3rd Anthony, Michael, Robert, Zach


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3rd Anthony, Michael, Robert, Zach

  1. 1. We Need Longer Passing Periods By Anthony, Robert, Michael, Zach Mr. Roboto's Robotos
  2. 2. H A ve you ever been late for your classes ?
  3. 3. B elieve us we have!  
  4. 4. C a n you feel the embarassment of being the only person who wasn't there for role call?
  5. 5. D id you know  if you get 3 tardys you get detention.
  6. 6. that won't happen with longer passing p E riods!
  7. 7. F reedom will come by having longer passing periods!
  8. 8. With longer passing periods you can G et whatever you need and never worry.
  9. 9. H ow about that!!!!!!!!!
  10. 10. I f kids use the time inapropriately the teachers will stand outside their doors and hand out detentions.
  11. 11. J ust making passing periods one minute longer will help.  A high school in Indiana thinks so too.
  12. 12. A mom on wi K i talks about it like this: her kid has three detentions by the second semester.  She thinks just two minutes would help.
  13. 13. L onger passing periods can keep kids out of detention. 
  14. 14. M ore time and less stress that's how it goes with longer passing periods.
  15. 15. N ot only that but kids could use the extra time to get themselves organized.
  16. 16. L O nger passing periods would be good for everyone
  17. 17. P lease let us have longer passing periods!
  18. 18. Really the Q uestion is do you want longer passing periods.  
  19. 19. A R e you willing to try?
  20. 20. S hort passing periods stink.
  21. 21. T ruthfully, longer passing periods would make it easier to get across the school.
  22. 22. Yo U know you want to... help
  23. 23. We are not asking for a V ery long extention to our passing periods we have now
  24. 24. W ould school be longer if we had longer passing periods?
  25. 25. We would only give e X tra time to those who are going all the way tp the other side of the building
  26. 26. Y et some kids are fine with normal three minute passing periods.
  27. 27. As you can Z , longer passing periods are awesome!
  28. 28. Zach and his group say longer passing periods rock!
  29. 29. In conclusion we should be able to have longer passing periods.
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  32. 32. The End