Ali washington sept 2013 spear presentation


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Mike Spear's slide deck on social media tools and a bit of theory behind it, presented to the ALI Social Media & Government workshop in Washington DC, September 2013.

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  • IABC Survey: The introduction of social media tools may be the most revolutionary change to communications since the Internet
  • Ali washington sept 2013 spear presentation

    1. 1. Mike Spear Director of Communications Genome Alberta Navigating the Social Media Minefield
    2. 2. • Former Canadian Broadcasting Corporation journalist with CBC President's Award and Peer Awards, Farm Writers' Award, and RTNDA awards for my programs or newsrooms. • SysOp with CompuServe of Columbus, Ohio in the 90’s • Published in peer-reviewed journals • One of the founders of • Part of our National genetics, ethics, and society team • Owned a Newton, Palm, Psion, iPAQ, and numerous chainsaws
    3. 3. • Genome Alberta is a not-for-profit research funding organization • Funded by 2 levels of government, academic institutions and industry • Our communications goals centre on: • Visibility across stakeholders & demographics • Acceptance • Leverage • Position ourselves for later • Be seen as an information source
    4. 4. “There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.” Sherlock Holmes
    5. 5. And that is all you need to know ……
    6. 6. “I‟m sorry it‟s really not that hard. Common sense, creativity and an understanding of your business and your audience will get you up and running quickly. Insights are important but you don‟t need a PhD.” Tom Murphy, Director of Corporate Communications for Citizenship at Microsoft.
    7. 7. The web is less than 25 years old so is far from mature, or stable. Social Media even less so. Only 1 in 3 people are using it globally, Sweden tops the world in the new Web Index , U.S. next, the UK, and Canada in 4th. In a recent BBC Radio interview Tim Berners-Lee wonder how much of the „Net is breadth and how much is depth
    8. 8. Byte Magazine, 1983
    9. 9. Social Networks are not new: “Highway of thought” NY Times, Sept.14, 1852
    10. 10. “ A slender wire has become the highway of thought. Messages follow each other in quick succession. Joy spreads on the tracks of sorrow. The arrival of a ship, news of a revolution, or a battle, the price of pork, state of foreign and domestic markets, missives of love, the progress of courts, the success or discomfiture of disease, the result of elections, and an innumerable host of social, political, and commercial details … “ The article appeared 9 years after Morse’s first commercial telegraph line and it ended with, “A great Future awaits us”.
    11. 11. Technology has changed but human nature has not “Technology and Ideology: The Case of the Telegraph", James Carey
    12. 12. When the first issue of Life appeared on Nov. 23, 1936, the 200,000 newsstand copies sold out within 24 hours, leaving disappointed customers and vendors clamoring for more. Defying expectations in the midst of the Depression, the magazine‟s circulation rapidly soared to nearly two million readers. best-of-life-illustrated-224-pp-life-books-36-95-book-review.html?_r=1
    13. 13. Genomics: The Power and the Promise November 27th and 28th in Ottawa At the end of day 1 Tweetreach stats: • 298 tweets • 134,927 impressions • 29,115 followers Planning the social media for the event started well in advance but was separate from the media plan
    14. 14. “Social Media is not a fad – it is a fundamental shift in the way we communicate” The technology is new with better speed, reach, and scope The how, where, when, what, and to whom has not changed Social media and online activities and tools are a reflection of us - not a 'new us'
    15. 15. Choosing the tools: You Must Enter the Tiger's Den to Catch the Cubs Madison Avenue has always known to enter the culture where you want to compete
    16. 16. I share my genome
    17. 17. “All speech, written or spoken, is a dead language, until it finds a willing and prepared hearer. ” - Robert Louis Stevenson And I will of course add in the online and social media language, videos, and mp3s
    18. 18. So many companies are chasing the social media hype, thinking it is a great way to connect with customers when they haven't even gotten their telephone interactions with customers' right." - Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO "Better deployment of the wrong subject won't fix the problem..." - Conrad Wolfram of Wolfram Alpha
    19. 19. Go back to the basics to find your audience
    20. 20. Social media services seem torn between protecting their users, empowering their users, selling out their users, and annoying everyone." -Baratunde Thurston of The Onion, writing at Fast Company online .
    21. 21. Knowledge is only one factor among many influences that are likely to guide how individuals reach judgements, with ideology, social identity and trust often having stronger impacts” Bubela, Nisbet et al. (2009) Nature Biotech
    22. 22. Psychometrics Work Research Group at the Manchester Business School peer reviewed study of social media users As always there are ways to interpret data but: • The way we use SoMe changes as more people adopt it, so we'll see more changes. • Our emotional attachments to media tools changes as the tools‟ capabilities change. • 'Net statistics, more than many other media statistics are about a moment in time. • Stats more important at the engagement level
    23. 23. Government & non-profits tend to polarize. “A politician's job is never to inform you, it's to persuade you. Public debate is about mitigating risk.” Clay Johnson at MESH 2012 in Toronto. Author of the Information Diet
    24. 24. “Moral incentives need to replace material incentives.” Che Guevara
    25. 25. "Strengthening ( Internet) network culture construction and management," ..... "will help extend the battlefront of propaganda and ideological work. It is good for increasing the radiant power and infectiousness of socialist spiritual growth." Hu Jintao past President of China
    26. 26. We chose SM route because: • Cheap • Easy • Intuitive • Replaces other tools • Risk free
    27. 27. Planning Social Media Research 8-25 hours Social Media Planning 10-20 hours Blog Creation 10-15 hours Development 40 hours Maintenance 5 hours/week LinkedIn Creation 1 hour Development 5-15 hours Maintenance 3-10 hours/week Facebook (Fan or Group Page) Creation 3-12 hours Development 10-50 hours Maintenance 7-15 hours/week Twitter Creation 1 hour Development 15-40 hours Maintenance 3-7 hours/week YouTube (branded channel) Creation 3 hours Development 5-20 hours Maintenance 2-7 hours/week One and a half staff needed to look after social media channels from a blog post by James Bennett, Head of Content, Melcrum Also see: Social Media Budget – How Much Should You Invest? -business/social-media-marketing- budget/
    28. 28. • Integrate, Integrate, Integrate • Reuse, Recycle, Reduce
    29. 29. – Now in limbo land but was great cell phone stories site an open source project to facilitate information collection, mapping, and interpretation iCOW is an ag platform, developed for small scale farmers, accessible by mobile phone and web TERA (Trilogy Emergency Response Application) allows two way communication via SMS text messaging OCEARCH: Global Shark Tracker: Crowdsource research and awareness B4RN - A project to find new technology, business models, and financing to bring high speed internet to rural England. Deep Thunder Project – an IBM community sourced hyper local weather forecasting initiative. Gaining momentum in Brazil leading up to Olympics
    30. 30. David & Goliath
    31. 31. @mikesgene or @GenomeAlberta