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Special Education

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Special Education

  1. 1. Brief History of SPED in the Philippines Goal of Special Education Special Education vs. Regular Education
  2. 2. • Special Education is also known as Special Ed or SPED, is a set of educational programs or services specially designed to meet the unique needs of learners with disabilities that cannot be sufficiently met using traditional educational programs or techniques.
  3. 3. • Special education services and programs may be provided individually (one-on-one setup) or in a group with other learners with similar educational needs.
  4. 4. • SPED in the Philippines started in 1908 where the school of the Deaf (in Harrison, Pasay City) was established and marked the official government recognition of its obligations towards the education of the handicapped children.
  5. 5. • Republic Act No. 3562 (June 1963) – An Act to Promote the Education of the Blind in the Philippines which established teacher training course and Philippine National School for the blind.
  6. 6. • Philippine Normal College offered courses in SPED for teaching the blind in 1964 wherein 14 elementary school teachers were selected for training. • In 1952, a pilot school for the Special Education (at the Philippine Women’s University) of the mentally handicapped children was started. All children from this school were transferred to the Special Child Study Center in Cubao, Q.C., in 1957.
  7. 7. • Article I, Section 5 of Child and Youth Welfare Code (PD No. 603) states that the ultimate goal of special education shall be the integration or mainstreaming of learners with special needs into the regular school system and eventually in the community.
  8. 8. • To achieve this, special educational programs must focus on helping the learners develop academic skills, selfhelp skills, social proficiency, a positive attitude and self-confidence. (Raven’s Guide to Special Education)
  9. 9. Special Education Regular Education Kind of Learners Children with Special Needs who necessitate individualized program Regular Learners Number of Learners For one-on-one: 1 For group: 3-4 For resource group: 5-10 Private School: 35-50 Public School: 50-60 or more Emphasis On the given intervention On the curriculum and the mastery of skills established within the curriculum
  10. 10. Special Education Regular Education Curriculum Attention Skills (ADHD) Memory Skills (MR), Braille (VI) Sign Language (HI), Auditory and Visual Perception Skills (LD), Anger Management (Emotional/Behavioral Disturbance), Creative and Critical Thinking Skills (Giftedness), Functional Academics (Autism) English Reading Mathematics Makabayan Who dictates the curriculum? Individual needs of the child School system (DECS) Instruction Intensive Systematic Instruction Generalized Instruction
  11. 11. Special Education Regular Education Received Instruction from? SPED Teachers Occupational Therapist Physical Therapist Speech Pathologist Regular Teachers (Subject Teachers) Primary Function Of SPED Teacher: To meet the goals and objectives established in the IEP Of Regular Teacher: To teach the curriculum Type of Classroom SPED Classroom Self-contained Room Resource Room Mainstream Classroom Regular Classroom
  12. 12. SPED Classroom Regular Classroom

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