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myHomework PPT


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Excerpts from a PPT used in class to remind students to use the class blog and introduce them to myHomework.

Published in: Education, Technology
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myHomework PPT

  1. 1. Technology & Learning
  2. 2. The Class Blog
  3. 3. Blog Discussions I add topics and students respond.
  4. 4. Students enter answers. I don’t proofread but I do approve comments for posting.
  5. 5. Student Work
  6. 6. Visit the class blog periodically!
  7. 7. You may also use myHomeworkapp via the internet, a smart phone, or a tablet! Currently, Ms. Thaxton (biology teacher) and I use the app. Within the next week, other tenth grade teacher may begin to use the app for their classes.
  8. 8. MyHomework App
  9. 9. Thank you, Ms. Thaxton & Kayla Lewis for introducing the app to me! d
  10. 10. Use via Computer or Phone App
  11. 11. Use via Computer or Phone App