People’s Insights Volume 1, Issue 36: LoudSauce


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This week, we distill insights around LoudSauce -- a crowdfunding platform that funds advertising for social good.

50+ thinkers and planners within MSLGROUP share and discuss inspiring projects on corporate citizenship, crowdsourcing and storytelling on the MSLGROUP Insights Network.

Every week, we pick up one project and do a deep dive into conversations around it -- on the MSLGROUP Insights Network itself but also on the broader social web -- to distill insights and foresights. We share these insights and foresights with you on our People’s Insights blog and compile the best insights from the network and the blog in the iPad-friendly People’s Lab Quarterly Magazine, as a showcase of our capabilities.

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People’s Insights Volume 1, Issue 36: LoudSauce

  1. 1. crowdsourcing | storytelling | citizenshipPeople’s Insights: Volume 1, Issue 36LoudSauce
  2. 2. What is LoudSauce?LoudSauce is a crowdfunding platform that funds advertising for socialgood. People upload video, print & outdoor ads and pledge money, andLoudSauce organizes the media buy and publishes the
  3. 3. Power of crowdfunding for goodLoudSauce has enabled 2,304 pledges of $131,045 for 35 campaigns.The crowdfunded ads have reached 30 million people, and thecampaigns are further amplified by media coverage & online
  4. 4. Giving a voice to concerned citizensIndividuals and small organizations have used LoudSauce to amplifytheir voices on visible platforms, stand up for causes they believe,connect with like-minded people and drive change.1)
  5. 5. When earned media doesn’t workSeveral people have used LoudSauce in situations when a story wasnot large or exciting enough for journalists to pick up, and when earnedmedia would not be able to reach the desired number of people.Excerpt from:
  6. 6. Reaching new audiencesLoudSauce users find that the platform helps them reach out to a widerange of people, many of whom would not actively seek out the causeson social media, and persuade them to support the
  7. 7. Money where your mouth isCrowdfunding platforms are increasingly popular as people have begunto do more than talk about and like causes they are passionate about.People are using their money to shape the world they live
  8. 8. Empowering only those with money?Some bloggers pointed out that crowdfunding does not highlight thevoice of everyone, but only those with money. Others argued thatcrowdfunding is really about building & empowering communities.1)
  9. 9. Shouldn’t replace other effortsActivists warn that funding an advertisement can be good for a specificcause, but is not a solution to societal issues. People should continue tosupport organizations that work to solve these
  10. 10. Limited potential?Bloggers find LoudSauce campaigns are more suited to bringing aboutchange at a local level, and with billboard companies refusing to run themore controversial ads, some find the potential of LoudSauce is limited.1)
  11. 11. Potential role in upcoming electionsSome bloggers believe that LoudSauce can play a role in amplifying thevoice of the crowds in the upcoming presidential elections; $194 millionhas already been spent by the Super PACs this
  12. 12. Future of media & advertising?As people debate the impact LoudSauce can make on society, somehave begun to consider the possibility of more advertisements thatreflect the voice of people and not just messages of
  13. 13. More People’s Insights Weekly reportsEvery week, we dive into one topic for discussion on the MSLGROUPInsight’s Network and discuss insights and foresights, in three keyareas: crowdsourcing, storytelling and citizenship. Crowdsourcing Storytelling: Citizenship Mahindra Spark the Rise @MarsCuriosity #Kony2012For more reports, visit:
  14. 14. Read People’s Lab insights and foresightsThe People’s Lab team shares the insights and foresights from theMSLGROUP Insights Network on the People’s Insights weekly blog andthe People’s Insights Quarterly magazine. MSLGROUP Insights People’s Insights People’s Insights Network weekly blog Quarterly magazine 50+ MSLGROUP planners We deep dive into Every quarter, we will compile share and discuss inspiring conversations around one the best insights from the projects on corporate project -- on the MSLGROUP network and the blog in the citizenship, crowdsourcing and Insights Network itself but also iPad-friendly magazine, as a storytelling. on the broader social web -- to showcase of our capabilities. distill insights and foresights.For more, visit
  15. 15. Coming soon: People’s Insights AnnualReportIn early January 2013 we will publish the People’s Insights AnnualReport, in which we synthesize our insights from throughout 2012 andprovide foresights for business leaders and change-makers for 2013.
  16. 16. People’s Lab: Crowdsourcing Insights &InnovationPeople’s Lab is MSLGROUP’s proprietary crowdsourcing platform andapproach that helps organizations tap into people’s insight forinnovation, storytelling and change.For more, visit
  17. 17. For People’s Labsolutions,