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Unit 30 Spelling Words                                              Name _____________________cloth                 clothe...
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  1. 1. Unit 30 Spelling Words Name _____________________cloth clothes nature natural ableability mean meant deal dealtplease pleasant sign signal signatureequal equation equator major majority1.You need to change your ___________________ before you go outside to play.2.She spoke in a very soft and ____________________ voice.3.Didn’t you read the ______________ on the door?4.I want you to do this to the best of your ____________________.5.She used a scrap piece of ___________________ to make the pillow.6.You should never be _______________ to animals.7.We go to the mountains to enjoy _________________.8.He had never _______________ with a situation like that before.9.She has a __________________ talent for playing the piano.10.She put on her ______________ to turn right.11.The bird was not ____________________ to fly.12.That’s not what I ______________ to say.13.It is polite to say ________________ and thank you.14.You have to put your __________________________ on the check.15.She knows how to ________________ with situations like that.16.What does two plus two _____________________?17.Can you point to the ______________________ on the globe?18.If the __________________ want to go outside, we will.19.Can you work the math ___________________ I wrote on the board?20.He had a ___________________problem with that car.