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A campaign developed for Nissan with specific intentions on marketing towards multicultural demographics

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  1. 1. Renee Balgobin, Vanessa Garzon, Kat Kielpinski, Justin LaBarbera, FrankLoBello, Mike Spinella
  2. 2. To create a fully integrated marketing plan for Nissan, specifically for multicultural millennials.
  3. 3. Weaknesses Threats• Global Brand • Alliance with• Research and • Dependence Renault Development on overseas • Competition • Investment in in global• Variety of market zero-emission different vehicles • Innovation automobile at different price technology market points time lag Strengths Opportunities
  4. 4.  Nissan is geared towards the hard working individual who does not want to spend a fortune on their car. For an individual that desires a cost efficient yet stylish and reliable car. The various Nissan models out today are for both men and women alike who want drive a car that has elegance and style without compromising price and safety. Nissan is positioned for those who want a nice car that’s safe and includes the new technological amenities that the higher end cars have. Nissan customers want a car that they can buy that leaves them with money still in their pockets. They look for these aspects without the compromising what is most important to them- safety and reliability.
  5. 5.  Nissan has a current market share of  Nissan’s growth in China has become steady, even though overall growth is stabilizing.  The European nations have grown to become huge markets for Nissan.Plans for the Future • Nissan Motor Co. plans to widen its operating profit margin to 8% from the current 6.1% by the year 2016. • Utilize the fast growing, up and coming economies to gain achievements in its profit share. • Aiming to capture 10% of the global luxury car sales and introduce a total of 51 new models over the next six years. • Built a new production plant in Brazil and raise its current market share there from 1.2% to 5%. • Regain profits due to losses from the recent Earthquake in Japan and the increasing strength of the Yen. ▪ Yen increased 15% against the US dollar last year ▪ Profit expected to fall a total of 15% ($270 million) this year due to earthquake. • Increase global dealerships from 6,000 to 7,500. • Aiming for a 25% payout dividend ration within the next 6 years.**Source: Business Source Premier Database-Datamonitor
  6. 6. Nissan  Net revenues of 8.7731 trillion yen ($115.682 billion US $)  Operating profit of 537.5 billion yen ($7.087 billion US $)  Net income of 319.2 billion yen ($4.208 billion US $)  Japan is Nissan’s largest geographical market and it accounts for 27.6% of the total revenues in 2010.  Revenues from Japan reached $22,403.9 million in 2010, which is a decrease of 10.7% compared to 2009.  North America accounts for 35.7% of the total revenues in 2010. Revenues from North Americareached $28,907.9 million in 2010, which is a decrease of 10% compared to 2009.  Europe accounts for 14.5% of the total revenues for 2010. Revenues from Europe reached $11,727.2 million in 2010, which is a decrease of 23.9% compared to 2009.  Other foreign countries account for 22.2% of the total revenues in 2010. Revenues from other foreign countries reached $17,997.2 million in 2010, which is a decrease of 1.7% compared to 2009.**Source: Business Source Premier Database-Datamonitor
  7. 7. Top Global Competitors  Fiat S. P. A.  BayerischeMotorenWerke AG  Ford Motor Company  General Motors Corporation  Honda Motor Co., Ltd.  Hyundai Corporation  Isuzu Motors Limited  Mazda Motor Corporation  Mitsubishi Motors Corporation  Navistar International Corporation  PSA Peugeot Citroen S.A.  Suzuki Motor Corporation  Toyota Motor Corporation  Volkswagen AG  Kia Motors Corporation**Source: Business Source Premier Database-Datamonitor
  8. 8. Average Vehicle Price0.4 Ranges0.3 Column10.20.1 Column2 0
  10. 10. African-Americans From family to cultural “Without it you won’t go values, the importance anywhere” Knowledge is power. of having an education has been stressed. “Through family values instilled in me, it is very important to continue my education so I can They believe that being make something out of myself Education is the most and be successful” educated will get themsignificant contribution one step closer to living to achieving goals. the life they want. “Best opportunities can come from learning and getting an education “ A quality education will help make it so they can buy luxury products they long for.
  11. 11. Chinese-Americans “Hope to find a job”  9 out of 10 include getting a job  9 out of 10 include getting a job in their in their future future “Working in finance by networking with  Most answers we received professionals and included education and/or applying for jobs” getting a job “Entrepreneur by starting a business”  Living in New York with a good “Get a good paying job was common accountant job by getting more work  Education is extremely important experience, in 5 years married with a stable job” “Living in NY by managing my personal
  12. 12. Hispanic-Americans THEY want to achieve success through higher education while remaining true to their cultural roots. FAMILY is the most important thing to them.
  13. 13. What is the highest level of education you have completed, or are currently in?# Answer Response %1 High School 2 4%2 College 22 45%3 Some College 20 41%4 Grad School 5 10% Total 49 100% Pertaining to automobiles, how important is innovation?# Answer Response %1 Important 32 64%2 Somewhat Important 13 26%3 Neutral 5 10%4 Somewhat Unimportant 0 0%5 Unimportant 0 0% Total 50 100%
  14. 14.  Around 92% of respondents feel education is important or somewhat important.
  15. 15. Do you find that celebrity endorsements work?# Answer Response %1 Yes 19 38%2 No 31 62% Total 50 100% What type of advertising do you prefer?# Answer Response %1 Humorous 20 40%2 Sexual 2 4%3 Emotional 2 4%4 Relatable 8 16%5 Inspirational 18 36% Total 50 100%
  16. 16. Consumer-OrientedReliable Affordable
  17. 17.  Key Insight Key Message Reason To Believe Organizing Idea
  18. 18.  Multicultural millennials are inspired to strive for a gratifying lifestyle. Nissan provides millennials with innovative vehicles that can help them get to where they need to be at an affordable price
  19. 19. Inspiration Drives Innovation
  20. 20.  Our target audience consist of Chinese American’s, African American’s, and Hispanic American’s all within the age of 18-29 whom strive for excellence driven by their inspiration, leading to education, career opportunities, and family life.
  21. 21.  We will show millennials in different situations where they use Nissan to take them to where they need to be, their inspiration. Each multicultural will be driving to their unique inspiration such as education, family, and success. At the end of the commercial they will state their inspiration and “Nissan helps me get there.”
  22. 22. “I got this…” Resume…check, business cards…checkCell phone…check Keys…check
  23. 23. “Phew…you got this” Turns music up Gets out of car, voice over: Success is myinspiration, and Nissan helps me get there
  24. 24. Resume…check, business cards…check “Phew…you got this” Gets out of car, voice over: Success is myinspiration, and Nissan helps me get there
  25. 25.  African-American: Same format, stressed going through list of assignments due for school, get’s in his Nissan, relaxes, pulls up to school and voice over.
  26. 26.  Facebook/Twitter (@nissancares): Upload video/tweet about what inspires you, and how your Nissan helps you get there  10 Winners: Will receive $10,000 toward their inspirational goals Gift Card: For every car purchased the person receives an unknown amount on a gas gift card ranging from $50- $1,000 Nissan will offer a student discount on a Nissan Altima for any student who who drives around in promotional advertised car for a two month time period. The limit will be two students per college campus in the Tri-State Area and the discount for participating will be 10% on the current Altima price.