Smart guitar chords


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Smart guitar chords

  1. 1. Smart Guitar ChordsEvan Minto (CompSci/EMAC 13)
  2. 2. So... Get Smart! Guitar chord database Store, organize, and analyze custom-made chords Provide feedback for songwriters when choosing/creating chords Sortable by nearly any criteria Support for multiple (guitar-like) instruments Maximum input/output format compatibility
  3. 3. Schedule (3/11/11) Instrument/chord selection and display in the GUI Folder manipulation/user-defined data organization
  4. 4. Schedule (3/25/11) Creating new instruments and chords Modifying existing instruments and chords Solidify mechanic for linking instruments and chords
  5. 5. Schedule (4/8/11) Complementary chord calculations Chord auto-complete function
  6. 6. Schedule (4/22/11) Implement MIDI sounds Add more algorithms to analyze and provide suggestions
  7. 7. Schedule (5/6/11) Implement filtering/sorting for instruments and chords based on attributes like number of strings, key, etc. Add more algorithms to analyze chords Make the GUI super-pretty looking
  8. 8. Special Thanks To... Moorthy Sean OSullivan David Doria John Dickinson
  9. 9. Any Questions?