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Ppt banking final

  1. 1. • Metrobank was incorporated in Binondo, Manila by a group of Filipino businessmen principally to provide financial services to the Filipino-Chinese community.• It opened its first local branch in 1963, then expanded beyond Philippine shores only a few years after its establishment.• Metrobank rolled out its first international branch in Taipei in 1970 and a representative office in Hong Kong in 1973.
  2. 2. • In 1975, Metrobank became the first of the private banks to move into American territory when it opened its office in Guam. It later established branches in the United States mainland cities of Los Angeles and New York.• It established Metrobank Foundation, Inc. in 1979, putting emphasis on both business success and community contribution. The Foundation has since become one of the largest and most respected charitable organizations in Asia.
  3. 3. • In 1981, Metrobank was listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange and acquired its universal banking license, gaining significant equity ownerships in local and international subsidiaries.• It established its own credit card company, Unibancard Corporation (now Metrobank Card Corporation) in 1986.• In 1988, Metrobank entered into a joint venture with Japan’s largest automotive manufacturer and Mitsui Corporation to establish Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation.
  4. 4. • A decade later, it partnered with another global giant, the AXA Group, to give birth to Philippine AXA Life Insurance Corporation.• In 1990, Metrobank launched the country’s first and only talking ATM, Metrobank E.T.• In 1995, Metrobank became the first billion dollar bank with total capital of Php22.8 billion, the largest in the industry. It is the first local bank to raise supplementary capital overseas with a total of US$325 million in Lower Tier 2 Capital and Hybrid Tier 1 Capital in the years 2003 to 2006.
  5. 5. • Metrobank has also been steadily expanding internationally.• In the late 1990s, Metrobank opened branches and offices in London, Taichung, Tokyo, and Seoul.• Metrobank was the first to be granted a banking license by the Japanese Ministry of Finance. It was also the first Philippine bank in Korea.• In 2001, Metrobank became the first Philippine bank in China when it opened its branch in Shanghai.
  6. 6. • In 2010, Metrobank inaugurated its wholly-owned subsidiary, Metropolitan Bank (China) Limited, the first foreign bank headquarters to be established in Nanjing. The new bank serves as the base for Metrobank’s operations in China, with three branches located in Nanjing and Shanghai.
  7. 7. • Allied Bank was incorporated on April 1, 1977 and granted by the Central Bank of the Philippines the Certificate of Authority to operate as a commercial bank on May 20, 1977.• It began its operations on June 2, 1977 with around 26 branches.• On August 19, 1977, it was authorized to operate an expanded foreign currency deposit unit (FCDU), and in December 1981, it officially became an expanded commercial bank or universal bank.
  8. 8. • Today, Allied Bank operates a total of 283 domestic branches/offices, including its subsidiaries Allied Savings Bank (20 branches), Allied Leasing and Finance Corporation, and the PNB Life Insurance, Inc.-formerly New York Life Insurance Philippines, Inc (NYLIP)-which was acquired by the Bank in 2007.• Aside from its local branch network, Allied Bank also operates 2 offshore branches in Bahrain and in Guam; a wholly-owned
  9. 9. subsidiary in the United Kingdom (AlliedBank Philippines (UK) Plc) and a majority-owned subsidiary in Hong Kong (AlliedBanking Corporation (Hong Kong), Ltd.); amajority-owned commercial banksubsidiary in Xiamen, China (AlliedCommercial Bank); and an affiliatecommercial bank based in California, U.S.A.(Oceanic Bank), with offshore branches inSan Francisco (Union Square Branch) and inGuam (Guam Branch).
  10. 10. • Representative offices were also established in Germany, Singapore and Australia, and consultancies/remittance desks in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. As of June 30, 2009, Allied Bank was ranked 8th largest private domestic bank in the country in terms of total deposits, total assets and net worth.
  11. 11. • We envision: A professionally run, responsive, proactive, and creative organization through which the Metrobank Group of Companies is able to express its commitment to lead the private sector in fostering holistic human development in both the national and international arena, thereby effecting an empowered society whose members are able to realize their human potential.
  12. 12. • To realize its vision, the Foundation shall: Propagate a culture of excellence with a human face by actively implementing, assisting, and supporting programs which strengthen and advance the strategic sectors of society as well as respond to the needs of the disadvantaged.
  13. 13. •To continually create value to be the preferential-universal Bank.
  14. 14. • To be among the pillars of the banking industry, a strong and resilient institution committed to lasting partnerships with and superior service to our clients; the well-being of our employees; fair return on equity for our shareholders; and national growth and development as financial catalyst.
  15. 15. • Dr. George S. K. Ty• Dr. Placido L. Mapa, Jr.• Mr. Arthur V. Ty• Mr. Aniceto M. Sobrepeña• Mrs. Elvira Ong Chan• Mrs. Marixi R. Prieto• Mrs. Milagros Drilon• Mr. Alfred V. Ty
  16. 16. Lucio Tan Bonifacio N. Yao Domingo Chua Chairman Manuel Gonzales Willy Co Alfredo Jimenez Lucio Tan, Jr.Vice-Chairman Michael Tan Mariano Wilfredo Teodoro Tanenglian Rufina T. Yu Directors Treasurer
  17. 17. LOANS • Housing Loans • Car Loans• Corporate Loans
  19. 19. FINANCIAL STATEMENTSTATEMENT OF INCOME Years Ended December 31 2010 2009INTEREST INCOMELoans and Receivables 4,518,081,459 3,884,251,224Trading and Investment Securities 1,070,060,651 1,029,902,918Due from Other Banks and Interbank Loans and Securities purchased under resale agreements 297,460,829 285,297,682 5,885,602,939 5,199,451,824INTEREST EXPENSEDeposit Liabilities 1,328,326,559 1,443,096,651Subordinated Debt, bills payable and other borrowings 238,817,217 226,825,672
  20. 20. 1,567,143,776 1,669,922,323 NET INTEREST INCOME 4,318,449,163 3,529,529,501Service Charges, fees and commissions 1,341,778,345 912,963,616 Trading and Securities gain 1,155,256,556 426,734,155 Foreign exchange Gain 293,709,143 235,186,952 Gain on asset foreclosure 50,958,827 91,981,538 Trust income 45,018,754 69,955,713 Dividend Income (-) 190,106 Gain on Sale of Assets 42,281,466 104,001,967 Miscellaneous 146,967,038 98,488,430 TOTAL OPERATING INCOME 7,394,419,292 5,469,031,978 OPERATING EXPENSE
  21. 21. Provision for impairment and credit losses 1,552,210,920 1,237,230,547Compensation and fringe benefits 1,364,816,703 1,048,327,589Taxes and Licenses 452,494,683 378,278,074Rent 273,789,163 237,789,406Depreciation and Amortization 250,852,503 278,692,701Amortization of intangible assets 84,309,185 63,911,769Miscellaneous 1,636,446,589 1,536,916,828TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSE 5,614,919,746 4,781,146,914INCOME BEFORE INCOME TAX 1,779,499,546 687,885,064PROVISION FOR (BENEFIT FROM) INCOME TAX -31,160,722 48,056,589NET INCOME 1,810,660,268 639,828,475
  22. 22. FINANCIAL STATEMENT STATEMENT OF INCOME Year ended Dec. 31 2010 2009INTEREST INCOME ONLoans and Receivables 5,505,399 5,544,852Trading and Investment Securities 3,302,054 2,817,075Deposits with banks and interbank loans receivables 1,094,907 1,337,400 9,632,360 9,699,327INTEREST EXPENSE ONDeposit Liabilities 2,466,055 2,821,659Bills payable and other borrowings 375,019 389,377 2,841,074 3,211,036
  23. 23. 6,488,29NET INTEREST INCOME 6,791,286 1Commission and handling charges 796,561 345,742Trading and investment securities gain 902,400 134,392Gain on acquisition of investment properties 30,532 89,098Foreign Exchange gains 30,914 768,931 1,553,00Miscellaneous 1,848,269 3 10,399,96 9,379,45TOTAL OPERATING INCOME 2 7 2,440,55Compensation and fringe benefits 2,768,131 9Provision for credit and impairment losses 1,252,727 884,693Occupancy and other equipment-related cost 856,468 818,673Taxes and licenses 798,053 840,277Depreciation and Ammortization 460,049 459,531
  24. 24. 2,391,89 2,200,0Miscellaneous 7 20 8,527,32 7,643,7TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES 5 53INCOME BEFORE INCOME TAX FROM CONTINUING 1,872,63 1,735,7OPERATIONS 7 04 561,50PROVISION FOR INCOME TAX 609,325 0 1,263,31 1,174,2NET INCOME FROM CONTINUING OPERATIONS 2 04NET INCOME FROM DISPOSAL GROUP 35,090 21,613 1,298,40 1,195,8NET INCOME 2 17
  25. 25. • Metrohome Financing -- the easy and affordable way to own a home. Whether its for:• Purchase of a house and lot• Purchase of a lot and house construction thereon• Purchase of a townhouse• Purchase of a condominium• Purchase of a lot• House renovation• Home loan refinancing
  26. 26. • MetroHome Financing is the package for you. Avail of:• Low interest rates that may be fixed for the 1st year, 1st two years, three years, or even five years• Flexible terms of up to 20 years – 20 years maximum for purchase of house and lot or townhouse – 15 years maximum for purchase of condominium, refinancing, reimbursement and home renovation – 10 years maximum for lot purchase• High loan amounts - borrow up to 70% of the propertys appraised value• Worry-free loan repayment through the issuance of post-dated checks or automatic debit arrangement
  27. 27. Interest Fixing Interest Rate1-year fixed 5.50%2-year fixed 7.25%3-year fixed 7.50%4-year fixed 8%5-year fixed 8.50%6-10 year fixed 9.75%
  28. 28. • MetroCar loans let you avail the car you’ve been dreaming of with just a favorable amount of ratesLOAN TERM ADD-ON LOAN TERM ADD-ON RATE RATE12 months 4.77% 36 months 15.21%18 months 7.20% 48 months 20.65%24 months 9.91% 60 months 27.28%
  29. 29. • Metrobank help grow business by providing the funding you need to reach your goals.• Loans for Capital Expenditures For companys capital expenditures and expansion, choose among 7 products and services that fit your business cash flow and peculiarities.• Corporate Finance and Consultancy they offer various ways for company to meet its funding requirements of at least P300 million, allowing to pursue projects according to cash flow pattern.• SME & Other Government Supported Loans they provide low-cost funding to small-, medium-, and large-scale enterprises to finance certain projects that fall within the Government’s priority list. These funds may be availed for short- to long-term periods. Most may be used as working capital, funding to acquire fixed assets, or both.
  30. 30. Strengths Opportunities • Strategic Agreements• Higher returns • Increasing demand for• Capital Adequacy loans Ratio • Increasing value of peso• Declining NPLs Threats • Uncertain market andWeaknesses economic conditions• Increased debt • Stiff competition burden • Acquisition/merging/expa nsion of universal banks
  31. 31. External Opportunities External Threats 1. Strategic agreements 1. Acquisition/ Merging/ 2. Increasing value of peso Expansion of universal 3. In demand loans from banks consumers 2. Uncertain market and economic conditionsInternal Strengths SO ST1. Higher returns 1. Attract more investors 1. Acquire commercial2. Capital Adequacy Ratio 2. Generate more interest banks is above the banking income 2. Buy more securities and industry percentage equity3. Declining NPLsInternal Weaknesses WO WT1. Increased debt burden 1. Guerilla Marketing 1. Corporate and risk2. Inadequate number of 2. Increase number of Governance branches branches
  32. 32. • The only Housing Loan Program that lets you earn rebates on your loan by maintaining deposit with us. So, make full use of your deposits and live your dream house with Allied Bank Build & Save Housing Loan.
  33. 33. Fixing Period Rate 1 year 8.50% 2 years 9.00% 3 years 9.50% 4 years 9.75% 5 years 9.75% 10 years 11.50% 15 years 11.50%
  34. 34. • Choose among your home financing needs:• Purchase of House & Lot / Condominium• House Construction• Purchase of Lot• Refinancing• House Renovation / Expansion• Reimbursement
  35. 35. • Pay your monthly amortization through• Post-dated Checks or• Automatic Debit Arrangement of your Allied Bank account
  36. 36. FEATURES:• Covers BRAND NEW vehicle types (cars, vans, SUVs & AUVs)• Loanable amount of up to 80% of the unit price• Easy monthly payments through Post-dated Checks or Automatic Debit arrangement of your Allied Bank Account.
  37. 37. As of March 2011 Rate (One Month TERM Rate (In-Arrears) Advance)12 months 5.05% 4.25%18 months 7.52% 6.70%24 months 10.18% 9.32%36 months 15.62% 14.70%48 months 22.38% 21.35%60 months 29.50% 28.36%
  38. 38.  Designed to augment financial need of employes of accredited companies. Employees in need can now manage their budget and enjoy life through hassle free loan application and loan payment. All regular employees of accredited companies can avail of up to three times (3x) of their Gross Monthly Salary. Monthly salary deductions will be arranged with your employer so you don’t have to worry of remitting your payment.
  39. 39. STRENGTHS: OPPORTUNITIES:• Strongest Online System  Make personal loans• Largest ATM Network  Car leasing• Shifted from nationalize to  Reduced transaction contemporary area of banking charges• Strong corporate culture  Use of media for• promotionWEAKNESSES: THREATS:• Branches are not renovated in  Strong competition some areas among other banks• No use of electronic media for  Financial recession promotion of services• No proper HR Management  Attitude of customers• No proper segmentation  Falling KIBER rate
  40. 40. Use your Metrobank Credit Card to dineand shop and indulge in over 42 millionVisa and MasterCard establishments,worldwide.
  41. 41. Discover the meaning of True Power with the MetrobankPlatinum MasterCard.Features:Credit LimitThe Metrobank Platinum MasterCard comes with a higher creditlimit.Free Supplementary Card for Lifelifetime annual fee waiver for 1st supplementary cardholder.
  42. 42. • The Metrobank Dollar MasterCard is the only card you will ever need for your US Dollar transactions.Features:• Get billed in US Dollars• The US Dollar MasterCard allows you to get charged in US dollars so that you dont need to worry about foreign exchange rate fluctuations.• Free Travel Insurance• Receive FREE accidental death/disablement travel insurance when you purchase your airline ticket using your Metrobank Dollar MasterCard.
  43. 43. • The Metrobank M Lite MasterCard is the best credit card for the savvy spender aiming for better finance management.Features:• Lower finance charge• Enjoy the lowest finance charge in the market at 2.49% with the M Lite MasterCard
  44. 44. • Metrobank’s M Free MasterCard is the no annual fee, no frills credit card!Features:• Perpetually waived annual fee• Get the benefits of using a credit card without the need to pay the annual fee for life.
  45. 45. • When family becomes the priority, the PSBank MasterCard provides the widest range of benefits that keep your loved ones in mind.Features:• Family Rewards• Earn 1 point for every Php20.00 that you spend using your PSBank MasterCard. Use your points and redeem premium items or air miles from Philippine Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines or Singapore Airlines. Learn more about our rewards program, PSBank Rewards Catalogue.
  46. 46. • Enhance your drive with the country’s first complete motorist card.Exclusive Features:• 10% discount at all Toyota dealers Applies to genuine accessories, parts and labor.• Rewards Points for all your spending 1 Point for every Php 20 spend everywhere Double Points at your preferred Toyota dealer.• 3% fuel rebate at Petron Over 400 participating stations nationwide.• 24/7 roadside assistance
  47. 47. Features:• Fly/Buy points for all your spending• For Classic MasterCard: Earn one (1) Fly/Buy Point for every P200 spend anywhere. Earn double Fly/Buy Points for every P200 spend when you shop at any Robinsons stores or purchase Cebu Pacific tickets at www.cebupacificair.com or any Cebu Pacific ticketing office.• For Gold MasterCard: Earn one (1) Fly/Buy Point for every P200 spend anywhere. Earn double Fly/Buy Points for every P200 spend when you purchase Cebu Pacific tickets at www.cebupacificair.com or any Cebu Pacific ticketing office and when you use your card abroad. Earn triple Fly/Buy Points for every P200 spend when you shop at any Robinsons stores.
  48. 48.  Metrobank Femme Visa - the credit card for the modern and independent career woman.Features: Exclusive Metrobank Femme Visa Features Enroll in the femme Road side Asistance and Personal Accident Insurance Program and get Insurance Coverage of up to php. 200,000 maximum benefit for just php.500 per year.
  49. 49. •Allied Bank Essentials MasterCard offers the ultimatepayment convenience in shopping, traveling or dining out- and these are just a few of the simple passions that aremade more enjoyable with Allied Bank EssentialsMasterCard.
  50. 50. ,pleasures come without boundaries. Keep up todate on the latest fashion, dine in the finestrestaurants and conquer new horizons with adiversity of perks and discounts only with AlliedBank Premium MasterCard.
  51. 51. OUR BANKING SYSTEM TODAY:The Banking Business as we know it today is composed of three separate and distinct principal functions.1. The acquiring of funds to invest and loan.2. The investing of such funds in loans and bonds.3. The servicing of such funds, such as providing checks, drafts and etc.
  52. 52. The Metrobank and Allied Bank are both universal and commercial bankCommercial bank defined as ”moneyed” corporation.to receive deposits.pay such funds.to lend money.to make collectives
  53. 53. •engaged in commercialbanking and related services•lending products includeseasonal finance,agricultural finance, tradefinance, running finance anddemand finance.
  54. 54. • offers leasing for machinery,commercial vehicles, vehiclesand equipments.• has the largest ATM networkin the country and it is amongthe top rated bank in ourcountry.
  55. 55. •In terms of other services and foundations.
  56. 56. Offers different promos and foundations.