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For history teachers, this is a great lesson about the Cold War.

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  1. 1. The Cold War 1945-1991
  2. 2. Two sides of Cold War• NATO – NorthAtlantic TreatyOrganization• USA, France, GreatBritain, WestGermany• CAPITALISMCAPITALISM• Warsaw Pact – proSoviet countries –USSR, and allcountries controlledby the USSR.• COMMUNISM
  3. 3. Cold War• The Cold War was a time after WW2 whenthe USA and the Soviet Union were rivalsfor world influence.
  4. 4. NATO – North Atlantic TreatyOrganization
  5. 5. YALTA (in the USSR)YALTA (in the USSR)Date: Feb 1945Date: Feb 1945Present: Churchill,Present: Churchill,Roosevelt and StalinRoosevelt and Stalin
  6. 6. POTSDAM (Germany)POTSDAM (Germany)Date: July 1945Date: July 1945Present: Churchill,Present: Churchill,Truman and StalinTruman and Stalin
  7. 7. Iron CurtainIron Curtain ––A term used byA term used byWinston ChurchillWinston Churchillto describe theto describe theseparating ofseparating ofThose communistThose communistlands of Eastlands of EastEurope from theEurope from theWest.West.
  8. 8. Improve your knowledge• The Russians took very high casualties tocapture Berlin in May 1945. They spent theearly occupation trying to take over allzones of the city but were stopped byGerman democrats such as Willy Brandtand Konrad Adenauer. Reluctantly theRussians had to admit the Americans,French and British to their respectivezones.
  9. 9. Berlin Wall• Berlin is Germany’s capitalcity.• The Soviets built the wall tokeep communists from escapingto the American sector.
  10. 10. Berlin WallBerlin Wall
  11. 11. Wall torn down in 1989.
  12. 12. Improve your knowledge• The nuclear bomb gave America a leadwhich was expected to last at least 5years. The rapid Russian development ofnuclear technology, helped by the work ofthe “atom spies” was a shock.Significantly, Russia hurriedly declaredwar against Japan at the beginning ofAugust 1945 and rushed to advance intoAsia to stake out a position for the post-war settlement. This helped make both theKorean and Vietnamese conflicts morelikely.
  13. 13. Marshall PlanUSA’s plan to send food,blankets, fuel to Europe tohelp them. AND to keepthem from turningcommunist.
  14. 14. Berlin blockade led to BerlinAirlift
  15. 15. Space Race• The USA and the Soviet Union raced as theworld watched to be the first to conquerspace.
  16. 16. 1957 Sputnik – first satelliteScore 1 for Soviets!
  17. 17. First man in space• Score: USA – 0• Soviets - 2
  18. 18. Apollo program• USA spent the60s trying tocatch up to theSoviets.
  19. 19. Armstrong lands on moon!• What is thepurpose of aspaceprogram?
  20. 20. Nuclear Missiles!
  21. 21. Truman DoctrineThe Truman Doctrine inMarch 1947 promisedthat the USA “wouldsupport free peoples whoare resisting”communism.This led to containment –policy of containingcommunism where it is.
  22. 22. Domino TheoryCommunism spreads like a disease
  23. 23. Korea and Vietnam• USA tried to containcommunism. In both wars,communist troops foughtarmies trained and funded bythe USA.
  24. 24. Communistsinvadedfrom thenorth.China sent amilliontroops tohelp reds.
  25. 25. Korean War• After the failure of the promise of Koreanindependence by the Allied nations, on June25, 1950, communist North Korean troopsinvaded South Korea. Poorly armed, theSouth Koreans were no match for the North.The United Nations ordered North Korea towithdraw its troops. General MacArthurwas appointed to command all UN troops inKorea. After three years of fighting astalemate, more than 54,000 Americantroops perished.
  26. 26. What is the United Nations?
  27. 27. United Nations• InternationalOrganizationwhere countriestry to findpeacefulsolutions
  28. 28. United Nations• It has no army but uses troops from othercountries.
  29. 29. Vietnam War 1960s-1973• Through the Kennedy years, UStroops trained S. Vietnamesetroops to fight the Reds.• After the Gulf of TonkinResolution, under LBJ, US troopsstarted to fight more.
  30. 30. Vietnam, 1968
  31. 31. Helicopters!
  32. 32. Napalm!
  33. 33. Seeing this on TV led to aSeeing this on TV led to aloss of support at homeloss of support at home
  34. 34. Hippie bashing!!!Hippie bashing!!!
  35. 35. Hippies/Anti-war
  36. 36. Meanwhile. . .• After Korea and beforeVietnam got really bad,America felt they had aproblem closer to home.
  37. 37. Bay of Pigs• The CIA trainedand funded aninvasion ofcommunist Cuba.The invasion failed,and Castro hadsome powerfulfriends!
  38. 38. Soviet response.• Don’t worry comradeCastro. We got yourback!
  39. 39. A U2 spy plane found these missilesilos in Cuba, 1962.
  40. 40. Kennedy Khrushchev
  41. 41. People built more bomb shelters.
  42. 42. End to a crisis!• The Sovietsremoved themissiles in Cuba.• In exchange, USApledged to notinvade Cuba again.And to removemissiles in Turkey(right).
  43. 43. Afterward• A direct phoneline was set upbetween theiroffices tobypass otherchannels.
  44. 44. November 22, 1963• LBJ took thePresidency• JFK was shotin Dallas
  45. 45. How did the USA try to containcommunism?
  46. 46. Marshall Plan – helped countrieseconomically so they won’t gored.
  47. 47. Helped anti-communist troops
  48. 48. Embargoes• Refusing totrade or aidcountries inorder topunish them
  49. 49. Cuba embargo• Still today, the USAhas an economicembargo oncommunist Cuba.• Their only cars arefrom before theembargo!
  50. 50. Castro is still alive!
  51. 51. This powerpoint was kindly donated towww.worldofteaching.com is home to over athousand powerpoints submitted by teachers. This is acompletely free site and requires no registration. Pleasevisit and I hope it will help in your teaching.