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  1. 1. Hazelwood vs. Kulhmeier {1988}
  2. 2. The Trial Hazelwood High’s school principal is banding the news articles about teen pregnancy because he feels that it is inappropriate for the school students to hear about teen pregnancy.He thinks that the articles would set a bad example for young women to hear a about teen pregnancy.And he feels or thinks that it influences sex.
  3. 3. The Defense They took out the article cause the principal thought it was inappropriate for the student or people to read about it.They thought it was not suitable for young adults to read it. They thought it promoted sex. They also thought that it should let young people know about young teen pregnancy was important for the people to know.
  4. 4. The Decision The United States Supreme Court Justice decision was that the principal of Hazelwood High did not have the authority to band the news article from the student.The students had the right to know about teen pregnancy,so the decision was that the news articles were only censored from the students.
  5. 5. Afterwards A couple of months after the trail the newspapers had been censored. And the Hazelwood trial is the most memorable trial in the whole school history