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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Unit 26 Spelling Words Name _____________________few school true goose fruitcookie cushion noodle bookmark balloonsuit chew glue Tuesday bushelbamboo mildew soothe barefoot renewal1.He bought a new ___________ and tie.2.You need to eat plenty of vegetables and _________________.3.I put a __________________ in the book when I stopped reading.4.A _________________ is a kind of bird.5.Do you want a ________________ and some milk?6.You can stick that on with ________________.7.The day after Monday is _____________________.8.She put the fluffy ____________________ on the couch.9.She picked a __________________ of beans.10.She only needs a ____________ dollars.11.She gave us a _______________ or false test.12.The _________________________ flew high up in the air.13.You should ______________ your food carefully before swallowing.14.She twirled the _________________ around on her fork.15.I had to go to _________________ today.16.He built a hut out of ______________________.17.She tried to ______________ the baby by singing to him.18.I like to walk ___________________ in the sand.19.There was _______________ on the wall in the bathroom.20.It is time for your library card ____________________.