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Make Magic Happen! Best Practices w/ PA Teacher of the Year Finalists


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PETE&C 2017 presentation by Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year Finalists

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Make Magic Happen! Best Practices w/ PA Teacher of the Year Finalists

  1. 1. Make Magic Happen! Best Practices with PA Teacher of the Year Finalists Michael Soskil, 2017 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year Joe Harmon, 2016 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year Finalist Jolene Barron, 2016 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year Finalist Kimberly Riviere, 2016 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year Finalist
  2. 2. Michael Soskil 2017 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year 2016 Global Teacher Prize Top-10 Finalist Wallenpaupack South Elementary School Newfoundland, PA
  3. 3. What character trait is most important for you to be successful in life?
  4. 4. Does the learning in classrooms matter to students? Photo Credit: Flickr/cristic • Long-term learning cannot take place without emotional connection with content • Extrinsic v. Intrinsic Motivation • Empathy correlates with both happiness and success in life
  5. 5. Why Global Learning? • Cultural Understanding • Emotional Experiences • Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity • Student Empowerment
  6. 6. It’s hard to change the world when you don’t know much about it.
  7. 7. South Elementary Global Connections • Song/Cultural Exchanges • Virtual Valentines • Exchange Skype/YT Video Messages • Data Collection in Collaborative Spreadsheets • Quadblogging • Slow Twitter Chat • Collaborative PBL Projects • Mystery Skype • Skype Teacher Exchange (guest teacher from another location) • Digital Post Cards • World Read Aloud Skypeathon • Awesome Squiggles Project • Learning Exchanges • Virtual Field Trips
  8. 8. Global Teacher Leaders Projects Easy projects to help you get started with global learning • Virtual Valentines Project (#k12valentine) • Awesome Squiggles (#awesomesquiggles) • Global Kidwish Project (December) • Global Video Exchange (September-October)
  9. 9. Virtual Field Trips • Skype in the Classroom: • Discovery Education: • Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants: • JASON Learning: • LivingMaths:
  10. 10. Mystery Skype • Similar to "20 Questions" • Each class takes turns asking Yes/No questions to figure out location of the other class. • Variations: animals, numbers, elements, occupations, etc. instead of locations. • Builds critical thinking skills and content knowledge. • Creates opportunities to connect with other locations to have Q&A sessions about culture. Get started:
  11. 11. The 5 Clue Challenge • Use Skype Video Message or YouTube to leave 5 clues for partner class to guess location, animal, etc. • After each clue, students will pause video, do research, and take a guess. •
  12. 12. Every problem in the world has a solution trapped inside our students’ passions. Helping them see the connection is our job as teachers.
  13. 13. Connect with Mike Twitter: @msoskil Website: Email:
  14. 14. Joe Harmon 2016 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year Finalist 2016 Pennsylvania History Teacher of the Year Redbank Valley High School New Bethlehem, PA
  15. 15. Home Screen and Class Creation
  16. 16. Adding Students
  17. 17. Adding Assignments
  18. 18. Personalizing Assignments
  19. 19. Personalizing Feedback
  20. 20. Collaboration
  21. 21. Collaboration
  22. 22. Connect with Joe Twitter: @jharmon1972 Email:
  23. 23. Jolene Barron 2016 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year Finalist Tamaqua Area School District Tamaqua, PA
  24. 24. Quick and easy formative assessments to help personalize student learning Jolene Barron, Ed.D. Elementary School Age Intervention Teacher Tamaqua Area School District
  25. 25. Plickers is a classroom response app that teachers and students can use easily without the need for a device for each child What is it?!?
  26. 26. Instant feedback Only one device needed (Android or iOS) Everyone is actively engaged Minimizes “wandering eye effect” Fun, easy, and FREE! Why I love Plickers
  27. 27. Student is assigned a card with unique visual code Cards have 4 sides lettered A, B, C, and D Students hold the card with their chosen letter at the top of the card to answer teacher questions How does it work?
  28. 28. Teacher uses iOS or Android app on a phone or tablet to slowly scan the room App captures and records student choices Then what?
  29. 29. Live/real-time feedback Visual representation of student understanding Scoresheet with exportable data What do I get in return?
  30. 30. Go to and create an account Add students, classes and questions online Download the Plickers app You can add questions “on the fly” in the app Experiment! How do I get started?
  31. 31. Print your own Order a set for $20 from Amazon Win a free set here at the end of this session! Where can I get the cards?
  32. 32. Instant Questions Voting/Polling Attendance/Lunch Count Pre-tests Exit Tickets Quizzes How can I use it in my classroom?
  33. 33. Choosing Groups or Topics Writing Workshop Status of the Class Choose Your Own Adventure Stories Parent Surveys at Open House Other Ideas? More ideas
  34. 34. Personalizing Student Learning with Plickers Data Helps Differentiate Instruction • Create Student Groups • Identify Students in Need of Intervention • Identify Students Who Could Benefit from Enrichment Printable Data Reports • Justify Grouping • Show Student Progress Over Time
  35. 35. Let’s Play! Plickers Live View
  36. 36. Connect with Jolene Twitter: Email:
  37. 37. Kimberly Rivière 2016 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year Finalist Rose Tree Media School District Newfoundland, PA
  38. 38. Easy Tech Tools for Communication in the Classroom Kimberly Rivière French Teacher World Language Coordinator Rose Tree Media School District
  39. 39. Please Scan the QR code or Type in the URL
  40. 40. Today’s Meet •Respond to prompt: •Why do you use tech tools in the classroom?
  41. 41. Classroom Applications of • Discussion starter • Exit ticket • After writing prompt: share an idea • Brainstorm ideas • Share a question after a reading • Comments &/or questions during a lecture or other classroom activities
  42. 42. Advantages of Today’s meet Works on any connected device Easy set-up Very user-friendly High student engagement “Everyone has a voice”
  43. 43. Today’s Meet Tips
  44. 44. Our Today’s Meet Discussion •
  45. 45. Answer Garden • Respond to prompt: • What are your favorite classroom apps and tech tools?
  46. 46. Answer Garden •Create •real-time •collaborative •word clouds
  47. 47. Classroom Applications of Visual review guide Class brainstorm Discussion starter Comprehension check Lesson starter
  48. 48. Answer Garden Set Up & Tips • Click on plus sign to start • Enter your topic • Choose your mode • Choose your length • Click create
  49. 49. Sharing your Answer Garden • Social Media • URL • Embed in webpage • QR code
  50. 50. Our Answer Garden prompt
  51. 51. Questions? Bonne chance!
  52. 52. Connect with Kimberly Email:
  53. 53. Edcamp NEPA – University of Scranton - April 22
  54. 54. Nominate an Amazing Teacher You Know for Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year
  55. 55. Thank you for all you do for students! Link to this presentation: