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Infographic: Latino Food Purchases Driven By Emotional Values


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Seeing meal time as a social conduit - we analyse this and more trends in our study 'Multi-cultural Latino Consumer' in collaboration with The Hartman Group.

Infographic: Latino Food Purchases Driven By Emotional Values

  1. 1. lAtIno fOod pUrcHasEs dRivEn by eMotIoNal vAluES A new study called the Multi-cultural Latino Consumer by MSLGROUP and The Hartman Group finds though Latino segments are hardly all the same, they do generally embrace significant commonalities when it comes to food, especially seeing mealtime as a social conduit lEsS lIkEly tO eAt alOnE 38% Vs. 47% of Non-Latinos fOllOW mE Restaurant Latinos identify food as an important element of daily life, leveraging meals as a central enabler of together-time. FreshPRODUCE LocalPRODUCTS MealsFROM COUNTRY OF ORIGIN cHoOse fResH OveR pAckAgEd FoOds 82% 2012 2013 bUY 51%MorE LocAl foOdS tHan lAst yEar eAt meAlS iNfLueNcEd BY Latin CouNtRy Of orIgiN 63% i eAtiNg toGeTheR 32% dInIng ouT is a way that Latino’s enjoy other ethnic cuisines gLoBalIzAtiON Experimenting with global flavors ASIAN THAI JAPANESE INDIAN 45% eNjoY aSiAn FoOd WhEn DiNinG Out 22% sAy thEy prEpAre iT aT HomE Latinos desire to create an appetizing social experience around each meal gO oRgAniC cOnSumE OrgAnIc FoOds63% hot Sauce For more information about the study and MSLGROUP's Multicultural Specialty, contact: Vickie Allande-Fite at 310.461.0383 More likely to dine out Cooking is an act of love I value sitting around the table together (compared to 22% of Non-Latinos)