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Dear Mr. Kilmer


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Summary of Chapter 2

Published in: Education
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Dear Mr. Kilmer

  1. 1. DEAR MR. KILMER BY: ANNE SCHRAFF SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 2 1. In April 1917, Americadeclareswaron Germany.Americanswill jointhe fightingin France. 2. It isspring. Richard isinthe tenth-grade. One day,Richard’steacherMrs.Hansen readsa poem “Trees”by Joyce Kilmer,tothe class. Mr. Kilmerisafamouspoetwhoworksfor “The NewYork Times”. 3. AbnerLewisgrumblesthatthe poemandthe poetare sissy. Mrs. HansenexplainsthatMr. KilmerhasvolunteeredtofightforAmericaalthoughhe isapoet. She thengivesexamplesof poetswhodiedfightingfortheircountryandpoetswhoare biggertrouble makersthanAbner to shuthimup. 4. Mr. KilmerisRichard’snewherobecause he isapoetwhofeelsaboutnature like himandhe is brave to fightoverseasforAmerica. 5. RichardborrowsMr. Kilmer’sbook“TreesandOtherPoems”fromMrs. Hansen. He alsowrites downthe addressof the office of the editorfor“The New York Times”inhisnotebook. 6. Afterschool,HannahSchermerscriesinthe hallwaybecause someone hasscrawled“Dirty Hun”, all overherbookcover. Richardtellssome of hisschoolmateslikeAbner,harrycarver and BlancherFreeboldaboutit,buttheyare meanto herand herparents. Theysay that the Schermersare Huns andtheyare unpatrioticbecause theyspeakGermanandserve Hunfoodat theirtavernwhile awar isgoingon againstGermany. 7. Richardreads Mr. Kilmer’spoetrybookinhisroomandwritesa lettertohimabout hisfearsand problems. He tellsMr.Kilmerthat he is alone andaskshimif he shouldkeephidinghispoems or tell everyoneaboutthem.