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The PurPle Index ranks companies on how well they have engaged people around their purpose and initiatives online. Here, we look at four opportunity areas -environment, education, health and human potential. Find out how the Fortune Global 100 companies fare and connect with us to help your brand define its purpose. Visit purple.mslgroup.com

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Purple Index by MSLGROUP

  1. 1. PURPLE INDEX MSLGROUPHow well are the Fortune Global 100communicating their initiatives andengaging people around PurPle ?
  2. 2. Executive Summary: Purpose, Participation & PerformanceMSLGROUP’S PURPLE INDEX: Benchmarking Purpose, Participation & PerformanceBackground: In 2012, MSLGROUP launched PurPle, a new global offering aimed at helping business leaders drivepositive impacts on the business and society by catalyzing collaborative social innovation and grassroots changemovements. The specialty combines the agency’s CSR, Cause Marketing, Sustainability, Citizenship and Philanthropyexpertise and over 100+ experts around the globe to deliver best-in-class strategy, approaches, ideas and executionin the broad corporate purpose areas of health, environment, education, and human potential.PurPle Index: In early 2013, the PurPle team at MSLGROUP embarked on an undertaking to rank the Fortune 100companies in these purpose areas based on the level of participation/social engagement in their purposecommunications and initiatives. In addition, the team wanted to correlate this level of participation to thecompanies’ overall performance and bottom line.Methodology: Each company was evaluated and scored on a number of aspects including successful storytelling oftheir purpose and how engaging the content was on their social networks. Was the content inspiring? Did thecontent have a strong call-to-action? Does the company crowd-source, curate and aggregate content on theirplatforms?
  3. 3. Executive Summary: Purpose, Participation & PerformanceOverall Findings: We found that the top performing Fortune global 100 companies use visual storytelling and directengagement strategies and tactics to ensure their messaging around citizenship initiatives is amplified. The topperformers consider engagement to be essential in maintaining or changing perceptions about the company. Thecitizenship initiatives are global in nature with a number of companies focussing on improving living conditions indeveloping regions. The lowest performing Fortune global 100 companies do not recognize the importance ofengagement and do not have a presence on social platforms. Their communication is predominantly one way and usedonly to disseminate information.• Purpose: (1) Wal-Mart, (2) Citigroup, (3) GE, (4) P&G, (5) Toshiba• Environment: (1) GE, (2) IBM, (3) Toshiba, (4) Honda, (5) BASF• Education: (1) Wells Fargo, (2) Sony, (3) P&G, (4) ING, (5) HP• Health (1) GE, (2) CVS Caremark, (3) McKesson, (4) Siemens, (5) P&G• Human Potential: (1) HP, (2) Siemens, (3) IBM, (4) Toshiba, (5) CitigroupIn addition to a strong and clearly defined Purpose and an effective use of social networks to drive strong participationin their purpose; when compared to Fortune’s list of Most Profitable Companies 10 (ten) of the top performingcompanies on the PurPle Index are also on Fortunes list:BP, Chevron, Citigroup, Ford, GE, Nestle, P&G, Samsung, Walmart, Wells Fargo. The complete list and best-in-classPurPle examples can be found in the pages to follow.
  4. 4. What is the PurPle Index ?MSLGROUP’s PurPle offering and a MSLGROUP proprietary tool The Social Hive Index combine to giveus the PurPle Index. The PurPle Index measures relative engagement for global Fortune 100 aroundeach company’s shared purpose and the four PurPle opportunity areas.
  5. 5. The MethodologyThe PurPle index uses a combination of automatically updated social data, qualitative researchwaves, and our proprietary normalization algorithm to create a single score between 1 and 100. One time, annual, or quarterly qualitative research waves on storytelling and engagement around a topic. QUALITATIVE RESEARCH SOCIAL DATA PROPRIETARY ALGORITHM Proprietary normalization algorithm to Daily updated social data from convert social data and qualitative Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Kred, Kl scores into a single score between 1 out, Peerindex and SEOMoz. and 100.
  6. 6. PurPle Index: Results – Overall Purpose and Individual ThemesSource : Purpleindex.mslgroup.com, Dated 8th February 2012
  7. 7. LEADING INITIATIVES DRIVINGENGAGEMENTThese initiatives drive engagement as stand-alone properties as well as creating content thatengages users on regular social properties of brands.
  8. 8. Environment : Platforms, Partnerships and GamesEnvironmental initiatives directly involving audiences or stakeholders bring greaterengagement on social platforms for the Fortune Global 100. Some examples :PLATFORMS PARTNERSHIPS CHANGE GAMESGE Ecomagination, Panasonic Eco-Ideas and Partnering directly with change agents is also Chevron is promoting a energy awarenessThink Blue by VW are co-creation and popular with leading PurPle companies to game Energyville built by The Ecnomistcollaborative social innovation platforms spread awareness or innovate about the Group. This game allows people towhile Nestle Water challenge and Samsung environment. HP partnered Energy star and understand the sources of Eneergy availablvillage are blogs for sharing, solving, ideating Shell partnered Envirofit for grass root level an the multiple emand fators that omeand discussing environment challenges. change movements. into play for any energy producer.Image : Ecomagination.com, http://dir.groups.yahoo.com/group/OnLiberianMedium/message/42115, Energyville.com
  9. 9. Education : Teachers, Tech, Partnerships & AwardsEducation is supported in multiple ways by the Fortune global 100. The top PurPle initiativesdriving engagement are :TEACHER ENGAGEMENT TEHNOLOGY ENABLED CLASSROOMS PARTNERSHIPS AND AWARDSEngaging, providing resources through Bringing modern education to large A popular PurPle initiative is to create directplatforms and training are some of the audiences supported and pioneered by the partnerships and engage with directly withleading initiatives for engaging directly with Fortune Global 100. Samsung’s Internet change drivers. This ranges from creatingteachers. Telefonica, Total, BNP Paribas and school program for K-12 countries in Africa financial aid, scholarships to setting up andBMW have created platforms providing access running schools. Awards, contests andto educational resources. GE, Nestle and and Panasonic with Kids witness news and competitions are run to unearth, reward andExxon provide platforms for teacher training. are examples of such programs. celebrate outstanding students.Image : Total solar expert, Samsung K-12 schools initiative, P&G Hope schools stats
  10. 10. Health : Crowdsourcing, Partnerships and AppsHealth an nutrition related initiatives range from problem identification and idea generation topartnering NGO’s, vaccination drives and empowering individual healthcare.CROWSOURCING PARTNERSHIPS MOBILE APPLICATIONSCo-Creation platforms – These health focused Organisations partner with grass-roots Mobile apps have been built to empowerplatforms bring together large audiences or change agents to help improve lives and individuals caring for themselves. Some aredomain thought leaders to discuss living conditions of people. For example built to support off location healthcare toissues, ideas and create innovations. GE with Walmart has partnered Human Vitality for connect healthcare professionals andEcomagination and Siemens Healthworks a healthier food program and P&G has patients. Samsung, Siemens and GE have allcollective are the leading examples. partnered UNICEF for a vaccination drive. launch similar apps.Image : healthymagination.com, P&G partnership, http://www.mobilechannels.eu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=453:smartphone-health-apps-big-opportunity-&catid=54:appsbusiness&Itemid=81
  11. 11. Human Potential : Incubators, Micro-finance & KnowledgeSupporting and encouraging human enterprise is another area of focus for the leading PurPlecompanies in the Fortune global 100. Some key types of initiatives are showcasedINCUBATORS MICRO-FINANCE & PARTNERSHIPS KNOWLEGDE PLATFORMSTelefonica, BASF and Siemens are all Partnering with Micro-finance institutions A number of the organisations have createdrunning incubators for science or social to empower grass-roots level knowledge and awareness programs to shareenterprises. These provide some entrepreneurship is a popular human their learning and expertise. Financial potential initiative. companies are helping people organisefunding, guidance and basic infrastructure Citi, BASF, Chevron, BNP Paribas and Tesco personal finances and make prudent personalto help innovators and startups. have all created miro-finance financial decisions. partnerships.Image : Thenextweb.com, Kiva.com, Grameen foundation logo, Shell Livewire.co.uk
  12. 12. Questions:Scott Beaudoin917.674.0550scott.beaudoin@mslgroup.com