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Inspiring Our Next Generation of Problem Solvers


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East Stroudsburg Area School District - Spring into Technology Keynote - March 2018

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Inspiring Our Next Generation of Problem Solvers

  1. 1. InspiringOur NextGeneration of ProblemSolvers Spring IntoTechnology– March, 2018 Michael Soskil @msoskil
  3. 3. TheCharacterTrait thatCorrelates Most HighlyWith Success…
  4. 4. Photo Credit: Teaching in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Chapter 1
  5. 5. SAMR Updated for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Photo Credit: Teaching in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Chapter 1
  6. 6. Skype in the Classroom:
  7. 7. Mystery Skype • Similar to "20 Questions" • Each class takes turns asking Yes/No questions to figure out location of the other class. • Variations: animals, numbers, elements, occupations, etc. instead of locations. • Builds critical thinking skills and content knowledge. • Creates opportunities to connect with other locations to have Q&A sessions about culture. Resource to get started:
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Overcoming Time Zone Issues
  10. 10. The 5 Clue Challenge • Use SkypeVideo Message or YouTube to leave 5 clues for partner class to guess location, animal, etc. • After each clue, students will pause video, do research, and take a guess. •
  11. 11. How can children learn to be good citizens and life- long learners when they often are not allowed to be citizens of their own schools and classrooms? What are the qualities of a good citizen? A life-long learner? A responsible member of society?
  12. 12. East Stroudsburg Area School District fosters within all students a commitment to excellence, service and life-long learning which prepares students to be creative, productive and responsible citizens with a global perspective.
  13. 13. STUDENTS
  14. 14. The magic words of student empowerment: “We should do something about that!”
  15. 15. Connect with Me Twitter: @msoskil Website: Email: Link to this presentation: Available fromAmazon