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Spelling jalapeño bagels


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Spelling jalapeño bagels

  1. 1. Unit 24 Spelling Words Name _____________________thought fought bought taught caughtwalk cough talk daughter oughtsought brought trough chalk stalksidewalk distraught afterthought overwrought beanstalk1.She __________________ school when I was in fifth grade.2.They ____________ and argued about that yesterday.3.I ___________________ I knew the answer but I wasn’t sure.4.I ____________________ her a gift at the store.5.He __________________ out where would be a good place to park his new truck.6.They _________________ a lot of fish.7.She ____________________ us home after practice.8.I have a _______________ and a son.9.You should ___________ in the hallway and never run.10.You ____________ to be good because it’s the right thing to do.11.To whisper means to _____________ quietly.12.Predators ____________ their prey.13.She has a bad _____________ and a cold.14.She used sidewalk _______________ to draw a picture.15.I give the goats water in a _______________ beside the barn.16.Walk on the _____________ so you don’t get hit by a car.17.He decided to go there as an ________________________.18.Jack climbed up a ________________________.19.The woman was very ________________ when her purse was stolen.20.The man was ______________________ with worry.