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Koala pres1


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Koala pres1

  1. 1. KoalaLearning Made Simple. Nick Pachulski
  2. 2. Koala’s Background● Started by Colin Kuebler.● Named Koala because: ○ nicer than snakes ○ no # edges ○ decaffeinated ○ cuter than qt ○ syntax--;
  3. 3. What is Koala?● An interpreted scripting language ○ Parsed with Java Script
  4. 4. The Purpose● What it’s not for: ■ Any kind of distribution.● What it is for: ■ Teaching and Learning.
  5. 5. The How● Editor on URL request!● No need for additional (os specific) software.● Simple syntax!● Tutorials, examples, and well kept documentation.
  6. 6. Current Progress(HomePage)
  7. 7. IDE:(IDE)
  8. 8. New Stuff● iPad Application!