People's Insights Volume 1, Issue 26 : Stay


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50+ thinkers and planners within MSLGROUP share and discuss inspiring projects on corporate citizenship, crowdsourcing and storytelling on the MSLGROUP Insights Network. Every week, we pick up one project and do a deep dive into conversations around it -- on the MSLGROUP Insights Network itself but also on the broader social web -- to distill insights and foresights. We share these insights and foresights with you on our People’s Insights blog and compile the best insights from the network and the blog in the iPad-friendly People’s Lab Quarterly Magazine, as a showcase of our capabilities. This week, our topic is Stay. For more, see:

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People's Insights Volume 1, Issue 26 : Stay

  1. 1. crowdsourcing | storytelling | citizenshipPeople’s Insights: Volume 1, Issue 26Stay
  2. 2. What is Stay? is an online trip-planning service that allows users to discoverand create customised travel guides for each destination, and accessthem from their mobile devices.Source:,
  3. 3. Stay mobileStay is available for free download on the Apple App Store, Google Playand on With its map facility, the app is useful fornavigation and to find interesting places in a new city.Source: ,
  4. 4. Navigate with offline mapsUsers can download guides and maps of 116 cities. They can discoverand add new places to their personal guides even without an internetconnection and the risk of incurring roaming charges.Source: ,
  5. 5. Discover new placesTravellers can discover new places in a city by viewing an extensive listof attractions such as museums, parks, restaurants and hotels. Theycan browse through guides created and recommended by others.Source:
  6. 6. Friends, experts aid destination explorationsStay combines advice provided by its international travelexperts, inputs from fellow travellers and friends preferenceson various destinations.Source:
  7. 7. Plan and customize tripsTravellers can identify the best hot spots based on what grabs theirattention, ratings and friends and experts suggestions. They can plana trip by building a personalised travel guide.Source: ,
  8. 8. Leveraging FacebookIntegration with Facebook allows travellers to request suggestions fromfriends, invite fellow travellers to collaborate on their guides and accessFacebook friend check-ins. Friends dont have to be Stay users.Source:
  9. 9. Other content integrationsStay is also integrated with TripAdvisor and Timeout, which provideinformation on local restaurants, hotels and entertainment venuesaround the world, and Google Places to map these venues.Source:
  10. 10. LimitationsStay only provides data on 116 cities. Travellers dont usually have aproblem finding their way in metros, which makes the exclusion ofinformation on small towns and the countryside a hindrance.Source:
  11. 11. Easier, cheaper and funWith Stay, a trip can be planned in a matter of hours. Discovering newplaces, sharing stories, navigating cities makes trip-planning fun. It isalso a cheaper alternative to travel agents and guides.Source:
  12. 12. Makes conventional travel guides obsoleteThe app offers solutions to all the problems faced with printed guidesand travel agents. This, along with the incorporation of a truly socialexperience, both online and offline, makes the app a must-have.Source:
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  14. 14. Read People’s Lab insights and foresightsThe People’s Lab team shares the insights and foresights from theMSLGROUP Insights Network on the People’s Insights weekly blog andthe People’s Insights Quarterly magazine. MSLGROUP Insights People’s Insights People’s Insights Network weekly blog Quarterly magazine 50+ MSLGROUP planners We deep dive into Every quarter, we will compile share and discuss inspiring conversations around one the best insights from the projects on corporate project -- on the MSLGROUP network and the blog in the citizenship, crowdsourcing and Insights Network itself but also iPad-friendly magazine, as a storytelling. on the broader social web -- to showcase of our capabilities. distill insights and foresights.For more, visit
  15. 15. Coming soon: People’s Insights AnnualReportIn early January 2013 we will publish the People’s Insights AnnualReport, in which we synthesize our insights from throughout 2012 andprovide foresights for business leaders and change-makers for 2013.
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