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Students.teacher facebook-yes or no


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Students.teacher facebook-yes or no

  1. 1. Student-Teacher- Facebook Yes or No? Marijana Smolčec, EFL teacher Gimnazija Bernardina Frankopana Ogulin, Croatia (@mscro1)
  2. 2. Students and Facebook - most of the students have FB accounts (95%) - computer, mobile phones, iPhones
  3. 3. Why do students mostly use Facebook?
  4. 4. Students and Facebook gossip play games chat share videos meet new friends LEARNING? School
  5. 5. Can we use Facebook for educational purposes?
  6. 6. Students-Teacher-Facebook FACEBOOK GROUPS OPEN CLOSED SECRET
  7. 7. Secret (private) Facebook groups  NO need to be friends with students  Members need to be invited to the group  Safer environment (“secret” group cannot be found on FB search)  Send messages to members  Instant feed  Group chats  Organize events  REAL example of BLENDED LEARNING
  8. 8. More Advantages Classroom work after classroom! Student engagement Useful while doing online projects Language practice Time saverStudent Collaboration
  9. 9. Any possible disadvantages? time consuming age restriction parental permission
  10. 10. Teacher = administrator Image credit:
  11. 11. Idea  Students (teenagers 14-18 years of age)  My PLN (ArgentEgypt group, MojaMatura FB website...)
  12. 12. Examples/Results 1. CRO-URUG penpals 3-year online project with teacher Claudia Example of sharing an online activity in group
  13. 13. Congrats!
  14. 14. We celebrate B-days! We learn, explore...
  15. 15. Organize chat events
  16. 16. Talking about online safety – sharing some brochures about SID and FB Project classroom group
  17. 17. Share documents, photos
  18. 18. Students share their works: glogs, vokis, linoits....
  19. 19. Blogging project group Students share their blog post, discuss possible topics, do polls, exchange ideas...
  20. 20. exchange ideas, creating polls, sharing videos, preparing activities ...
  21. 21. Comenius groups Sharing and creating documents, photos, free storage
  22. 22. Creating a group Facebook group icons
  23. 23. Connect with your students they will appreciate it! 
  24. 24. Thank you for listening!