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Auto scheduler presentation_1


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rcos summer 2011

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Auto scheduler presentation_1

  1. 1. AutoScheduler Peter WakefieldAnthony Onwuasoanya
  2. 2. Overview● What is AutoScheduler?● Existing Software● Distinguishing Features● Development Priorities● Future Possibilities
  3. 3. What is AutoScheduler? (Part 1)● Time management add-on for Firefox● Allocate & track time use rather than simply storing a list/calendar created by the user● Assumes nothing about organizational skills● Can take responsibility for managing time entirely● Doesnt require an account on a third party server ○ Convenience ○ Privacy
  4. 4. What is AutoScheduler? (Part 2)● Tracks as much or as little as the user wishes● Builds time management skills through feedback ○ Estimated time vs. actual ○ "Fun" interspersed with "work" -> Anti- procrastination behavioral modification● Customizable scheduling and UI behaviors● "Organizer for the Disorganized"● Integrates with the browser to combat and harness aimless browsing / Internet addiction
  5. 5. So much time management software...● Toodledo - Requires third party account● ReminderFox - Lacks flexibility, time management, and browsing control integration● TimeTracker - Simple, outdated Firefox browsing timer... with 800k downloads● MeeTimer - Browsing type timer only; also out of date● Tracks - Former RCOS project, requires server setup● Many more ... many drawbacks.
  6. 6. Life Balance: Very similar idea, but more abstract
  7. 7. Life Balance● Goal-oriented● Tree view for goals and subtasks● Manages tasks and aims for good ratios of time utilization● Generates a ToDo list based on locations and deadlines
  8. 8. ReminderFox: Simple. Effective. Different purpose.
  9. 9. ReminderFox● Good Firefox add-on...for simple notifications● Tracks ToDo and Reminder entries● Useful, straightforward, but somewhat rigid interface● Similar yet different purpose● More of a memory aid than time management
  10. 10. LeechBlock: Blocks time-wasting sites
  11. 11. LeechBlock● Blocks access to distracting sites● Up to 6 groups of sites with shared blocking properties● Restricts access to groups ○ During scheduled times ○ After X% of Y time spent on distraction
  12. 12. What Makes AutoScheduler Unique?● More than just a memory aid● Serves as a time management application built into your browser● Uses knowledge of tasks and time allocation to regulate browsing
  13. 13. Categories Restricting Conditions | Goals ● Start time | ● End time Projects ● Interruptibility | ● Prerequisite tasks Tasks ● Required time | ● Etc. Subtasks PropertiesAll aliases for the same ● Creation time structure of entries, ● Priority simply with different ● Recurrencerelationships and used ● Misc. Etc. (customized on a properties. task-type basis) AutoScheduler Task Representation
  14. 14. Interface Ideas● Minimal impact on screen space: Button(s) on existing toolbar● Expanding tree view similar to Life Balance● Simple text field for entry creation● Keywords for quick type selection● Property fields visible based on type of entry
  15. 15. Development Priorities● Create database schema and storage methods ○ Using Firefoxs built-in SQLite● Interface for adding and managing tasks● Automated scheduling● Expand interface to allow browser control● Browser context switching (Panorama?)● Future possibilities as able
  16. 16. Future Possibilities ● Integration with other organizers, e.g. Google Calendar ● Gamification ● Mobile version ○ Different UI requirements ○ Could use Firefox Sync ● Multiple person/shared scheduling
  17. 17. GamificationExtend and improve the educational aspect: ● Track user statistics ○ Tasks completed ○ Time spent on tasks ○ Time spent on play ● Achievements and bonuses for completing tasks ● Automatically assign rewards ● Prompt the user to switch between work and play ● Motivate user to become organized ● Train user to become more productive
  18. 18. Questions?