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The Now & Next: Future of Engagement report highlights the ten most important frontiers that will define the future of engagement for marketers, entrepreneurs and changemakers: Crowdfunding, Behavior Change Games, Collaborative Social Innovation, Grassroots Change Movements, Co-creation Communities, Social Curation, Transmedia Storytelling, Collective Intelligence, Social Live Experiences and Collaborative Consumption.

In our individual chapters on the ten frontiers, we start by describing why they are important and how they work; we then examine web platforms and brand programs that point to the future (that is already here); then finish by identifying some of the most important features of that future, with our recommendations on how to benefit from them.

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Now & Next: Future of Engagement

  1. 1. TEN FRONTIERSFOR THE FUTUREOF ENGAGEMENTGaurav Mishra,ShanghaiNidhi Makhija,MumbaiPascal Beucler,Paris
  2. 2. MSLGROUP’S INSIGHTS NETWORKFor more than a year, 100+ MSLGROUP planners have been sharing inspiring projects on socialdata, crowdsourcing, storytelling and citizenship on an internal crowdsourcing platform.CitizenshipCrowdsourcingSocial DataStorytelling
  3. 3. MSLGROUP’S INSIGHTS NETWORKFor more than a year, we have been synthesizing these community-curated insights into weeklycase studies and quarterly magazines.MSLGROUP’S INSIGHTSNETWORK100+ MSLGROUP planners shareand discuss inspiring projects onsocial data, crowdsourcing,storytelling and citizenship.PEOPLE’S INSIGHTS QUARTERLYMAGAZINEEvery quarter, we compile the bestinsights from the Insights Network,along with original research, in amagazine.PEOPLE’S INSIGHTS WEEKLYREPORTEvery week, we curateconversations around one project, onthe MSLGROUP Insights Networkand the broader social web.
  4. 4. NOW & NEXT: FUTURE OF ENGAGEMENTWe have now synthesized a year’s worth of insights from the 100+ planners on MSLGROUP’sInsights Network into an annual report on the ten frontiers for the future of engagement.1. Crowdfunding2. BehaviorChangeGames3. CollaborativeSocialInnovation4. GrassrootsChangeMovements5. Co-creationCommunities6. SocialCuration7. TransmediaStorytelling8. CollectiveIntelligence9. Social LiveExperiences10. CollaborativeConsumptionPhotos from p22earl, nanpalmero, grafixer, untitlism, ngmmemuda, peterhellberg, xavitalleda, jodiejaye, pochacco20, seyyed_mostafa_zamani on Flickr.
  6. 6. #1. CROWDFUNDINGInspiring people to collectively fundprojects they are passionate about andhelp bring them to life.Photo from p22earl on Flickr. SlideShare report.
  7. 7. #1. CROWDFUNDINGKickstarter uses the power of communityto fund creative projects: everything fromfilms, games, and music to art, design,and technology.Since its launch in 2009, more than 4.1million people have pledged over $629million, funding more than 42,000creative projects.Screenshot and video from Kickstarter.
  8. 8. #1. CROWDFUNDINGDodge Dart Registry helps car buyersinvite friends and family to sponsorindividual parts of the car.Screenshot and video from Dodge Dart Registry.
  9. 9. #2 BEHAVIOR CHANGE GAMESUsing game design technique and thepower of communities to motivatepeople to achieve challenging tasks inthe real world.Photo from nanpalmero on Flickr.
  10. 10. #2 BEHAVIOR CHANGE GAMESScreenshot and video from OPower.Opower helps people save energy andreduce their electricity bills by comparingtheir electricity consumption with friends,neighbors and people like themselves.
  11. 11. #2 BEHAVIOR CHANGE GAMESNike Plus enables people to track, shareand compare their activity levels througha number of sensor enabled devices,including the Nike Fuel band, whichconverts all activity into fuel points.Screenshot and video from Nike Plus.
  12. 12. #3 COLLABORATIVE SOCIAL INNOVATIONSynthesizing community contributions toco-create innovative and sustainablesolutions around a shared purpose.Photo from grafixer on Flickr. SlideShare report.
  13. 13. #3 COLLABORATIVE SOCIAL INNOVATIONOpenIDEO is an open innovationplatform that use innovation consultingfirm IDEO’s design thinking methodologyto create solutions for social impact.Screenshot and video from OpenIDEO.
  14. 14. #3 COLLABORATIVE SOCIAL INNOVATIONSpark the Rise is Mahindra Group’sonline platform for changemakers acrossIndia to connect with one another,collaborate and exchange ideas, procurevolunteers and donors, and to competefor monthly grants.Screenshot and video from Mahindra Spark the Rise.
  15. 15. #4 GRASSROOTS CHANGE MOVEMENTSInspiring people to act as change agentsin a way that their actions can beaggregated or coordinated, leading tosignificant impact and meaningfulchange.Photo from untitlism on Flickr. SlideShare report.
  16. 16. #4 GRASSROOTS CHANGE MOVEMENTSEarth Hour by WWF inspires a globalcommunity of millions of people in 7,000cities and towns across 150 countries toswitch lights off for an hour every yearas a global show of concern for theenvironment.Screenshot and video from WWF Earth Hour.
  17. 17. #4 GRASSROOTS CHANGE MOVEMENTSAlpenliebe Kindness Movement inspiresmillions of Chinese youth to share,appreciate and engage in everyday actsof kindness, and create positive power.Screenshot and video from Alpenliebe Kindness Movement.
  18. 18. #5 CO-CREATION COMMUNITIESSynthesizing community contributions tocreate new artifacts including books,movies, music, art, software, productsand solutions.Photo from ngmmemuda on Flickr. SlideShare report.
  19. 19. #5 CO-CREATION COMMUNITIESMaker Faire is a global network ofevents for makers -- tech enthusiasts,crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists,engineers, authors, artists, students, andcommercial exhibitors -- to show whatthey have made and to share what theyhave learned.Screenshot and video from MakerFaire.
  20. 20. #5 CO-CREATION COMMUNITIESVolkswagen China created the People’sCar project to crowdsource ideas for thecar of the future from Chineseconsumers, then created three conceptcars, based on these ideas.Screenshot and video from Volkswagen.
  21. 21. #6 SOCIAL CURATIONAggregating, organizing and sharingcontent created by others to addcontext, narrative and meaning to it.Photo from peterhellberg on Flickr. SlideShare report.
  22. 22. #6 SOCIAL CURATIONThe Olympics Athletes Hub curates thesocial profiles of Olympics athletes, tomake it easy for fans to discover, followand engage with them.Screenshot and video from Olympics Athletes Hub.
  23. 23. #6 SOCIAL CURATIONPepsi Pulse has transformed the Pepsihomepage into an interactive pop culturedashboard driven by social media, amashup of original articles about popculture and live performances, contentfrom Pepsi’s many celebrity endorsers,and relevant fan content, includingcontent tagged with #livefornow.Screenshot and video from Pepsi Pulse.
  24. 24. #7 TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLINGSharing interlocking parts of astoryworld on different media channelsto create an immersive experience anddrive participation, action and loyalty.Photo from xavitalleda on Flickr. SlideShare report.
  25. 25. #7 TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLINGPottermore is an immersive experiencefor fans to explore the universe of theHarry Potter books, through additionalcontent, games and quizzes.Screenshot and video from Pottermore.
  26. 26. #7 TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLINGBing’s Decode with Jay-Z campaignbrought every page of Jay-Z’s new book,Decode, into both the real world – onNew Orleans rooftops, Miami swimmingpools, Manhattan billboards – and intoan online contest built on the Bing Mapsplatform.Screenshot and video from Bing Decode JayZ.
  27. 27. #8 COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCESynthesizing search, social and sensordata streams into insights about ourbehaviors in relation to relevant others toguide smarter actions.Photo from jodiejaye on Flickr. SlideShare report.
  28. 28. #8 COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCEGoogle Flu Trends uses aggregatedGoogle search data to estimate currentflu activity around the world in near real-time.Screenshot and video from Google Flu Trends.
  29. 29. #8 COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCEAudi partnered with MIT to create aRoad Frustration Index based on trafficand weather conditions, reportedaccidents and driver sentiment fromsocial data.Screenshot and video from Audi.
  30. 30. #9 SOCIAL LIVE EXPERIENCESBlending technology, community andlocation to create immersiveexperiences that blur the boundariesbetween online and offline.Photo from pochacco20 on Flickr. SlideShare report.
  31. 31. #9 SOCIAL LIVE EXPERIENCESThe Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestracreated a unique concert with musiciansspread all over the city, and the musicbeing synced in real time online.However, many of these initiativeshaven’t fully integrated social sharingand community building into theexperience yet.Screenshot and video from Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra.
  32. 32. #9 SOCIAL LIVE EXPERIENCESAnthon Berg used iPads in store to getcustomers to commit to doing small actsof generosity for friends and familymembers on a Facebook app, in returnfor free chocolate.Screenshot and video from Anthon Berg.
  33. 33. #10 COLLABORATIVE CONSUMPTIONUsing technology and community toenable people to share, sell, rent, swap,barter and gift spaces, products,services and experiences.Photo from seyyed_mostafa_zamani on Flickr. SlideShare report.
  34. 34. #10 COLLABORATIVE CONSUMPTIONSkillShare has created a social learningplatform where people with professionalskills can offer online classes for a fees,to others around the world.Screenshot and video from SkillShare.
  35. 35. #10 COLLABORATIVE CONSUMPTIONPatagonia and eBay have partnered tocreate the Common Threads initiative toenable customers to sell their usedPatagonia clothes and gear to others oneBay.Screenshot and video from Patagonia + eBay Common Threads.
  37. 37. #1: INSPIRATION FROM EVERYONEPeople -- citizens and consumers,changemakers and entrepreneurs,artists and hackers – are creating thefuture of engagement, not organizationsand corporations.Organizations can learn best practicesfrom entrepreneurs and changemakersand adapt them in their ownengagement efforts.Photo from uggboy on Flickr.
  38. 38. #2: SHARED PURPOSE AND SELF-IMPROVEMENTThe shared purpose that fuelsengagement is either a sense ofcitizenship, or a desire for self-improvement.Corporations need to tap into both thesemotivations, design purpose-inspiredplatforms and programs, and leveragenetworked technologies to engagepeople.Photo from camdiluv on Flickr.
  39. 39. #3: BRANDS AS MEDIA PLATFORMSMedia organizations are far from dead;instead, they are almost always in theforefront of digital media innovation,often in partnership with socialnetworking platforms.Corporations must learn the skills andmindset needed to create long-termplatforms, instead of limiting themselvesto creating short-term programs that fitmore easily into the tried and testedframework of a campaign.Photo from jdhancock on Flickr.
  40. 40. #4: CORPORATIONS AS VENTURE CAPITALISTSEntrepreneurs are creating niche socialplatforms to connect people ininnovative ways and specializedsoftware solutions to help organizationsengage people with in more meaningfulways.Corporations need to behave likeventure capitalists and partner with,invest in and acquire a portfolio ofinnovative startups in order to future-proof their engagement strategy.Photo by werkunz on Flickr
  41. 41. #5: INSPIRATION FROM EVERYWHEREThe platforms and programs that point tothe future of engagement are originatingnot only in the US, but from all over theworld, including Europe, Asia and LatinAmerica.This means that US-basedorganizations must plan to not onlyreplicate their US engagement strategyin other markets, but also learn frominnovations in other markets.Photo from gsfc on Flickr.
  42. 42. LET’S STAY INTOUCH!Pascal BeuclerSVP and Chief Strategy Officer, on Twitter