Infographic: Content Marketing in the UK: Survey Results


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Our research on 'Content Marketing in the UK' with the help of Tapestry Research, conducted in April 2014 compiles results from nine key questions we asked 100 top tier communication professionals about their organisation's content development & management approach.

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Infographic: Content Marketing in the UK: Survey Results

  1. 1. MSLGROUPpresents... Content Marketing in the UK: Trends and Insights So in summary… Increased commitment to content 29%65% 44%have more interest from senior managers in the company’s digital content strategy as compared to a year ago said they have more budget than last year for digital content expect to increase the % of the marcomms budget they invest in creating and distributing digital content vs 2013 ££ £ Companies are investing in organising for content have more expertise internally in creating and distributing digital content compared to a year ago have more internal staff dedicated to creating and distributing digital content for the company 51% 38% Bullish about content The content rush shows no sign of abating 94% 71% 91% 88%consider content an effective way to engage the audience see content as a new way to reach their target audience of companies produced more content than last year of companies plan to produce even more next year Budgets are being used to create but not amplify or measure not all organised organised for content yet Prerequisites not always in place only 25% have done a content audit only 19% have a big enough team dedicated to creating & distributing digital content only 28% have the right skill set internally to create and distribute digital content only 25% have the right skill set internally to measure the impact of digital content 25% 28% 19% 25% But... Organisational issues at play 21% 20%17%only 21% have the right organisation or structure internally to ensure they utilise all of the great content that resides in the company only 17% say content is easily retrievable in their organisations only 20% have a content repository 44% 19%29%Only 44% have more budget for creating digital content But only 29% have no budget for paid media And only 19% have more budget for measuring the impact of their digital content ££ £ £ “Content probably exists within various business units which would make good corporate content, but we have no way of knowing that it exists” “Everything published has to come to corp comms for sign off first so we see everything being produced” “We have teams within marketing - comms, digital and social - that all work closely together to ensure that content is used across all channels” Siloed Centralised Integrated Over the next 12 months we expect to see a growing divide between companies that organise for content and those that do not. Those that can measure success, refine and invest cannily in the amplification and promotion of their content will reap the rewards in terms of influence and reputation enhancement. For further details of MSLGROUP and how we can support you in your content challenges please email Investmentsandcommitmenttopublishingmore contenthasmovedfrombuzzwordtocorporate strategy.However,mostcompaniesarestillfacing growingpainsalongtheway: -Organisationalissuesareatplay -Newsetofskillsandresourcesneeded -Loomingthreatofreachandattentiondecline @MSLGROUPLONDON UK.MSLGROUP.COM