People’s Insights Volume 1, Issue 48: LEGO CUUSOO


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This week, we distill insights around LEGO CUUSOO - a global crowdsourcing platform that invites adults to submit and vote for new product designs.

100+ thinkers and planners within MSLGROUP share and discuss inspiring projects on corporate citizenship, crowdsourcing, storytelling and social data on the MSLGROUP Insights Network.

Every week, we pick up one project and do a deep dive into conversations around it -- on the MSLGROUP Insights Network itself but also on the broader social web -- to distill insights and foresights. We share these insights and foresights with you on our People’s Insights blog and compile the best insights from the network and the blog in the iPad-friendly People’s Lab Quarterly Magazine, as a showcase of our capabilities.

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People’s Insights Volume 1, Issue 48: LEGO CUUSOO

  1. 1. crowdsourcing | storytelling | citizenship | social dataPeople’s Insights: Volume 1, Issue 48LEGOCUUSOO
  2. 2. What is LEGO CUUSOO?In 2011, LEGO opened up its Japanese crowdsourcing platform toglobal audiences, inviting adults to submit and vote for new productdesigns. Three co-created products have been launched to date.1) 2)
  3. 3. How does it work?Ideas that clear an initial review and receive10,000 votes are formallyevaluated by a LEGO product team for Brand Fit, Business CaseDevelopment, Model Design and Final Review.Via
  4. 4. Challenges the LEGO business processFan submitted ideas undergo the same scrutiny as internally developedideas, and have pushed LEGO to consider new partnerships to bringprojects to life and to stand by brand guidelines in rejecting projects.1) 2)
  5. 5. Speed of innovationWith LEGO fans eager to see the products they voted on in storesinstantaneously, LEGO has cut down its typical product release cyclefrom two to three years to as little as six
  6. 6. Power of crowdsNot only does the CUUSOO model help LEGO tap into the traditionalbenefits of crowdsourcing (creativity and diversity of many), it also helpsindividual ideas stand out and enter the spotlight.1), 2)
  7. 7. Staying relevant and constantly innovatingLEGO enthusiasts point out that LEGO’s agility and determination tostaying relevant to changing demographics has helped turn thecompany around and establish a strong fan
  8. 8. Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs)CUUSOO caters to the adult LEGO fan base, a sizable population ofpeople with a shared passion for and expertise in building things.Participants of CUUSOO include professional designers and engineers.1) 2) AFOL A Blockumentary via, 3)
  9. 9. Co-creating the next generation of productsThe passion people show for co-creating and shaping products aroundthem, and the technology to harness their creativity and feedback haslead to a new generation of co-created products.1) Jeremiah Owyang via (April 2009)2) Chris Anderson, via (October 2010)
  10. 10. LEGO co-creation ecosystemLEGO nurtures the spirit of creation amongst adults and children alikewith virtual tools LEGO Digital Designer and LDraw to create products,and social networks LEGO Club and ReBrick that encourage sharing.1) LEGO Digital Designer, 2) ReBrick, 3) LEGO Club
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  12. 12. Read People’s Lab insights and foresightsThe People’s Lab team shares the insights and foresights from theMSLGROUP Insights Network on the People’s Insights weekly blog andthe People’s Insights Quarterly magazine. MSLGROUP Insights People’s Insights People’s Insights Network weekly blog Quarterly magazine 50+ MSLGROUP planners We deep dive into Every quarter, we will compile share and discuss inspiring conversations around one the best insights from the projects on corporate project -- on the MSLGROUP network and the blog in the citizenship, crowdsourcing and Insights Network itself but also iPad-friendly magazine, as a storytelling. on the broader social web -- to showcase of our capabilities. distill insights and foresights.For more, visit
  13. 13. People’s Insights Annual ReportIn January 2013 we will publish the ten-part People’s Insights AnnualReport, in which we synthesize our insights from 2012 and provideforesights for business leaders and change-makers for 2013.Now & Next: Future of Part 1: Crowdfunding Part 2: Behavior Change Engagement Games(coming soon as an iPad app)Subscribe to the report at:
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