4th Adam, Brett, Jamie, Treyvon


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4th Adam, Brett, Jamie, Treyvon

  1. 1. Outlawing Swearing in the Media by The Monkey Brains Jamie Hawley Brett Dishman Adam Engel Treyvon Bokoskie
  2. 2. A More A ppropriate For Younger People With swearing gone from books and movies, more of these things would be appropriate for kids and teens.
  3. 3. B B ad Habit Swearing is a bad habit.  Once you start, you can't stop.  It's like being addicted to sweets.
  4. 4. C C onsiderate of Feelings Without swearing around them, people will be more considerate of feelings.
  5. 5. D But it's been proven that swearing re d uces physical pain . When an actor or character gets hurt, they won't be able to swear, even though it reduces physical pain.
  6. 6. E But th e y could think of other things to say. People can become more creative when they have to think of other things to say.
  7. 7. F eel bad We always feel bad after we swear, do you? F
  8. 8. G odly <ul><li>Religeous people would be able to do more things with media because their religion wasn't in question. </li></ul>G
  9. 9. More TV shows get watc h ed without swearing.   <ul><li>Some TV shows would get watched, meaning more profit. </li></ul>H
  10. 10. Better I dols <ul><li>With actors not swearing, they can be a better influence on kids. </li></ul>I
  11. 11. No J oke <ul><li>This isn't a joke, we want swearing to stop! </li></ul>J
  12. 12. More K ids can listen to music. K Parents don't have to worry about kids listening to inoppropriate music.
  13. 13. L ess money spent on editing. <ul><li>People would spend less money on editing if there was less swearing to edit. </li></ul>L
  14. 14. M oms and Dads <ul><li>Moms and Dads would worry less that their kids were exposing themselves to swearing. </li></ul>M
  15. 15. N aughty <ul><li>We feel that swearing is very naughty. </li></ul>N
  16. 16. O h   !@$^#*? <ul><li>See how  easy it is to substitute swearing? </li></ul>O
  17. 17. Less Teacher P revention <ul><li>Teachers and schools would be able to spend less time blocking sites because of swearing. </li></ul>P
  18. 18. Q uality of life <ul><li>A town that out lawed puplic swearing said that it was improving quality of life.  Can't we take a step towards that? </li></ul>Q
  19. 19. Game R atings Will Be Better For Kids Without the need to put &quot;Language Warnings&quot; on video games, ratings will be a bit better, making them more availible to kids. R
  20. 20. Freedom of S peach <ul><li>The law states that people should have the right to say what they want. If you take out swearing they might not ofend someone. </li></ul>S
  21. 21. T hat Law Was Made... <ul><li>The law was made for public speaking and press. Swearing does no one any good. </li></ul>T
  22. 22. I want yo u  to stop swearing!          <ul><li>Is there anything good in swearing? </li></ul>U
  23. 23.     V ote <ul><li>V </li></ul>We should all vote for no swearing in the media!
  24. 24. W asted Time <ul><li>Listening to or reading swear words is just a waste of time. </li></ul>W
  25. 25. E x tra time <ul><li>Your not wasting time with swearing, so you have time to play outside! </li></ul>X
  26. 26.   But what about all the books and movies that alread y  have swearing in them?                 Y
  27. 27. Z ero Left on the Market <ul><li>     We'd take the off the market!  People who have already paid for the swearing media would have to be responsible when they watch or read it, and they couldn't sell it to anyone, they'd have to keep it. </li></ul>Z
  28. 28. In Conclusion... <ul><li>We believe people should not be tormented by swearing in the media. </li></ul>
  29. 29. If you care , you won't swear!!!
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