Dino Digital or Social Savvy Infographic


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Let's compare the behaviour of corporates on social media with celebrities - just for kicks. Which one do you recognise as your company?

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Dino Digital or Social Savvy Infographic

  1. 1. Dino Digital orSocial Savvy?Where’s your companyon the evolutionary scale?Large organisations are evolving into digital workplaces– social, conversational and collaborative.Although some companies are savvy about ‘enterprisesocial’, others are stuck in the swamp.At SAS, employee engagement specialists within theMSLGROUP, we thought we’d look at this issue fromanother angle – comparing corporate social behaviourwith those of high profile celebrities…52%In IBM’s 2012 Global CEO Study, 52% of leaderssaid that internal collaboration was a significantchallenge to address.Which one do you recogniseas your company?• One way conversation• Arrogant• No feedbackIs this your corporate style?• ‘Old school’ broadcast model• Closed, ‘not listening’• Driven by CEO and leadership• Socially über confident• Oversharing, egotistic• Prone to social meltdownLook familiar?• Fans and followers only• ‘Push and Publish’ tweets and blogs• Noisy internal channels• Seamless mix of personal professional• Highly visual• Conversational and openIs this your CEO?• Conversational• Mobile and gadget-savvy• Driven by communities• Open to ideas and feedback2. ProblemTeenagerse.g. Justin Bieber3. GroovyGrownupse.g. Barack Obama1. Digital dinosaurse.g. Donald TrumpDonald J. Trump @realDonaldTrumpEveryone knows I am right that Robert Pattinsonshould dump Kristen Stewart. In a couple of yearshe will thank me. Be smart, Robert.Justin Bieber @justinbieberSo remember, this is Bieber’s world. you’re justliving in it. Bieber or Die.Barack Obama @BarackObamaShare how your family came here, and why we needimmigration reform now. #AmericanStory