to learn more about us  We create a proposal after the consultation, and  proposal includes scope of engagement and estimated cost  Offer a range of services  Comprehensive planning  Portfolio design with specific investment recommendations  Ongoing planning and investment management  Address specific questions or topics
  5. 5. General Questions  Can you work remotely? Yes, if the client is comfortable doing so.   Is there a minimum asset requirement? There is no minimum requirement for clients who want a  comprehensive plan. For an ongoing retainer, the minimum is $500,000 in assets.  Can you provide a ballpark figure for cost? That depends upon the service. Our planning fee is  $190/hour, and our retainer fee starts at 1% of the assets under management.  How do I learn more? Visit our website at www.minervapg.com, call us  at 877 881 5379, or e-mail Micah via LinkedIn.