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  1. 1. Unit 28 Spelling Words Name _____________________question creature furniture division collisionaction direction culture vacation mansionfiction feature sculpture vision celebrationfascination legislature manufacture possession declaration1.He lives in a huge __________________.2.After you learn your multiplication facts, you can be great at _____________________!3.Can I ask you a ____________________?4.I can’t wait for summer ______________________!5.I enjoy reading both ___________________ and nonfiction books.6.Can you find an _______________ verb in that sentence?7.He had to have his __________________ and hearing screened.8.I think her blue eyes are her best ___________________.9.The artist finished her _____________________ made of clay.10.We are going to have an end of the year _________________________!11.We bought new _______________________ for the bedroom.12.There was a scary green ___________________ under the leaf.13.He didn’t know which ____________________ to go.14.The cars had a ______________________.15.Traditions are important to our _____________________ here in the United States.16.What is your _____________________ with that new toy?17.That plant will ________________________ car parts.18.Do you know if he signed the _______________________ of Independence?19.He served in our state ______________________________.20.Who had _________________________ of the dog?