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Developing and online project tm2013


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Published in: Education, Technology
  • It was an awesome project, indeed!
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Developing and online project tm2013

  1. 1. Developing an online projectMarijana Smolčec, EFL teacherGimnazija Bernardina FrankopanaOgulin, Croatia@mscro1
  2. 2. by Marijana Smolcec and Claudia CarrilLet’s get to know you!2011 - 2013
  3. 3. CROATIAN - URUGUAYANprojectProject development:• Penpal project• Skype interviews• Facebook private group
  4. 4. TheThe aim of thaim of the writtene written projectproject waswasto:to:• Meet students from another country.Meet students from another country.• Learn about different cultures.Learn about different cultures.• Improve English writing skillsImprove English writing skills- emails + snail mail- emails + snail mail
  5. 5. Skype interviewsLet’s skype and get to know the teacher! culture sharing practice language in use (speaking) students ask questions about:customs, traveling, education, likes/dislikesmusic, food, weather ...
  6. 6. Facebook private groupWhy Facebook?- most of the students have FB account- possibility of having private group- blended learning- constant language practice- having group chats – events!- getting to know each other better
  7. 7. Closing the project• a farewell skype videoconference on15 March 2013 – Fantastic feeling!Slide show of the skype talk
  8. 8. Some advices• Flexibility• Commitment• Tolerance• Motivation• Ecouragment• Have fun
  9. 9. Big thank you to my class!Class of IV.D – Graduates of 2013! – Wish them all the best!
  10. 10. Useful links• Marijana’s blog – article on project•• Official wiki site of the project farwell talk – youtube video• Special webinar at Baw2013 EVO online course – recording
  11. 11. Always stay enthusiastic!for listening!