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Prom memories 2012


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Prom memories 2012

  1. 1. Prom 2012“Midnight in Paris” Saturday, May 12
  2. 2. LAHSA Teachers share their prom night memories…
  3. 3. Ms. Lin“I went to prom with my boyfriend, Michael, who I later married. We now have 2 little boys!”
  4. 4. Mr. Trujillo “I have very good memories of that night.”
  5. 5. Ms. Morales“I found this old guy on the street and asked him to be my date. Just kidding! (That’s my dad.)Prom was the only time I got to dress up with my high school friends and eat a fancy dinner. Afterwards, we stayed up really late and passed out in our prom dresses.”
  6. 6. Mr. Richardson “Going to dinner was a pain because everything closed at 9 in Minnesota. All the girls looked beautiful. I ran for Prom King, but wasn’t chosen.”
  7. 7. Ms. Roughan“It was great! I was asked by one of the most popular guys and was so nervous. If I could do it again, I would go without a date, because I would’ve have more fun. I still remember one of the songs that I danced to.”
  8. 8. Ms. Kwan “I ended up marrying my prom date!” (Not on that night, though! Much much later!)
  9. 9. Ms. Simons“I wasn’t a really good student and didn’t want to go to prom, but my friend convinced me to go. It was the most fun night, because of the people.”
  10. 10. Ms. Soliman WOW! Our principal looked radiant on her prom night.
  11. 11. Mr. Wichmanowski “We went to eat after prom and my friend ordered $70 caviar as an appetizer!! I told my prom date not to eat any so that I wouldn’t have to pay.”
  12. 12. Seniors, now it’s your turn to make memories that will last a lifetime. Have fun and be safe.