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  • Clever play on the word but is that really true? How important are assumptions in Lean?\n
  • You learn something when you have committed it to memory\nBecause it has impacted you in a meaningful way\nYou integrate it into your “knowing”\nWhich means you have to occasionally re-validate it - stuff changes around what you learned - like Pluto is not a planet anymore - but it was, right?\n
  • The overall impression of the word “challenge” is negative\nMost of the definitions have lots of negative words - but the definition that really works is \nThat to challenge something is kind of an ass move\nBut to challenge is to push beyond traditional thinking and is critical to moving off a notion\n
  • Assumptions give you a starting place - something to test against\nIn fact Brant Cooper built a tool called “Un Assumer” that helps startups keep track of what they think they know and what is actually true\nThe best example I know of a repository that will always make you go HMMM is from the guys at Freakonomics. Freaky the stuff that people believe and don’t know why they think that.\n
  • An online scooter store s people could just buy a scooter without having to over think it!\n
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  • Mentor your ass off

    1. 1. Kelley Boyd | Think ExperienceMentor your Ass Off! @msksboyd
    2. 2. What is your Job Introduce, orient and coach teams through a process (“LEAN”) that allowsthem to identify and define a tech business (i.e. BUILD - MEASURE - LEARN) byasking questions. Startup Weekend has defined criteria by which teams will be judged. Yourjob, is to help teams produce results that meet those criteria - by asking thequestions. Among you are Biz, Tech, Design and Developers. Each type of mentor willlikely “work” with each team. Sometimes that just means check in with and askthe question where are you at in process?The goal of mentoring is to move teams through the process to get to a place
    3. 3. Judging CriteriaCustomer Validation - Have you interviewed potential or target customers? Have you integrated feedback into your solution? Built a base of fans or would be customers?Business Model - Differentiated yourself from competitors? Defined customer acquisition or rollout strategy? Clearly and realistically articulated your revenue model?Execution - Developed a functional prototype? Executed well as a team?
    4. 4. The QuestionsProblem Statement: So, what is the problem? Who has that problem?Solution Hypothesis: How are you going to fix that problem?Market Discovery: Has the problem been “fixed” before and of so what happened tothat solution? What is wrong with how they did it?Build = Customer Discovery - In the case of weekend events - we consider the“Build” a crafted “survey” that will allow measure of interest in the proposed actualproduct.Measure = Customer Validation - How many people did you talk to about that? Whatdid you ask them? What did they say?Learn = Product/Market fit - Based on what you learned - Is this a feature or aproduct? How big is that market? How would you approach capturing that market?Can you make money - and if so, how?MVP = A framework or actual product for “sale” to the target market and an associatedeffort to find and engage target customers
    5. 5. What You Should DoMentor Procedures: Wear your shirt Mentors are responsible for checking in with Organizer when they arrive which is where they will get any direction for team assignments. Team assignments are done by Organizers after teams have formed and stated the Problem and Solution Hypothesis. “Assignments” is used loosely and are fluid - For example, assignments will be used so that if a team has evolved to the point they need design or UX/UI help if a Designer is on the floor or when Design Mentor checks in we will send he/she straight over to facilitate progress for that team. “Assigned” Mentors can get other Mentor assistance and may “transfer” responsibility. Transfers should be noted by Organizer via Assignment Spreadsheet just so we know that the team was not abandoned.
    6. 6. Info Looks Like ThisTEAM NAME: ______________________________________________________TEAM MEMBERS: __________________________________________________PROBLEM STATEMENT: We think that _______ people have trouble doing ____?SOLUTION HYPOTHESIS: Describe In WordsMARKET DISCOVERY: What products currently exist in the space you are looking to build in andhow will your product will differ?Have there been other products built for this market segment and failed - if so - why? Why won’tyours?
    7. 7. And then like This Build B# _____ (Question) Describe : We did surveys with people one on one Sample Size: Total # of surveys Describe : We put out listings on Craigslist to get people to answer survey Sample Size: Total # of ads or ads responded to Measure M# _____ (Results) Describe : Of the response - we had 10 reliable responses Assess : Results of Build Numerically i.e. 6/10 Learn L# _____ (Iterate / Pivot) Describe : Based on what we learned we need to tighten up hypothesis and amend our problem statement Cycles marked with #1 / #2 / #3 / #4 etc.Mentor Checkins: Date / Initials
    8. 8. And Now like This MVP PLANTEAM NAME: ______________________________________________________TEAM MEMBERS: __________________________________________________PROBLEM STATEMENT: We know that _______ people have trouble doing ____? WE DID THE WORK AND HAVE VALIDATED THAT PEOPLE WANT TO BUY THIS: MVP: Describe and Demonstrate your Minimally Viable Product Test Sell: What method did you use to Test Sell? Launchrock, Unbounce, Wufoo Results: We sold some stuff
    9. 9. One Last Thing PRESENTATION REVIEW WORKSHOPS SUNDAY!!! GET TEAMS TO SIGN UP!PRESO ELEMENTS Customer Validation Business Model ExecutionPRESO STRUCTURE Does the presentation build in a way the judges can understand how well you map to the judging criteria?PRESO PANACHE Will the judges pay attention to your pitch?
    10. 10. GroupMe Group?Kelley Boyd@msksboyd9172910004