MSLGROUP Newsroom: An Overview


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It's the conversation age and organisations need to focus on their fundamental communication objectives more than ever.

Content plays a central role in corporate & institutional communication strategies but organisations have not yet adapted to new needs. Newsrooms can help organisations produce the right content, for the right audience, at the right time and place.

Learn more about our newsroom and how it can help you with:
- Mastering your Content Streams
- Getting Organized (for & by) Content
- Piloting the Content &
- Producing the Content

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MSLGROUP Newsroom: An Overview

  1. 1. The Be aware. Be active. NEWSROOM
  2. 2. Mastering streams content
  3. 3. Back to basics ! In a global and multi-faceted ecosystem, companies and institutions must focus on their fundamental communication objectives more than ever: Create brand preference Build and sustain reputation Generate visibility and results But this ecosystem also multiplies communication possibilities for corporations by creating new content distribution channels.
  4. 4. Creating content ... Today, content plays a central role in corporate and ins- titutional communication strategies. Content streams, either internal or external, are exploding: From the employee to the consumer, from the citizen to the user, everyone “broadcasts”! Mastering these streams has become a necessity but above all this creates an opportunity to stand out, to strengthen positioning and to differentiate a brand.
  5. 5. … but not haphazardly Content does not cohere with strategy, is misused in the ecosystem and published counter productively, Opportunities to be heard are missed… Increased number of experts and interlocutors, Uncontrolled production costs… Corporations and institutions now use content to tell authentic stories across their communication channels. They have become their own media. But programMing is weak: And organisationS HAVE not adapted to new needs:
  6. 6. The challenge is to Producethe rightcontent, For the right target, at the right time and in the right place! but above all
  7. 7. Getting organized forandby content
  8. 8. Adopt a content centric strategy Produce quality content, that is original and engaging, Create content in terms of pooling and enhancement within the ecosystem, Induce production cost efficiency, Measure content performance : audience, engagement, leads ...
  9. 9. Respect the fundamentals Follow a publisher’s model: be capable of producing real-time content and/or in-depth content. Coordinate actions within a coherent content strategy to reach and engage with small and large communities. Join a global conversation to nourish the company or institution’s reputation.
  10. 10. Tosee,hear,write,react,analyse like a media: THE NEWSROOM
  11. 11. What is The Newsroom? Publicis Consultant’s Newsroom is: 1 An editorial team, organised around content production and its publishing rhythm. A unique programming tool that provides content performance analytics THe lab THe desk THe factory first detects weak signals and provides insights, reacts and produces content in real-time, builds long-term reputation and produces programmed content. 3 coordinated areas of expertise: Pilot
  12. 12. Newsroom Organisation Corporate communications department Newsroom Publicis Consultants FACTORYCONTENT MANAGEMENT LABCONTENT SURVEY INSIGHT DETECTION chief content officer chief content editor DESKCONTENT ENGAGEMENT CONTENT PRODUCTION INTELLIGENCE Content production and publication unified content planification (pilot)
  13. 13. The Lab, to anticipate Who makes up The Lab? With which tool? • Analysts • A creative technologist Builtonwebsemanticsanalysis, Trendsboard helps select and analyse conversations that will drive buzz on the web. The Lab absorbs the brand, its objectives and studies its audience to better understand its centres of interest and its expectations. Within an effervescent media arena, The Lab identifies weak signals and detects emerging topics. A system of alerts established by The Lab keeps editorialconsultantsandcommunitymanagers informed of upcoming topics. The Lab identifies new trends in technology, formats and distribution methods. It analyses them and makes recommendations according to each client’s needs.
  14. 14. The Desk, to react Who makes up the Desk? With which tools? • Editorial consultants • Specialists in design, creation and production • Experts in content amplification Pilot®: a content piloting tool used by Publicis Consultants that is unique in Europe. TheLabwire:areal-timenewswire with the capacity to create alerts, flag emergencies and place weak signals in context. TheDeskdesignsandproducescontentlinked to events. The success of this content relies on the analysis of the consumers' context and on the pertinence of the chosen formats. It transforms rising topics into opportunities to engage with the audience and produces content in “real-time”. It works hand in hand with client Community managers and with experts in content ampli- fication. It relies on specialized and highly reactive production teams.
  15. 15. The Factory, to build a reputation Who makes up the Factory? With which tools? • Editorial consultants • Experts in content amplification • Design, creation and production specialists Pilot®: a content piloting tool used by Publicis Consultants that is unique in Europe. Outbrain:apartnershipmediatool that recommends brand content to editorial teams in large media agencies. The factory detects future events and calendar items that they will highlight and transform into article items that they will highlight and transform into article topics and rich media. Once the subjects are determined, it choses the angles and appropriate formats to create content that will impress targeted audiences over a number of weeks. The programmed content unfolds one great story in time, in substance and in tone. TheFactoryoverseesproduction,ensuresthe quality of content delivered and implements the editorial partnership strategy.
  16. 16. A united editorial team ECOSYSTEM ANALYSTS They translate data and user behaviour into information that will strengthen editorial strategy. They transform weak signals on the social web for pertinent stories. CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIST Involved in creating narrative concepts, they suggest new technologies. Editors use these ideas for new story-telling features. Multimedia copywriters Magiciansofwordsandimages,theyusetheirtalent to venture off beaten tracks to find an idea that will make the difference – and create a conversation. They are creative, talented and juggle Print with Digital. EDITORIAL CONSULTANTS Specialists in storytelling and content, they guarantee the narrative strategy based on their thorough understanding of their client’s needs and expectations. CONTENT AMPLIFICATION EXPERTS They organise the roll-out of media campaigns on social networks. Experts in micro-segmentation and optimisation techniques, they work to make each content effectively visible.
  17. 17. Piloting the content
  18. 18. Pilot, a tool for who? Pilot is an online tool developed communications professionals. It provides a panoptic view in real time of a company’s communication output on its various channels. The software also allows information emitters and those responsible for distribution channels to structure content flow and to make daily operations more fluid.
  19. 19. Pilot, a tool for what? Pilot is a centralised editorial calendar that coordinates the targets, content and distribution channels, from digital to print: To inform each actor of what needs to be done. To edit content in collaboration, To follow the validation process, To organise the content pool, To optimise production investments.
  20. 20. Pilot’s functions imagine Integrate the annual communication plan/“evergreen” topics. Share with teams. Bring the best ideas forward. Imagine content to produce.
  21. 21. program Establish the editorial agenda for content on all channels. Create and share editorial calendars with colleagues. Allocate tasks. Pilot’s functions
  22. 22. publish Manage content production for internal and external teams. Access a reference library of content published by the company. Be alerted in an emergency. Pilot’s functions
  23. 23. measure Aggregate audience and engagement data. Measure content performance by channel. Optimise content in consequence. Pilot’s functions
  24. 24. Producing THE contenT
  25. 25. Distil “intelligent” content The Newsroom pilots intelligent content production and follows 4 requirements: Respond to needs defined by clients’ communication strategies. Entertain, inform, bring added value. Design and optimise production to suit every distribution channel. Ensure that content is globally coherent.
  26. 26. Selecting the best talent The Newsroom works with a network of content specialists specialists that are multichannel, creative and engaging: The Newsroom also selects the appropriate content providers and editors with the highest editorial standards. Journalists, editors, creative writers, scriptwriters, Art directors, illustrators, graphic designers, 3D animation specialists, motion designers, Photographers, film directors, film producers, Community managers, programmers, SEO and accessibility specialists …
  27. 27. The Newsroom services
  28. 28. Bespoke Newsroom services STRATEGY Editorial audit Brand history Content strategy (placement, target, editorial line) Engagement and management Storytelling
  29. 29. DESIGN Editorial calendars Editing for Social media Subscription to The Lab newsfeed Content trend spotting Measuring and analysis Bespoke Newsroom services
  30. 30. production Original and adapted content Real-time / programmed All formats All media Paid and content amplification Bespoke Newsroom services
  31. 31. contacts newsroom Matthieu Weider Content Director +33 1 44 82 47 42 +33 6 47 57 24 35 Marie-Sophie Joubert Senior Consultant +33 1 44 82 45 68 +33 6 30 84 54 03 PUBLICIS-CONSULTANTS.FR 5 rue Feydeau 75002 Paris +33 1 44 82 45 00