The New Marketing Career


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Thoughts, concepts and stories for a new generation of marketers

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The New Marketing Career

  1. The new Marketing Career Thoughts, Concepts & Stories for a New Generation of Marketers Mark Smiciklas, MBA // //
  2. Marketing is Changing
  3. from MASS targeting
  4. to individual relationships
  5. from tools that interrupt
  6. to tools that engage
  7. As a Marketer you should be prepared to evolve
  8. My marketing evolution…
  9. 2000 2005 2009
  10. My Marketing Job Description What does your dad do? He does marketing What does that mean? I’m not sure…he works a lot on his computer and plays Wii at the office Well, not exactly…
  11. PLAN CREATE GOVERN Content Write Maintain Review Measure Marketing Revise Approve Publish Store Delivery Display Source: Content Strategy and the Future of Marketing, Kristina Halvorson, Brain Matters
  12. Partner Collaboration
  13. Analyze and Optimize
  14. Reading Blogs
  15. Publishing Blog Content
  16. Social Networking
  17. F2F Networking
  18. Case Study Leadership Training and Consulting Firm
  19. Marketing Insights
  20. Knowledge has never been more accessible
  21. Suggested Reading Church of the Customer Duct Tape Marketing Marketing Minute Marketing Sherpa Logic + Emotion Marketing Profs Inside Adwords Brand Autopsy Tom Fishburne Copyblogger Web Ink Now Chris Brogan Seth Godin Junta42
  22. Marketing Intelligence Mix
  23. The risk of becoming an expert
  24. Without trust you having nothing
  25. Image Attribution poultry: social media collage; social media logos: broken tv: magazine: envelope: phone: evolution:
  26. Thank You