Culture and business etiquette presentation


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Culture and business etiquette presentation

  1. 1. Culture andBusinessEtiquettePresentationEthiopiaBy: Harryzon Gomez
  2. 2. Introduction Capital – Addis Ababa Ethiopia is east of the United States and is in the mid-east of Africa, near Sudan. 82,101,998 people live in Ethiopia. They speak English and Amharic. Christian and Muslim religion is practiced.
  3. 3. Interesting Fact About TheCountry Knowledge of a few words of Amharic will be very useful and appreciated. Some of the more useful are Tena Yistillign - Hello; Ow - Yes; Aydellem - No; and Sintinew - How much is this?.
  4. 4. Business Appearance OfNatives Businesspeople should wear suits and ties for business visits.
  5. 5. Behavior In Business Since relationships are extremely important, meetings start with extended social pleasantries. The meeting will end when everyone has had their say and the most senior Ethiopians decide that there is nothing left to be discussed. Performing favours indicates friendship.
  6. 6. Language And BusinessGreeting Mainly Speak English. Greetings are formal and courteous. Handshakes are somewhat prolonged and not especially firm. Never rush greeting; enquire about people’s families, health and work. Present and receive business cards with the right hand only or with both hands.
  7. 7. Customs That Are Offensive InThat Country Punctuality is not strictly adhered to although considerable lateness is also unacceptable. You may have to remove your shoes at the door. You will always be offered a cup of coffee. It is considered impolite to refuse. Only use the right hand for eating.