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Thought for Food Challenge: People's Insights Vol. 2 Issue 1


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This week, we distill insights around the Thought for Food Challenge - a global student innovation challenge, sponsored by Sygenta, to inspire a new generation of thinkers and innovators around food security

100+ thinkers and planners within MSLGROUP share and discuss inspiring projects on social data, crowdsourcing, storytelling and citizenship on the MSLGROUP Insights Network.

Every week, we pick up one project and do a deep dive into conversations around it -- on the MSLGROUP Insights Network itself but also on the broader social web -- to distill insights and foresights. We share these insights and foresights with you on our People’s Insights blog and compile the best insights from the network and the blog in the iPad-friendly People’s Lab Quarterly Magazine, as a showcase of our capabilities.

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Thought for Food Challenge: People's Insights Vol. 2 Issue 1

  1. 1. crowdsourcing | storytelling | citizenship | social dataPeople’s Insights Volume 2, Issue 1Thought forFood Challenge
  2. 2. People’s Insights100+ thinkers and planners within MSL- In 2013, we continue to track inspiringGROUP share and discuss inspiring proj- projects at the intersection of social data,ects on social data, crowdsourcing, story- crowdsourcing and storytelling, with a fo-telling and citizenship on the MSLGROUP cus on projects that are shaping the FutureInsights Network. Every week, we pick up of project and curate the conversations Do subscribe to receive our weekly insightsaround it — on the MSLGROUP Insights reports, quarterly magazines, and annualNetwork itself but also on the broader reports, and do share your tips and com-social web — into a weekly insights report. ments with us at @PeoplesLab on Twitter.Every quarter, we compile these insights,along with original research and insightsfrom the MSLGROUP global network, intothe People’s Insights Quarterly Magazine.We have synthesized the insights from ouryear-long endeavor throughout 2012 toprovide foresights for business leaders andchangemakers — in the ten-part People’sInsights Annual Report titled Now & Next:Ten Frontiers for the Future of Engage-ment. People’s Insights People’s Insights People’s Insights weekly report quarterly magazines Annual Report Volume 2, Issue 1, Future of Thought For January - March, 2013 Citizenship Food Challenge
  3. 3. What is the Thought for FoodChallenge?The Thought for Food Challenge is a global stu-dent innovation challenge, established in 2011, toinspire a new generation of thinkers and innova-tors around food security. The program challeng-es students to answer the question – how will wefeed 9 billion people by 2050.TFF is sponsored by global agri-business Sygen- Source: Initiate. Energize. Solve. Thought for Food Challenge 2012ta to engage global youth and build a communityof changemakers.How does it work?In its first year, TFF invited student teams from dents in these missions, in the form of education-ten leading European universities to participate al reading material and tips and tricks on usingin the challenge. Now, in its third year, TFF invites social students from across the globe toparticipate. After two months, and a round of public voting, five finalist teams will be selected based onIn round 1, students are given four missions: the project’s potential to create awareness andresearch and understand food issues, brainstorm incite social change, and the business plan mustsolutions, create and publish a project proposal demonstrate a long term plan and out-of-the-boxand conquer social media. As in previous thinking.seasons, TFF offers resources to support stu-Source: finalists will then enter round 2, a four month phase where they work with $1,000 seed money andprofessional mentorship to refine their idea. The five teams are then invited to the TFF Global Summitin Berlin to present their proposals and compete for $5,000 and $10,000 startup investments. 3
  4. 4. Reaching out to collegesOrganizers contacted leading colleges with • A poster you can print and post around campusinvitations to participate in the challenge and • An info doc introducing the Thought for Foodoffered promotion support to help excite challengestudents and professors: • Testimonials from previous participants“To get started, please click “Join the Challenge” formore information. We’ll simply ask you to encour- Feel free to pass on to student groups or professorsage your students to form teams of five and sign that may be interested in helping pull togetherup by April 9th at We’ll teams.”even provide you with everything you’ll need to getstarted, including: Colleges participate to enhance their reputation and offer unique learning opportunities to their• A sample email you can send through your com- students. munication networksSource: borlaug.tamu.eduIn our Now & Next: Future of Engagement report on Collaborative Social Innovation, we highlightparticipation of education institutions in collaborative social innovation initiatives as a growing trend in2013-2015. Volume 2, Issue 1, Future of Thought For January - March, 2013 Citizenship Food Challenge
  5. 5. Engaging the Next GenWith TFF, Sygenta joins companies like Dell, HP, “I like it because it focuses its attention on theSiemens and Samsung, in reaching out to school future generation (us) and because it demonstratesand university students to energize them around how easy social media and the Internet allow forreal issues and subjects declining in popularity, easy get-together’s of like-minded people that canlike STEM education and agriculture. help share ideas.”Christine Gould, Senior Manager of Global Public In the first two editions, TFF winners were flownPolicy and Head of Next Generation Engagement to the One Young World conference to pres-at Sygenta noted: ent their ideas to other student changemakers. Here’s a video of the TFF winners sharing their“Young people are increasingly becoming discon- learnings and ideas at the conference:nected from agriculture and don’t understand thecomplex challenges and opportunities facing us.As we focus on the long-term vision to improveagriculture, the environment and communitiesaround the world, we are taking this opportunityto engage some of the brightest minds of the nextgeneration.”Through design, structure and gratification, TFFaspires to bring in a cool factor and create ex-citement. The program is also designed to makestudents talk about their project, publish their Source: TFF Challenge winners take to the One Young World Stageideas on websites (like Team Demeter) and You-Tube (like University of Reading’s Mission 3), and And here’s a video of how TFF engaged othergather votes, thus spreading the cause to their young delegates at the One Young World confer-networks as well. ence: Source: Thought For Food 2012 @ One Young WorldSource: Quality of ResponsesStudents participate for the forum to share their Organizations usually opt for collaborative socialideas and the opportunity to do meaningful work. innovation challenges to reach out to new andAs Beau Barnette, member of one of 2012’s win- numerous thinkers. Dwayne Spradlin, CEO ofning teams, said: open innovation platform Innocentive, highlights“I love to seek real life solutions to supposedly out this point in his recent Tedx Talk:of reach problems. Researching to develop ideas “What we have created are systems where weand confronting the individual aspects of the situa- build large facilities and large buildings full oftion is a thrill. As a landscape architecture student, the researchers that we think can solve the mostit is of course exciting to pursue design problems important problems. We hire the best in the worldand solutions outside of the classroom setting.” to work on those problems, but we all know theTFF also piqued the interest of other students fundamental limitation of that kind of system. Welike Pascal Muller, who commented: couldn’t hire all the smartest people in a given field if we wanted to, we can’t. 5
  6. 6. In addition, organizations are looking for fresh “The best sources for the great ideas we’ll need toways of looking at the same problems or, as TFF keep moving forward are the people we surroundputs it, ideas that “Disrupt the Status Quo.” ourselves with everyday… friends, children, parents, and grandparents who motivate and inspire curi-Students who participated in the challenge have ous minds and creative spirits to achieve a greaterdiverse educational backgrounds (in business, good.”psychology, architecture, technology and agricul-ture) and also diverse personal experiences (liketeaching part time at a local school) and beliefs(like freeganism). As a result, their responsesvaried from slam poetry sessions, flash mobsand research experiments to generate awarenessat the grassroots level; to plans that proposedinsects as alternative food choices, and eco parksand behavior change games to educate peopleabout the food generation process. Source: University of Reading: Food for Thought challenge Source: of the TFF challengemodel Changemaker platformsIn 2011, TFF was positioned as an idea generation While some brands use collaborative social inno-and awareness platform. Recent changes to the vation initiatives as a way to give back to society2013 program structure indicate a move towards (Samsung Solve for Tomorrow) and recruit talentbuilding a community and support platform for (Siemens Green Dream contest), we are seeingyouth changemakers. more brands, like Sygenta, create long lasting platforms to connect and support changemakersIn year 3, TFF invites sustainable business pro- (Dell Social Innovation Challenge).posals that last beyond the six months of thechallenge, and encourages students to create Branded changemaker platforms have hadtheir own start ups with investment grants rang- significant traction, with platforms like Dell Socialing from $1,000 to $10,000. Also new in 2013 Innovation Challenge and Mahindra Spark theis the introduction of a Thought for Food Global Rise crossing 250,000 members each.Summit in Berlin to connect student innovatorswith other changemakers around the world.TFF’s community-model of inspiring innovationis showing early signs of success, with formerparticipants sharing their current entrepreneurialplans and commitment to their winning ideas onthe TFF Facebook page.Indeed, as Jill Beraud, former CMO, PepsiCoAmericas Beverages once said: Source: Volume 2, Issue 1, Future of Thought For January - March, 2013 Citizenship Food Challenge
  7. 7. Source: sparktherise.comMichael Dell, CEO and Chairman of Dell, sumsup the opportunity this positive multi-stakeholderapproach opens up for all:“The new engine of innovation driven by collabora-tion, openness, stewardship and the power of thesocial web gives all of us an opportunity to driveeven more rapid, meaningful change across globalinstitutions.” 7
  8. 8. People’s Lab:Crowdsourcing Innovation & InsightsPeople’s Lab is MSLGROUP’s proprietary comment on other people’s content andcrowdsourcing platform and approach that collaborate to find innovative solutions.helps organizations tap into people’s insights forinnovation, storytelling and change. The People’s Lab crowdsourcing platform and approach forms the core of our distinctiveThe People’s Lab crowdsourcing platform insights and foresight approach, which consistshelps organizations build and nurture public of four elements: organic conversation analysis,or private, web or mobile, hosted or white MSLGROUP’s own insight communities, client-label communities around four pre-configured specific insights communities, and ethnographicapplication areas: Expertise Request Network, deep dives into these communities. The People’sInnovation Challenge Network, Research & Insights Quarterly Magazines showcase ourInsights Network and Contest & Activation capability in crowdsourcing and analyzingNetwork. Our community and gaming features insights from conversations and communities.encourage people to share rich content, vote/ Learn more about us at: | Volume 2, Issue 1, Future of Thought For January - March, 2013 Citizenship Food Challenge
  9. 9. For People’s Lab solutions,