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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. tagjosh komoroske
  2. 2. file searching paradigms
  3. 3. finding files by name$ find ~ -name "myfile.txt"
  4. 4. finding files by name - problems we dont know the files name the filename isnt meaningful enough $ echo "all of my passwords" > temp.txt
  5. 5. finding files by content$ grep -r "content" ~
  6. 6. finding files by content - problems we dont know the files contents the file doesnt contain describable data binary files, movies, music, pictures
  7. 7. finding files by relevance
  8. 8. tag - tagging a file$ tag -t [keywords]... file$ tag -t "heist" "con" "casino" ~/Movies/Oceans-11.mkvcasinoconheistvegas
  9. 9. tag - finding a file$ tag -f [keywords]... directory$ tag -f "con" ~~/Movies/Oceans-11.mkv~/Movies/Catch-me-if-you-can.mkv~/Movies/The-Italian-Job.mkv~/Movies/Inside-Man.mkv$ tag -f "con" "+heist" ~~/Movies/Oceans-11.mkv~/Movies/The-Italian-Job.mkv~/Movies/Inside-Man.mkv
  10. 10. demo
  11. 11.