People’s Insights Volume 1, Issue 13 : Path


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50+ thinkers and planners within MSLGROUP share and discuss inspiring projects on corporate citizenship, crowdsourcing and storytelling on the MSLGROUP Insights Network. Every week, we pick up one project and do a deep dive into conversations around it -- on the MSLGROUP Insights Network itself but also on the broader social web -- to distill insights and foresights. We share these insights and foresights with you on our People’s Insights blog and compile the best insights from the network and the blog in the iPad-friendly People’s Lab Quarterly Magazine, as a showcase of our capabilities. This week, our topic is Path. For more, see:

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People’s Insights Volume 1, Issue 13 : Path

  1. 1. crowdsourcing | storytelling | citizenshipPeople’s Insights: Volume 1, Issue 13Path
  2. 2. Path Path is a social networking app for mobile devices, downloaded from App Store and Google Play. It is a smart journal on which people share their lives on the go with the 150 people closest to them.Source: ,
  3. 3. Capturing experiencesPath started off as a mere private photo-sharing service, butexpanded to include places, thoughts, music, sleep, etc, giving peoplea place to share their experiences.Source: ,
  4. 4. Limiting friends to 150The developers felt social networkers crave intimate interactions withsmall circles; most people stay in touch with only 20 to 30 people at atime. Its akin to a private social network with people who matter.Source: ,
  5. 5. Connections are mutualUnlike Twitter, where users can follow anybody, Path is more likeFacebook, allowing users to share stories with friends. Users canadd friends directly from their phone address books.Source:
  6. 6. Like Instagram & Facebook with fewer friendsWith Paths initial focus on photo-sharing, it was compared to Instagramand PicPlz. As Path allowed users to share everything, it was comparedto Facebook – more so with the latters shift to Timeline and mobile.Source: ,
  7. 7. Companion, not rival to social networks Path is positioned as a companion to social networks. Users can post photos and videos to their Facebook walls and add friends from there. Updates can also be shared on Foursquare and Twitter.Source: ,
  8. 8. Anti social-network While social networks constantly push users to expand their circles and go more social, Path encourages users to form quality circles to share stuff for a more personal and less social experience.Source: ,
  9. 9. The personal journalExperts said that while Path was like Facebook, its design was moreadvanced and it afforded more intimacy and privacy. The strategyworked – it was downloaded more than 1.5 million times in a year.Source: ,!/ailon
  10. 10. Rocked by privacy controversyDownloads dropped when a developer from Singapore found that Pathwas accessing information on users phones. The CEOs apologyreiterated Paths views on privacy. This received a mixed response.Source: ,
  11. 11. ChallengesCritics lashed out at Paths short-term thinking. Some of the challengescited were saturation of the social space, the trend of sharing more andnot less, and being typified as another Facebook with a small user base.Source: ,
  12. 12. Revenue streamCreating a scalable revenue stream was a challenge. Path introducedLenses for 99 cents and partnered with Nike to build Nike+ GPS forrevenue. Potentially, the social inner circle could be worth a lot.Source: ,
  13. 13. Mobile: A clear vision for the future Recognising that mobile devices are the future, Path encouraged frictionless sharing via mobile. Facebook did the same with Timeline. All social apps are going mobile, making networking more convenient.Source: ,
  14. 14. More People’s Insights Weekly reportsEvery week, we dive into one topic for discussion on the MSLGROUPInsight’s Network and discuss insights and foresights, in three keyareas: crowdsourcing, storytelling and citizenship. Crowdsourcing Storytelling: Citizenship Mahindra Spark the Rise @MarsCuriosity #Kony2012For more reports, visit:
  15. 15. Read People’s Lab insights and foresightsThe People’s Lab team shares the insights and foresights from theMSLGROUP Insights Network on the People’s Insights weekly blog andthe People’s Insights Quarterly magazine. MSLGROUP Insights People’s Insights People’s Insights Network weekly blog Quarterly magazine 50+ MSLGROUP planners We deep dive into Every quarter, we will compile share and discuss inspiring conversations around one the best insights from the projects on corporate project -- on the MSLGROUP network and the blog in the citizenship, crowdsourcing and Insights Network itself but also iPad-friendly magazine, as a storytelling. on the broader social web -- to showcase of our capabilities. distill insights and foresights.For more, visit
  16. 16. Coming soon: People’s Insights AnnualReportIn early January 2013 we will publish the People’s Insights AnnualReport, in which we synthesize our insights from throughout 2012 andprovide foresights for business leaders and change-makers for 2013.
  17. 17. People’s Lab: Crowdsourcing Insights &InnovationPeople’s Lab is MSLGROUP’s proprietary crowdsourcing platform andapproach that helps organizations tap into people’s insight forinnovation, storytelling and change.For more, visit
  18. 18. For People’s Labsolutions,