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MSM Romania brochure autumn 2012


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MSM Romania brochure autumn 2012

  1. 1. Executive Master of Business Administration Romania All MBAsoffer youKnow-How. It’s not the MBA. It’s you. - 1
  2. 2. Accreditation Its not our Its your different unique point of view. perspectives. The Mission of MSM Romania - Do Your Goals Match Ours? We have been holding conversations with our students, alumni, faculty, staff and Advisory Board about mission of Maastricht School of Management Romania (MSM Romania). To the students we asked, “Why did you choose to study with us?” To the teachers we asked, “Why do you teach for us?” To our staff we asked, “Why do you work for us?”. To the Advisory Board we asked, “What are you expecting from your employees who graduate from us?” After asking all of these questions, we received a lot of excellent, thoughtful answers. After• “Accreditation” is the review of the quality of higher sorting through the data we found a couple striking facts about those who were choosing to education institutions and programs. It is an important study or work with us. First, they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. way to let students know that an institution or program They want to reach goals greater than they could previously. Second, they want to be part of a provides high quality education. community which includes others like themselves in terms of values and aspirations. Of course,• Whether a business school, university, or program is a good MBA education was important to all of them, but this was not the main reason they had accredited is important. Students who want grants and chosen MSM Romania as their MBA partner. loans need to attend a business school, university, or program that is accredited. For graduates, accreditation gives reassurance of the degree’s value, now and further As a result of these discussion, we were able to formulate the following mission statement: up in their career. “We recognize in each student their inner spark, we then provide knowledge and• Employers ask if a business school, university, or reinforce character by bringing the students together with professors and peers program is accredited before deciding to provide who share our values, so in the end the graduates become the change agents our tuition assistance to current employees, evaluating the credentials of new employees, or making a charitable businesses and community need.” contribution. We hope that these messages communicate to you our sincere passion to not just provide an• Governments require that a college, university, or MBA in Romania, but to be a part of making something bigger in Romania. The MBA is the tool program is accredited in order to be eligible for federal grants and loans or other funds that we have at our disposal to make a difference in our community. If your goals match ours, we invite you to join us on this journey. MSM in a nutshellMaastricht School of Management’s MBA programs Our EMBA program complies with the standards upheld Maastricht School of Management (MSM), which is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2012, has its rootshave been accredited by the Association of MBAs by the Higher Education Quality Control Organization of in the Institute for Management Science at the Technical University in Delft dating back to 1952 In 1989 the(AMBA), the Association of Collegiate Business Schools the Netherlands. school relocated to the historical city of Maastricht and in 1993 its name changed to the Maastricht School(ACBSP), and the Assembly of Collegiate BusinessEducation (IACBE). The Romanian program is also fully accredited by of Management. AMBA, ACBSP, IACBE and the Dutch Ministry of As a key player in the global education field, MSM is one of the few management schools that systematicallyThe Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science Education.endorses the academic standards of Maastricht School combine education, technical assistance and research in its professional services.of Management’s Executive MBA degree by law. With more than 2,000 students annually graduating in more than 20 countries, MSM is the largest and most international business school of the Netherlands. MSM offers its Outreach MBA throughout the world by partnering with respected educational institutions in each local market. This association, Asociatia Maastricht School of Management Bucharest (MSM RO), was created by some of Romania’s most respected educational leaders of the past decade: Dora Surugiu, Adrian Stanciu and Oliver Olson. MSM Romania holds all of its classes at its modern facilities near Piata Dorobanti in Bucharest, Romania.2- Maastricht School of Management Romania It’s not the MBA. It’s you. - 3
  3. 3. Its not our Its you case studies. creating a new one. Radu Atanasiu, DMD, MBA Camelia Buburuz Entrepreneur & Consultant JW Marriott The 2-year, part-time MSM Romania EMBA program provides state-of- Class of 2010 Class of 2012 the-art postgraduate education in business administration to mid-career professionals with the aim to advance their knowledge and practice of management and to train them to lead in a dynamic global business environment. The Diploma is a Dutch degree conferred solely by MSM. Team and Individual Coaching Business & Public Policy From day one of the Executive MBA, a Kenneth Blanchard- Today’s business leaders in Romania must place an Ana Scarlat Gabriel Vinte certified executive coach, Mihaela Reese, is available to emphasis on the inter-play between business, society, Romcarton ING Bank make sure that you get the most out of the MBA in your team culture and political forces. This interplay has never been Class of 2013 Class of 2013 work and in your individual performance. more evident than during the current global economic crisis. This course gives the students the tools to deal with all Innovation and New Business Strategy these forces in an ethical and sustainable manner, while still meeting its responsibilities to a business’ stakeholders. One of Romania’s most respected entrepreneurs, Marius Ghenea, teaches this course which is designed to provide“I believe that the brain is like a muscle. If you don’t “...for me, the MBA with Maastricht meant a great students with the structured information about why, when Electives Modulework it out, it shrinks. But aside from helping recapture opportunity to enrich my life with great people. and how to start new successful entrepreneurial start- During this module you will have the chance to dig deepermy brain flexibility, enrolling in the Executive MBA Working with them and learning from them and ups. Covering areas such as the nature and importance of into a variety of subjects that are crucial to today’s business-program has made me understand, in depth, the their experiences was a great set-up enabled by the entrepreneurship, the creation and development of a new person. Either choose a subject which complements yourprinciples and forces behind today’s economy, societal structure of the classes offered. I would recommend business venture, the growth, management and also the current career or use this as an opportunity to push yourselfbehavior and even human mentality... some applied the experience to all those feeling that they can push ending of such a venture, the course should enable students, outside of your comfort zone.philosophy, if I can say so. their time management limits and enlarge their views upon completion, to successfully evaluate, launch, finance If you choose Marketing, you will learn how to better evaluate on businesses directly connected to their careers as and grow new business start-ups.I worked with cool, brilliant fellow students. I met some your customer in the Strategic Marketing course. You will well as potential prospects. Going through the process then learn how to sell the product to those customers thatpassionate professors. And, above all, it’s been fun!” is a a perfect test of balancing more than just work and Social Value Action Learning Project you have target in the Sales Management course. personal life.”Radu Atanasiu, Entrepreneur & Consultant The aim of this final project is to challenge the students in Should you choose Finance, you will learn how to better Camelia Buburuz, JW Marriott a practical business situation in which they must use the evaluate the details of your own company, a potential different strands of knowledge acquired during the course- acquisition or a company in which you might want to invest work stage of the MBA. in the Financial Statement Analysis course. Then after you The students will collaborate with a for profit company have completed the analysis, you will get the tools that you“They told me the MBA was difficult and in my mind I “Being an analytical person my decision to attend and an NGO in developing and implementing strategies will need in order to actually invest in the Investments &was like: “hmm, really?” But MSM MBA is difficult. Not MSM’s program was backed by a mini study of the that will directly affect the company’s bottom line while Capital Markets course.because of how much one needs to study but because MBA programs on the Romanian market and by the simultaneously provide measured value to the NGO.every day is a challenge to be the best I can be; it’s conclusions drawn after attending several interesting Main objectives: increase profit (EBITA) of the company, We are also constantly adding new electives based on global positively impact the local community and create a developements, access to interesting teachers and studentdifficult because it teaches me about trust and how to open classes. Unexpectedly, the reality of this program defendable competitive advantage among the respective demand.lean on my colleagues, how to listen to them and how to was better than my initial expectations and all itsshare my ideas; it’s difficult because I learn about real strong points – modern teaching methods, continuous competitive set.life and about myself as much as I learn about business improvement system based on periodic surveys,theories. Still, every day when I enter the school, I smile extensive networking, very transparent grading andbecause I am happy to be a part of this great family teacher-student feedback system – are enhanced bywhich is MSM Romania.” the dedicated local team that is always supportive and makes huge efforts to keep things on the right track.”Ana Scarlat, Romcarton Gabriel Vinte, ING BankTestimonials State-of-the art curriculum4--Maastricht School of Management Romania4 Maastricht School of Management Romania It’s not the MBA. It’s you. - 5
  4. 4. CurriculumStructure Course ECTS1 Credits Equivalent Course ECTS1 Credits Equivalent teaching hours2 teaching hours21. Foundation 2.8 Leading Change in Multinationals 4 32 hours 1. Corporate Restructuring & Change Management1.1 Quantitative Methods 3 24 hours 2. Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics 3. Managing and Structuring Organizations1.2 Accounting for Managers I (Financial Accounting) 3 24 hours1.3 Accounting for Managers II (Management Accounting) 3 24 hours 2.9 Innovation and New Business Ventures 4 32 hours1.4 Managerial Economics 3 24 hours 1. Intrapreneurship 2. Entrepreneurship1.5 Financial Management 3 24 hours 3. Innovation Management Total Foundation 15 120 hours Total Core 48 264 hours2. MSM Core 3. Romanian Core and Electives2.1 Social Value Action Learning Project 16 8 hours2.2 Business in the Global Arena 4 32 hours 3.1 Business and Public Policy 3 24 hours 1. Geo-Political Environments 3.2 Critical Thinking and Analysis 2 16 hours 2. Trade & Investment 3. Global Macro-economics 2.3 Finance in International Markets 4 32 hours 3.3I Elective I 3 16 hours 1. Capital Markets & Institutions 3.3II Elective II 3 16 hours 2. International Finance 2 16 hours 3. International Accounting 3.3III Elective III2.4 Managing Cultural Diversity 4 32 hours 1. Team Dynamics Total Romanian Core 13 88 hours 2. Human Resources Management 3. Cross-cultural Management 4. Performance2.5 Global Corporate Strategy 4 32 hours 1. Global Strategic Management 2. Measurement and Strategic Performance Management Social Value Action Learning Project 16 160 hours2.6 Marketing in a Global Context 4 32 hours Total 632 640 hours 1. Global Marketing Management 2. International Customer, Market and Industry Analysis • The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System [1] ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer System2.7 Global Supply Chain Management 4 32 hours (ECTS) is a student-centered system based o the student 1. Operations Management & Management Sciences [2] One credit corresponds with 8 teaching hours workload required to achieve the objectives of a program. 2. IT & Global Value Chain Management • The curriculum may be subject to change. 3. Supply Chain Management 6--Maastricht School of Management Romania6 Maastricht School of Management Romania the globally networked management school - 7
  5. 5. Globally Its not our global Its what you do with it. Networked expertise. Program Design group-study. This is considered an invaluable skill for managers. The use of group study enables participants to benefit from the Our EMBA program is designed to stimulate creative management experiences of others. Group members are selected at random in thinking and to meet the needs of candidates looking to improve order to maximize the learning opportunity in an environment that on the theoretical underpinnings and training required to apply fosters collaboration with fellow members from different cultures management knowledge into practice. Candidates are trained and work environments. Needless to say, a program that is being in an international, multicultural and multi-disciplinary setting taught by faculty from a variety of countries provides excellent preparing them to successfully operate in the global business chances of enhancing your intercultural communication skills. environment. The EMBA Program can be completed in approximately 22 Executive MBA Graduates months. Lectures and classes are conveniently paced and are conducted on alternating weekends with an extended winter and The candidates admitted to our EMBA program are mid-career summer break (the exact schedule can be found at our website). executives, the self-employed, and the expert consultants in This way, participants are away from their jobs for only a minimum general management who have full-time job responsibilities, and period of time. therefore cannot afford to attend classes on a full-time basis. The program consists of four segments, starting with a Foundation Surveys have shown that our EMBA graduates return to their segment, providing a solid knowledge base in each of the major respective organizations with promising career prospects and management disciplines. The following Core segment offers greater confidence. The majority of our alumni assumed new courses with a broader focus. These are more integrated and responsibilities with increased opportunities for advancement, often multidisciplinary in nature. The Electives segment contains while others utilized the additional skills to take on new a set of courses which give you the choice to gain more specialized professional challenges or career changes. knowledge in the fields of Marketing or Finance. The program is completed by the Social Value Action Learning Project in the Romanian Advisory Board Performance segment, a practical business challenge involving both a for profit company and an NGO. The mission of MSM Romania’s Advisory Board is to provide external perspective and review as well as advocacy and support for the school’s programs, strategic direction, and overall Teaching Methodology objectives. Current members of the advisory board include Steven Our aim is to teach concepts and theories of management, van Groningen (Raiffeisen Bank Romania), Misu Negritoiu (ING stimulate critical thinking and transform management problems Bank Romania), Peter de Ruiter (PWC Romania) and SandraMultiple Networking Opportunites at MSM Romania into opportunities from a multidisciplinary and multicultural Pralong (former President, Fundatia Soros Romania), among others. perspective. The general approach includes lectures, problem based learning exercises, case study analyses, student participation, seminars, discussions and independent study.MBA Master Classes The majority of the courses taught include case studies to simulate Over the years, hundreds of people have attended our MBA Master Classes which are open to the public on a monthly basis. We decision-making. Case studies provide a vehicle for identifying are convinced that it is the responsibility of universities, as generators and repositories of knowledge, to make the professor’s problems, analyzing them, deriving solutions and considering how knowledge available to the communities in which they are active. This is MSM Romania’s way of giving back to the community. to implement them. In addition, this is a good chance for those who are considering an MBA program to ‘test drive’ our professors. Working efficiently and effectively in multicultural groups is emphasized in the EMBA program through an approach ofExecutive Dialogues One of the most valuable components of a good MBA is networking, not just with classmates, but with faculty and outside guests. The purpose of the Executive Dialogue is for students and alumni to be able to have an ‘off-line’ conversation with a senior executive that they might not normally have the chance to meet. The discussion is not focused on a specific industry or job, but rather a general discussion about the challenges and responsibilities associated with being an executive in today’s Romanian Distinctive competencies of the MSM / MSM Romania MBA business environment. • Outstanding reputation in management education • Excellent national and international faculty These events are only open to students, alumni of MSM Romania and CEU Business School Romania. • Globally networked knowledge community • State-of-the-art MBA curriculum with specificInformal Networking Events considerations of the realities of doing business in • 22-month, weekend program At MSM Romania, we look for any good opportunity to get together outside of our formal events. This includes Christmas Romania parties, Halloween parties (in costume, of course), BBQs on the terraces and roof of our campus, and even group trips outside of • All studies take place in Bucharest • Apply the knowledge and skills acquired from MBA class Bucharest, such as the Danube Delta and Amsterdam. immediately to your daily work • You have the choice to study at the campuses in theThe Netherlands Romania Chamber of Commerce Netherlands, China, Egypt or Peru. • Build global academic and business networks through While a student of MSM Romania, you also have an open invitation to all networking events of the Netherlands Romania Chamber • Interaction with high-level Romanian executives and your MBA class and the MSM global alumni network of Commerce. This is an excellent opportunity to extend your network beyond the students and alumni of MSM Romania and entrepreneurs • Gain access to a vast Romanian and global alumni network intereact with some of the most important foreign investors in Romania. • Combine your professional career with MBA study 8- Maastricht School of Management Romania It’s not the MBA. It’s you. - 9
  6. 6. Its not our its Your Discovery MISSION shared purpose.and values. CampThe main prerequisite for admission to the MSM Romania EMBA Program is a soundacademic background, quality career progress and a passion for change. Applicantsmust hold at least a Bachelor’s degree or its academic equivalent from a recognized Each academic year starts with a Discovery Camp somewhere far from Bucharest.university in any subject. This intense weekend is designed to take you out of your comfort zone and prepareProficiency in English is absolutely essential to complete the Applications should be submitted at least 6 weeks before the you for the physical and mental challenge of being an MBA student. We feel that it isEMBA Program. Applicants, whose previous education has start of the program. Please refer to the website www.msm.nl important to ‘hit the ground’ running in the first day of classes in the MBA program.been in a language other than English, must submit evidence or www.msmro.org for program starting dates and up-to-dateof proficiency in the English language. Minimum TOEFL (Test of admissions criteria. There will be a an admissions interview The Discovery Camp gives you a chance to get to know the other students in theEnglish as a Foreign Language) score: 570 paper based TOEFL, once the application is complete.230 computer based, 88 internet based or minimum IELTS score MBA so that you are already able to draw on each other’s unique strengths and Maastricht School of Management Romania reserves the right toof 6.5. withdraw, add or change a specialization course or to change the experiences already from the first class session.A GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) score of at title of a course due to evolving market trends. Candidates areleast 500 is the desirable prerequisite for enrolment, but is not admitted on a competitive basis.required for candidates with more than 7 years work experience. On the application form you will find a list of additionalFive or more years of managerial experience are strongly requirements. These must be sent together with your applicationrecommended. form to:A Statement of Motivation as well as two Letters of MSM RomaniaRecommendation. Admissions Office Putul lui Zamfir, nr. 36, 011684Please be complete and precise when filling in the application Bucharest Romaniaform. Only complete applications will be accepted.1. Financial discountsFinancial discount for in-full advance payment 10%Financial discount for two installments payment, appliable to the second installment 5%Early bird financial discount if sign-up and first payment are made6 months previous to the program start 5%2. Commuting incentivesCommuting for more than 100km to school premises. 1,000 EURCommuting for more than 200km to school premises. 2,000 EUR 3. Refferal feeRefferal of a new student during the program. The reduction will be applied to the new student’s fee. 750 EUR During your time as a student of the dependent upon the other students4. Scholarships Maastricht School of Management who are in the program, the DiscoveryEntrepreneurs2,000 EUR Romania, you will push yourself to Camp also provides the platform forGMAT Score over 700 3,000 EUR new heights, figuratively and literally! you to make this discovery along withHigh achievers (international significant recognition awards, ex members of national sports teams) 4,000 EUR During the three days of the Discovery those colleagues who will not only beSocial Responsibility/Community Involvement results 2,000 EUR Camp, we encourage you to discover joining your MBA class, but will also beDiversity of the experience (foreigners, diverse background students) 3,000 EUR your strengths, weaknesses, limits, an instrumental part of your lifelongFor public or non-profit sector 15,000 EUR capabilities, fears and hopes. Since the network. Hopefully you will also discoverNotes:For Financial Discounts and Commuting Incentives the amounts will be sumed up, not applied in a succesive manner. value of a world-class MBA is greatly some new friends along the way.There is a limited number of scholarships in each categoryWith the exception of the refferal fee and the Public/Non-profit sector discounts, all other discounts are cumulatives up to 5,000 EUR.The public/non-profit sector scholarship cannot be cumulated with any other scolarship or discount.10- Maastricht School of Management Romania It’s not the MBA. It’s you. - 11
  7. 7. msm.nlmsmro.orgfacebook.com/msmrotwitter.com/msmromaniaMaastricht School of Management Maastricht School of ManagementOutreach Programs Department RomaniaP.O. Box 1203 phone +31 43 387 08 08 Putul lui Zamfir 36 phone +40 21 310 12 486201 BE Maastricht fax +31 43 387 08 00 011684 Bucharest fax +40 21 317 10 79The Netherlands e-mail outreach@msm.nl Romania e-mail info@msmro.org website www.msm.nl website www.msmro.org12- Maastricht School of Management Romania