The Sands Report December 2010


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The Sands Report December 2010

  1. 1. December 9, 2010THE Sands REPORT Unifying
 Community 30 Seco nds T o M a rs “K in gs a nd Qu e e ns ”THE COUNTDOWN TO 2011 CONTINUES! 1. Honorable Mention: Cake “Sick of You”, Linkin Parke verybody loves lists. And this we e k , it’s my favorite list of all. The very b e st songs of the year. Not albums.We play songs around here, and I’d like to “The Catalyst”, Broken Bells “The High Road.” KEN WEST, W B O S-BOSTO N: 5.) Dirty Heads “Lay Me Down” 4.) Kings of Leon“Ra d i o a c t i ve”know which songs you thought we re the 3.) The Black Keys “Tighten Up” 2.) Cee Lo Green “Fuck You”best in 2010. So here we show me 1 . Fl o re n ce + Ma c hi ne “D o g Days A re Ov e r”yo u rs, and then I’ll show you mine! Honorable Mention: Linkin Park “Waiting for the End.”LESLIE FRAM, WRXP-NEW YORK: SCOTT RI Z Z U TO, KPNT-ST. LOUIS:5.) Va m p i reWeekend “Cousins” 5.) Godsmack “Cry i n’ Like A Bitch”4.) Mumford & Sons “Little Lion Man” 4.) My Darkest Days “Porn Star Dancing”3.) The Black Keys “Tighten Up” 3.) Re d Line Chemistry “Dumb Lu c k ”2.) Broken Bells “The High Ro a d ” 2.) Cypress Hill “Rise Up”1 . Ar cade F ire “ Ready T o S ta r t” 1 . A ve nged S e v e nf old “ Ni ght ma r e ” Honorable Mention: Band Of Horses “Laredo” and MARK HAMILTON, K n r k-PORTLAND:eve rything by Muse even though the CD came out last 5.) The Black Keys “Tighten Up”year! 4.) Neon Trees “Animal”VINCE RICHARDS, KDGE-DA L LAS: 3.) Po rtugal. The Man “People Say”5.) Paper Tongues “Get Higher” 2.) Cee Lo Green “Fuck You”4.) My Chemical Romance “Sing” 1 . F oa ls “ To tal L ife For e v e r”3.) Temper Trap “Fader” Honorable Mention: Hockey “Song Away”, Temper2.) Civil Twilight “Letters from the Sky” Trap “Fader”, Mumford & Sons “Little Lion Man.”Contact: Richard Sands (415) 383-5955 ©All
  2. 2. December 9, 2010 • Page 2 of 5 The Sands ReportDAVE LOMBARDI, EMI SPECIAL OPS: 3.) Caribou “Odessa”5.) Two Door Cinema Club “Eat That Up, It’s Good For You” 2.) Yaysayer “O.N.E.”4.) Guster “Do You Love Me” 1 . ! !! “ AM /FM ”3.) LCD Soundsystem “I Can C h a n g e” JACENT JACKSON, WLUM-MILWAUKEE:2.) The Limousines “The Internet Killed The Video Star” 5.) The Black Keys “Tighten Up”1 . B a nd of H orses “ L a re d o ” 4.) M u m f o rd & Sons “Little Lion H o n o rable mention: Cee Lo Man”G reen “Fuck Yo u”, Spoon “Who 3.) Switchfoot “The Sound”Makes Your Money”, The Whigs 2.) The Heavy “How You Like...”“Black Lotus”, Athlete “Superhu- 1. A rcade Fi re “Ready Toman Touch.” The Suburbs nominated S t a r t ” (They now get to raceNERF, KTCL-DENVER: for 3 GRAMMY Awards Justin Bieber for the most Grammys5.) The Heavy “How You Like Me including next year.)Now” ALBUM OF THE YEAR! Honorable mention: Florence +4.) Against Me “I Was A Teenage Sales 400k + Machine “Dog Days Are Over”,Anarchist” Featuring “We Used To Wait” Crash Kings “Mountain Man.”3.) The Epilogues “Hunting Season” Already added at WFNX, KSJO, KNDD, X96, LYN N BARSTO W, KROX - AUSTIN:2.) Bad Religion “The Resist Stance” KROX, WEQX, WWCD, WARQ, 5.) MG MT “Flash Delirium” 1 . Innerpartysystem “American SiriusXM Alt Nation, WKZQ and KRXF! 4.) Crystal Castles “Not In Love” Trash” contact: Karen Glauber 818-506-8800 (f/ Ro b e rt Smith)Honorable mention: Deftones “Dia- 3.) Edward Sharp/Magnetic Zerosmond Eyes”, AWOLNATION “Sail”, “ H o m e”Weezer “Memories” 2.) A rcade Fire “Ready to Start”MIKE KAPLAN, KNDD-SEATT L E: 1 . Gorillaz “Rhinestone Eyes”5.) Mumford & Sons “The Cave” Honorable mention: Mumford & Sons “Little Lion Man”,4.) Broken Bells “The High Road” Fu t u reheads “Heartbeat Song”, AWOLNATI O N “Sail”, The3.) Edward Sharp/Magnetic Zeros “Home” Delays “Unsung,” Quiet Company’s “How Do You Do It.”2.) Cage The Elephant “Shake Me Dow n ” TAMI MORRISSEY, EPI TAPH: 1 . The x x “ C ry s tal is e d ” 5.) Cee Lo Green “Fuck You” S u l t ry sexy and no burnout! , 4.) F l o rence + Machine “Dog Days Are Over”SHANNA FISCHER, EVP PROMOTION, WIND-UP: 3.) Bad Religion “Wrong Way Kids”5.) Fitz & The Tantrums “Picking Up The Pieces” 2.) Va m p i reWeekend “Horc h a t a”4.) Sleigh Bells “Riot Rhythm” 1 . S o c i a l Distortion “Machine Gun Blue s” MUMFORD & SONS “The Cave” 22-21* (+56) MEDIABASE Nominated for Best New Artist Grammy! Sigh No More = GOLD! 30,786 Records Sold This Week! #1 album on Amazon for 2010! Follow up to the #1 smash “Little Lion Man”
  3. 3. December 9, 2010 • Page 3 of 5 Unifying
Community The Sands Report The Countdown to 2011 Continues (Con’t) MIKE DEPIPPA, EPI C/COLUMBIA:JULIE PI LAT, KYSR-LOS ANGELES: 5.) Young The Giant “My Body”5.) Tie: Vanaprasta “Color of Sin” and Best Coast “Mex- 4.) A Day To Remember “All I Want”ican Summer” (two local bands) 3.) Mumford and Sons “The Cave”4.) Broken Bells “The High Road” 2.) The Black Keys “Everlasting Light”3.) Cee Lo Green “Fuck Yo u” 1 . Va mpire We ekend “Holiday”2.) Linkin Park “Waiting For The End” MICHAEL SOLARI, KSJO-SAN JOSE: 1 . M u mf o rd & S on s “ L ittle L ion M a n” 5.) Dan Black “Symphonies” The fact we took a chance on a new band that has 4.) Arcade Fire “Ready To Start”members playing accordions and banjos and they broke 3.) Free Energy “Free Energy”t h rough by ending the year in power rotation and Gra m- 2.) Foals “Spanish Sahara”my-nominated makes me believe in the format, new 1 . P l a n B “Welcome To Hell”music, and our listeners more than ever. LORRAINE CARUSO, WIND-UP:CAPONE, 91X-SAN DIEGO: 5.) Edward Sharp/Magnetic Zeros “Home”5.) Tie: TVTV “Much Too Much” and Ye a s a yer “Ambling 4.) Civil Twilight “Letters from the Sky”Al p” 3.) Phoenix “Lasso”4.) Deftones “Beauty School” 2.) The xx“Cry s t a l i s e d ”3.) The National “Bloodbuzz Ohio” 1 . B r o k e n Bells “The High Road”2.) Linkin Park “Watches & Kings” OK. Th a n ks for showing me yo u rs. As promised, now 1 . S o c i a l Distortion “Machine Gun Bl ue s” I ’ll show you mine! Honorable Mention: The Heavy “How You Like Me Richard Sands, The Sands Report:N ow”, Minus The Bear “My Ti m e”, Plan B “Stay Too 5.) Band of Horses “Laredo”Long”, 30 Seconds To Mars “Night Of The Hunter” 4.) Arcade Fire “Ready To St a rt ”MATT PINFIELD, WRXP-NEW YORK: 3.) The Delta Spirt “Bushwick Blues”5.) B roken Bells “The High Road” 2.) Two Door Cinema Club “Something Good Can Work”4.) Mumford & Sons “Little Lion Man” 1 . Mumford & Sons “Little Lion Man”3.) Gaslight Anthem “American Slang” Honorable mention: La Roux “Bulletproof”, Yaysayer2.) The Black Keys “Tighten Up” “Ambling Alp”, The Heavy “How You Like Me Now”, Mid- 1 . A rcade Fire “Ready To S t a rt ” dle Class Rut “New Low”, Broken Bells “Ghost...” ■ Our Mailing Address: The Sands Report • 38 Miller Avenue, #469 • Mill Valley, CA 94941 The first single from the new Album “HARD TIMES AND NURSERY RHYMES” #22* MediaBase Alt Chart Stations already on KROQ, 91X, KBZT, LIVE 105, WBRU KXTE, KXRK, KTCL, KJEE, WEQX, WKZQ WTGZ, WZNE, WSFM, KFMA, KXNA, KNXX, SIRIUS/FACTION, KZND, KRXF, Music Choice, KRZQ, KURQ, KROX, WRXP, WXDX, WARQ, KRAB, KVGS, KRXP, KFRR, WFRD, WFXH, Sirius/Alt Nation, Dial Global Rate The Music #13 Debut HitPredictor #22 Debut Contact: Tami Morrissey 213-355-5046 Or Krystal Robbins 213-355-5058
  4. 4. December 9, 2010 • Page 4 of 5 The Sands Report Added/New In The Top 50KROX-Austin: Arcade Fire, Jimmy Eat WorldWBOS-Boston: Lifehouse, MuseWFNX-Boston: No addsWEND-Charlotte: No adds “Sail”Q101-Chicago: Jimmy Eat World "Immediately--and hugely--reactive, likeWKRK-Cleveland: No adds nothing else weve played this year. Or last year!"CD101-Columbus: Arcade Fire, Atomic Tom, Klaxons, —Lynn Barstow, PD of KROX/AustinLocal NativesKDGE-Dallas: Florence & The Machine, New Politics Already Spinning On:KTCL-Denver: Cage The Elephant, Neon Trees WRZX KNDD KNRK89X-Detroit: No adds KRBZ WKZQWMRQ-Hartford: No addsKTBZ-Houston: My Darkest Days, Three Days Grace WBRU-Providence: Jimmy Eat WorldWRZX-Indianapolis: No adds KCXX-Riverside: Alter Bridge, Shinedown, SocialWXXJ-Jacksonville: No adds Distortion, Stone SourKRBZ-Kansas City: No adds X96-Salt Lake City: Arcade Fire, Jimmy Eat WorldKXTE-Las Vegas: No adds KBZT-San Diego: No reportKVGS-Las Vegas: The Daylights 91X-San Diego: Crystal Castles, Middle Class Rut,KROQ-L.A.: No adds SwitchfootKYSR-L.A.: Plan B Live 105-San Francisco: Jimmy Eat WorldWLUM-Milwaukee: Atomic Tom, Hugo, Vampire KSJO-San Jose: Arcade Fire, Middle Class RutWeekend The End-Seattle: Vampire Weekend, Young The GiantWRXP-New York: Broken Bells KPNT-St. Louis: SwitchfootWROX-Norfolk: My Chemical Romance, The Summer 97X-Tampa: No addsSet DC-101-DC: Cage The Elephant, My Chemical RomanceThe Spy-Oklahoma City: No report WPBZ-West Palm Beach: No addsWJRR-Orlando: No adds Adds in selected other marketsWRFF-Philadelphia: Coldplay KRXP-Colorado Springs: Cold War Kids, Young The GiantKEXX-Phoenix: Smashing Pumpkins, Switchfoot WARQ-Columbia: Arcade Fire, Disturbed, ShinedownWXDX-Pittsburgh: No adds WKZQ-Myrtle Beach: Arcade Fire, AWOLNATION, JimmyKNRK-Portland: No adds Eat World BROKEN BELL “THE GHOST INSIDE” “99 Problems” NEW THIS WEEK: NEW THIS WEEK: WRXP/NEW YORK WLUM/Milwaukee WZNE/Rochester ALREADY ON: KROQ, WMRQ, WFNX LIVE 105, KNDD, KNRK, KKDO, KNXX #2 potential callout with core at KNDD/Seattle KRBZ, KJEE, WLUM, WZNE, SIRIUS ALREAD ON AT: KNDD, KCXX , KRXP, WEQX BDS: 25 WWCD, WXDX & Mediabase: 28 ALBUM HAS SCANNED 280K
  5. 5. December 9, 2010 • Page 5 of 5 Unifying
Community The Sands Report Thursday Music Meeting & T h ree Dot Lounge The Big ListWell. Here we are. The final music meeting of 2010. Shall we My Fave Links—Click and Listen:pop the bubbly to celebrate? Why not...We’ve already gone Arcade Firethrough the songs of the year. But D A N I E L G LAS S at Glass- ( has a nomination for “Best Moment of 2010”—for him, Ave t t Brothersit was the P H O E N I X encore at Madison S q u a re Ga rden with ( FT P U N K . “Pu re magic” is how he put it. Speaking of Glass- Broken Bells (, congrats to M U M FO R D & S O N S —up for two Grammy’s, Facebook Fan Page (Become a fan/“Like”)Best New Artist, and Rock Song of the Year for “Little Lion (”! Meanwhile, “The Cave” is knocking on the doors of Fitz And The TantrumsTop 20...A tip of the cap to A RCA D E F I R E who drew THREE ( nominations including for Album of the Year. “We Florence + The MachineUsed To Wait” picked up adds at X96, KROX, and ( 10 1. . .JI M MY E AT W O R L D was your “most added” this M u m f o rd & Sonsweek...S O C I A L D is getting good early call out. And 48 spins (www. m y s p a c e . c o m / m u m f o rdandsons)a week at K RO Q! . . .NE W P O LI TI C S picks up a key add at K D G E New Politicson “Dignity”...W R X P adds B RO K E N B E LL S . . .WLU M and ( N E hit H U G O ...Hungering for the C U R E ? Well, you can’t get Social Distortionany closer than C RY STA L C AST LE S . . .DR E W H AU S E R at W n d - U p i ( in on the songs of the year. His vote for #1 is The Temper TrapD E E R H U N TE R “ D e s i reLines”...Nice to see the nods for A WO L- ( ATION as faves from N E R F and LY N N B A RSTOW because Two Door Cinema Club“Sail” is gonna be big in ‘11...Before we get out of here for the ( time this ye a r, some good ratings to pass along. J AY Coming In January:H U D S O N at 8 9 X informs me that the station is performing AWOLNATION “Sail” (Red Bull Records)ve ry well on both sides of the border—#1 18 to 49 in Wi n d- Boxer Rebellion “Step Out” (CO5)sor!...Stateside, S E A N LY N C H is stoked that KVG S is #1 18 to Crystal Castles “Not In Love” (Uni Motown)34 (English) in the latest PPMs. He wonders, “Could this for- Decemberists “This is Why...” (Capitol)mat be on the rebound?” Let’s hope so! Because that’s a ve ry Duke Spirit “Everybody’s...” (Shangri La)positive note on which to wrap things up...I gotta go. But I’ll Hollywood Undead “Hear Me Now” (A&M)be back early in January. Until then, happy holidaze to you and Young The Giant “My Body” (Roadrunner)yours...Thanks for stopping by all year! —Richard Sands Send dates to The Sands Report™ See You in 2011!® “Fader” Jimmy Kimmel-Outdoor Stage December 15th Add at Mediabase and BDS #18 On 40+ stations INCLUDING: KROQ, KYSR, KNDD, KNRK, WFNX, WRFF, KITS, WBOS, KXTE, KEXX, KBZT SCANNED OVER 100K ALBUMS