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Nieve emi


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Nieve emi

  1. 1. Una obra maestra de la Ingeniería Dubai , Emiratos Arabes Unidos
  2. 2. Durante la fase de construcción …
  3. 3. La obra ya terminada … fíjense en las palmeras …
  4. 4. Tiene un area de 3 estadios de futbol …
  5. 5. Recuerden estamos … en la mitad del desierto ... Un desierto muy caluroso, con temperaturas de 50 grados VEAMOS EL INTERIOR
  6. 7. Ski Dubai tiene 5 lomas Que varian en dificultades y altura , La mas larga de 400 metros y una caida de 60 metros.
  7. 8. La entrada cuesta 35 dolares con todo incluìdo …
  8. 9. Built on what was previously desert sand, the slopes will be covered with manufactured snow all year round. The centre has green, blue, red and black runs, chairlifts and snow patrols, like any other ski resort. A snow park next door has tobogganing, icy bobsleigh runs and a ski school. Anyone wanting to ski on the main slopes will have to prove their competence before being allowed to do so.
  9. 10. The snow is made by shooting water at high pressure into an atmosphere maintained at around freezing point by coolers both below and above the slopes.
  10. 11. Your skis will carry you down the slope, and our quad-chairlift and tow lift will promptly carry you back to the top for another run.
  11. 12. Snow Pro, has expert staff to advise you on your equipment needs and our team of professional instructors will guide you through the simple, fun process of learning to ski or snowboard. You will enjoy our themed restaurants; the St Moritz Café at the entrance to Ski Dubai, and the Avalanche Café at the mid-station, with views of the slope. Our exclusive retail shop,
  12. 13. Until now Dubai has been a destination for warm beach holidays. But the ski slope is likely to be most popular, especially for residents, during Dubai's harsh summer when temperatures reach well above 40C. WimpySoft
  13. 14. Y después nos preguntamos porqué esta tan cara la gasolina …