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Connect Globally to Empower Students


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Talk given at the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference, February 2016

Published in: Education
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Connect Globally to Empower Students

  1. 1. Connect Globally to Empower Students PETE & C 2016 Mike Soskil @msoskil
  2. 2. Does the learning in your classroom matter to your students? Photo Credit: Flickr/cristic • Neuroscience tells us that long-term learning cannot take place without emotional connection with content • Extrinsic v. Intrinsic Motivation • Empathy correlates with both happiness and success in life
  3. 3. Why Global Learning? •Educational Experiences •Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity •Cultural Understanding •Engagement
  4. 4. South Elementary Global Connections Easy Global Project/Lesson Ideas • Song/Cultural Exchanges • Virtual Valentines • Exchange Skype/YT Video Messages • Data Collection in Collaborative Spreadsheets • Quadblogging • Slow Twitter Chat • Collaborative PBL Projects • Mystery Skype • Skype Teacher Exchange (guest teacher from another location) • Digital Post Cards
  5. 5. Distance Teaching Project
  6. 6. Project LINC Kansas Students – Microsoft Video
  7. 7. HIP Academy - Mukuyuni Bridge Project
  8. 8. Students are never too young to change the world. Hanif and Gethera Video by the Ms. Heidemann & the Cushkins
  9. 9. How do I get started?
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Virtual Valentine Project #k12Valentines
  12. 12. KidWish Project
  13. 13. Global Video Exchange
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Mystery Skype • Similar to "20 Questions" • Each class takes turns asking Yes/No questions to figure out location of the other class. • Variations: animals, numbers, elements, occupations, etc. instead of locations. • Builds critical thinking skills and content knowledge. • Creates opportunities to connect with other locations to have Q&A sessions about culture. Mystery Skype Video:
  16. 16. Mystery Skype with Mr. Sherman
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Overcoming Time Zone Issues
  19. 19. The 5 Clue Challenge • Use Skype Video Message or YouTube to leave 5 clues for partner class to guess location, animal, etc. • After each clue, students will pause video, do research, and take a guess. •
  20. 20. Project Kakuma – Koen Timmers
  21. 21. Virtual Field Trips • Skype in the Classroom: • Discovery Education: • Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants: • JASON Learning: • LivingMaths:
  22. 22. Finding Global Connections • Twitter/Tweetdeck • Skype in the Classroom • Have students contact experts • Facebook • Friends/Family Twitter for Global Connections #SkypeMT - Skype Master Teachers #GlobalLearning @SkypeClassroom #GlobalClassroom #Skype2Learn #MysterySkype
  23. 23. The Kevin Bacon Law of Global Connections You are never more than 3 degrees of separation from the connection you need for your students.
  24. 24. Edcamp NEPA – University of Scranton – April 23 23
  25. 25. Connect with me: Twitter: @msoskil Website: Link to this PPT: