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Organizational Culture


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Walden University
EDUC 6105

Published in: Education
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Organizational Culture

  1. 1. Irwin County High School Change in Leadership Monica Smith Walden University EDUC 6105 Dr Celeste Fenton
  2. 2.  Principal  Math Teacher 5 years  14 years Assistant Principal  Member of Principal Advisory CouncilKerry Billingsley, Sr. Glen Hudson
  3. 3.  Ocilla, Georgia  Southern Baptist Population 9,931  Named after first Agricultural Governor of 5th Oldest town in Georgia, Jared Irwin the state of Georgia  Jefferson Davis Conservative Memorial  Sweet Potato Festival  Proud of Heritage
  4. 4.  Principal Assistant Principal Curriculum Director Faculty and Staff (54) Students (380)
  5. 5.  “Irwin County High  “Irwin County High School is student School culture is focused. Students are individualistic. If number one. We are teachers see here to help the something they don’t students.” like, they don’t do it or they refuse to do it. There are no ramifications for them not doing itKerry Billingsley, Sr. Glen Hudson
  6. 6.  The mission of Irwin County High School is to provide a safe, orderly, and caring environment where each student has an equal opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to function effectively in society.
  7. 7.  Every individual can learn. Student learning is the chief priority of our school. Every person is a valued individual with unique intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs. Every individual within our school community deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Individual self-discipline, responsibility, and accountability are essential to personal development and the learning process. Responsible parenting and family values affect learning. Teachers, staff, administrators, parents, students, and community members share in the responsibility for providing a supportive learning environment within our school. Clear goals and high expectations for student achievement will guide the development of the curriculum and instruction. Assessment of students and school personnel is essential to the learning process. Assessments of student learning will include a variety of opportunities for students to demonstrate their achievement. The commitment to continuous improvement is imperative if our school is to enable students to become confident, self-directed, lifelong learners.
  8. 8.  Low employee morale No school spirit Little respect for the administration Discipline problems
  9. 9.  Internal  Internal ◦ C.A.R.E.S. ◦ Principal  Commitment ◦ Curriculum  Accountability  Respect  External-Testing  Expectations  Support ◦ Discipline • Platinum PrideKerry Billingsley, Sr. Glen Hudson
  10. 10.  “Democratic. I need to be in and apart of what is going on. No dictatorship. I want teachers to know that I am in it with them. I will not ask them to do something that I won’t do.” Kerry Billingsley, Sr.
  11. 11.  One on One Communication Speak to individuals together to resolve problem
  12. 12.  Little Resistance to  Little resistance to Change change Counsel teacher  Teachers will refuse to do changeKerry Billingsley, Sr. Glen Hudson
  13. 13.  Too early to tell Test scores will be an indicator
  14. 14.  It is too early to tell if the change is good or not. Principal is student focused. Culture of school is not being addressed
  15. 15.  Billingsley, K. (2011, October 14). Principal. (M. Smith, Interviewer) Hudson, G. (2011, September 23). Math Teacher. (M. Smith, Interviewer)