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This was a research project done with specific NFL teams based on their user generated content on the teams website.

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NFL - User generated Content

  1. 1. User Generated Content NFL & College FootballRenee Balgobin, Vanessa Garzon, Kathleen Kielpinski, Justin LaBarbera, Frank LoBello, Michael Spinella
  2. 2. Objective:Calculate the effectiveness of user generated content for football teams in the professional and collegiate level
  3. 3. What is UGC? User generated content (UGC) is the term used to describe any type of content on websites that allow users to interact with other users on the site Includes: Photo/Video Sharing  Mobile Uploads Social Network Live  Personal Pages Feeds  Games Blogs  Chats Surveys  Contests Forums Podcasts
  4. 4. Twitter on Team Site
  5. 5. Fan Polls on Team Site
  6. 6. Other UGC on Team Sites
  7. 7. Advantages of UGC User Opinions • Users feel apart of the website and team User Interaction • Users are able to interact with each other, and share opinions Content Restriction • Minimal restriction to what users can post, beneficial Content Coverage • More content and knowledge can be shared with each other
  8. 8. Disadvantages of UGCUser Opinions•Sometimes the opinions and feedback from fans might spark arguments and be very aggressiveContent Restriction & Coverage•Sometimes the content could be malicious or inappropriate. These types of content could give the team a bad reputationCredibility & Quality Issues•Information posted is not as credible than if posted by the official site
  9. 9. Collegiate Teams UGC
  10. 10. Collegiate Teams UGC1614121086420
  11. 11. Most & Least UGC (Collegiate - ACC)  Most UGC: Clemson – 7  Least UGC: Boston College - 2 Pages views per User Bounce Rate Time on Site (mins)Georgia Tech 2.2 53.5 2:58Duke 2.9 42.8 3:32North Carolina University 2.1 65 2:41Virginia Tech 2.3 46.4 2:44Virginia University 2.5 45.9 2:29Miami UniversityClemson 3.9 35.4 3:21Wake Forest 3.2 38.9 2:11Maryland 2.4 42.1 1:57Florida State 2.2 42.4 2:15North Carolina State 2.6 28.9 2:47Boston College 2.4 51.7 2:06
  12. 12. Most Effective ACC Team Page Clemson Tigers One of the only few collegiate team sites in ACC with a personal page Has “Fan Zone” section where users can access social media sites Site is clean, not cluttered, and easy to use
  13. 13. Least Effective ACC Team Page Boston College Only has two forms of UGC Contains links too off site UGC & social networks Unlike Clemson, BC does not have anything in which a page viewer can interact with Cluttered homepage
  14. 14. NFL – User Generated Content
  15. 15. NFL Teams UGC35302520151050
  16. 16. Most Effective NFL Team Page Philadelphia Eagles Has every aspect of UGC recorded, except YouTube link Website is extremely developed, makes interaction with users very easy Displays multiple links for the same page Personal page allows users to post and share photos/videos
  17. 17. Least Effective NFL Team Page Minnesota Vikings The Vikings were the least effective team concerning Alexa According to Alexa, the Vikings had the lowest views on the team site, bounce rate, and minutes on the site
  18. 18. NFL &Facebook According to Alexa, Facebook is number 2 traffic rank in the U.S. under Google Some teams that lack in UGC and time spent on site, have extremely developed Facebook pages Facebook is so easy and interactive, that users don’t feel the need to leave the site News and information comes right onto the persons news feed
  19. 19. NFL & Social Media
  20. 20. Dallas Cowboys Page View/User: 3.64 Bounce Rate: 36.5 3,470,557 Facebook “Likes” Minutes on Site: 6.05• Average data from Alexa • Have the highest number of compared to all the other NFL “likes” out of all NFL teams teams • Includes• Only has 7/13 aspects of UGC contests, forums, photo/video sharing, and more
  21. 21. NFL vs. College Teams SIMILARITIES:•Various UGC•Using social media over actual team site•Time spent on site is minimal•Social media links and offsite UGC are most popular amongteams
  22. 22. NFL vs. College Teams DIFFERENCES:• NFL has more visits than ACC• NFL – more time spent on site• Social media has more of an impact on NFL• The NFL pages are “stickier”• NFL teams offer more games and contests• College teams focus more on information and statistics• NFL team websites offer more entertainment, UGC, and information
  23. 23. Conclusion: UGC sometimes does play a factor in Alexa dataHowever: In most circumstances, fan base generates higher Alexa statistics Design of the website also keeps users engaged, preferably sites that arent cluttered Social media can keep users from visiting official sites