Social Media Strategy


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Delving beyond the tools to understand, plan and measure how social media can enrich your organization’s engagement efforts.

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Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. Social Media Strategy delving beyond the tools to understand, plan and measure how social media can enrich your organization’s engagement efforts Mark Smiciklas, MBA // // //
  2. 2. Social Media Strategy less about the tools - more about the reasons behind their use
  3. 3. content
  4. 4. Start by listening and… understanding who to listen to and what to listen for
  5. 5. STEP ONE Discovery
  6. 6. Discovery Overview Social Capacity Target Audience Objectives Governance
  7. 7. Social Capacity Assess your ability to create content , maintain social tools and engage with your community
  8. 9. A few social capacity questions… Can you create relevant, meaningful content? How often can you publish content? How much time is your organization capable/willing to you invest in social media? Can you engage employees in the process?
  9. 10. Identify your primary & secondary target audiences as well as industry influencers
  10. 11. Customers, Employees, Prospects Vendors, Media, Bloggers, Industry Groups
  11. 12. Establish the information needs or buying questions of each audience
  12. 13. Some Audience Needs… product information pricing availability assurance education entertainment
  13. 14. Objectives Define measurable social media goals
  14. 15. Engagement Lead Generation/Sales Brand Awareness Education Industry/Thought Leadership Customer Service
  15. 16. Ideas in Action Social Media Goal Alignment Case Study Twitter stats Follow clients, prospects and relevant industry influencers; twitter search; Listorious 200 followers (+100%) Increase targeted Twitter followers Thought Leadership Feedburner; Google Analytics 1-2 blog posts per week; 1 LinkedIn answer per week; 1-2 blog comments per week 100 subscribers (new) Increase blog subscribers Thought Leadership Google Analytics Back link from facebook, twitter, flickr, youtube, LinkedIn 14k new visitors (+16%) Increase traffic to blog/website Awareness Google Analytics; internal tracking Blog link; FB link; FB ads; strategic tweets 200 form fills (+25%) Increase quote form submits Sales Measurement Mechanism Strategies, Tools & Tactics Target (4mos) Social Media Objective Business Goal
  16. 17. Governance social media rules of engagement
  17. 18. Policies Training Management
  18. 19. Resource
  19. 20. STEP TWO Strategy
  20. 21. Strategy Overview Listening Content Blogging Social Tools
  21. 22. LISTENING What are people saying about your brand?
  22. 23. Use Listening Tools to Monitor Conversations
  23. 24. Use a RSS Reader to Aggregate Conversations
  24. 26. Ideas in Action “ A large consumer product company found out about a group of people who were brainstorming a way to solve a problem which was related to this company. Because this consumer product company has people working for it who actively participate in networks, and monitor the space, they found out about it. Someone identified this idea as a signal in a sea of noise—there are a lot of people who talk about this company daily, but this was different. The people who independently brainstormed this idea outside of the company's ecosystem are now talking to the people who work for the company about making the idea into a reality.” David Armano 
  25. 27. Content Strategy content must be relevant and useful to your target audience (and aligned with the their information needs)
  26. 28. Ideas in Action MEC User Generated Video Content
  27. 29. Ideas in Action
  28. 30. Content Conundrum content creation can become a burden for many organizations because of a legacy of departmentalization
  29. 31. A social approach to content © David Armano
  30. 32. Employees are your brand’s secret weapon - engage them in social media
  31. 33. Ideas in Action
  32. 34. Ideas in Action
  33. 35. The Blog your social media home base
  34. 37. Ideas in Action
  35. 38. Social Tools Which channels fit your strategy?
  36. 40. STEP THREE Implementation
  37. 41. Implementation create and optimize your social media channels (keep relevant keywords top of mind)
  38. 42. Best Practices the 90/10 rule
  39. 46. STEP FOUR Analytics
  40. 47. Analytics Best Practice Align analytics tools & data collection with your organization’s social media objectives
  41. 48. Resource Google Analytics:
  42. 49. Resource Social Mention:
  43. 50. Resource Klout Twitter Analytics:
  44. 51. Resource Click Tracking:
  45. 52. Analytics Best Practice Don’t rely exclusively on web 2.0 analytics – Mix in offline data sets to measure engagement (use customer research to compliment online analytics)
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  47. 55. Thank You! Mark Smiciklas, MBA // // //