“Sometimes I type papers on my cell phone”: Mobile Digital Technologies and CUNY Students (slides)


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Conference presentation, MobilityShifts, The New School, NYC, October 15, 2011 (http://www.mobilityshifts.org)

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“Sometimes I type papers on my cell phone”: Mobile Digital Technologies and CUNY Students (slides)

  1. 1. “Sometimes I type papers on my cell phone”Mobile Digital Technologies and CUNY Students Maura A. Smale New York City College of Technology Mariana Regalado Brooklyn College MobilityShifts, An International Future of Learning Summit October 15, 2011
  2. 2. Undergraduate Scholarly Habits Ethnography Project
  3. 3. CUNY = NYC 228,484 undergraduates at CUNY in Fall 2010. 17% Asian 44% 1st generation in college 27% Black 29% Hispanic 38% household income < $20,000 26% White 31% work for pay > 20 hrs/wk 43% born outside the US 14% support children Mean age = 24 28% over age 25CUNY OIRA. (2010). A Profile of Undergraduates at CUNY Senior and Community Colleges: Fall 2010.http://owl.cuny.edu:7778/portal/page/portal/oira/OIRA_HOME/ug_student_profile_f10.pdf
  4. 4. CUNY CommutesThey get to campus by• Public transit 77%• Driving/car pool 18%• Walking 5% One-way travel time is• Bicycle < 1% • < 30 minutes 20% • 30-60 minutes 40% • 1-2 hours 38% • >2 hours 2%CUNY OIRA (2010). Table 5. 2010 Student Experience Surveyhttp://owl.cuny.edu:7778/portal/page/portal/oira/OIRA_HOME/SES_2010_Final_Report.pdf
  5. 5. Mobile Tech By the Numbers U.S. undergraduates CUNY undergraduatesown own a cell phone 96% a smartphone50% a laptop 88% a laptop 64%access internet/emailon a access the interneton a cell cell phone 63% phone 36%Also Also84% own a portable music 43% own a portable music player player9% own an ebookreader 2% own an ebookreader Smith, A., Rainie, L. & Zickuhr, K. CUNY OIRA. (2010). Table 6A, Student use of (2011). College students and technology. Pew technology. Student Experience Survey. Internet & American http://oira.cuny.edu Life Project, http://pewinternet.org/
  6. 6. What Students Showed Us
  7. 7. Cell Phones and Smartphones“If I dont have “I think I left my phonemy phone, I feel home one time and I felt sokind of out of naked. I felt like I didn’tplace, because I know what was going on incant call the world. I didn’t knowanybody, I cant what time it was. … I didn’tcomm-unicate think I could functionwith anyone.” without my phone.” “I can check e-mail faster on the go, calendars, Internet, GPS if I get lost somewhere and Im going around, I dont know I just use it for a lot of stuff. … It would make life pretty inconvenient to not have it.”
  8. 8. Laptops“No, no. It’s too “I’d just ratherbig, too heavy. keep it at homeWith commuting so nothingand everything, I would happen tocan’t bring it.” it. No water spill, no“Mmmm…. damage.”Maybe once aweek. Because “I brought itit’s heavy. Plus once and Imy books. It’s forgot to chargeheavy. It kills my it [laughs]. Iback. Because brought it all theI’m in school way from homefrom 11:00 until and it doesnt do8:30.” shit with no battery.”
  9. 9. Other Mobile Academic Tech “The Blackberry “Sometimes I type papers on keeps me my cell phone. And then I organized. … upload it. I send it to myself it’s like basically as an email. Then I’ll upload a handheld it once I get to school.” organization device.” “Just plug the PDF to research and read it really fast. And I make notes… make annotations on it. And then I just export that out and stuff.”
  10. 10. Access Issues“Well I usually go [to the public library]after school because the internet I thinkis more better because the internet inthe school, like some areas are restrictedand most of the time I just want to goon for fun since I don’t have a computeror internet in my home." “So, basically finding a printer is the biggest problem […] finding a printer and making sure my work is done before my class. That’s really frustrating.”
  11. 11. No Mobile Tech…By Choice“So, my friends get in contact withme through Gmail. Either GoogleTalkor GChat. So, I can send textmessages through Gmail, or I can goon AIM from Gmail and talk to themthere. So, if they need me, they knowhow to get in contact with me." “I actually prefer email over phone because I dont have a cell phone and if somebody wants to get in touch with me immediately, you know, my phone is at my house, Im out a lot of the time but I can usually get to a computer and check my email.”
  12. 12. Encouraging Mobile Tech
  13. 13. Thank you! Here’s how to reach us:Maura A. Smalemsmale@citytech.cuny.edu Mariana Regalado regalado@brooklyn.cuny.edu http://ushep.commons.gc.cuny.edu