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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1.  Heat that change if there is not energy add or subtracted from it When it is heat or cooling in unsaturateddry adiabatic rate When it is heat or cooling in saturated air it is called wet adiabatic rate
  2. 2. is like when a mountains act like a stopping point to get it to go high up ic_Stability_and_Instability_3.html
  3. 3.  The process that happen want the cooler masses goes lower then the hotter masses al_wedging.htm
  4. 4.  The lifting of the air that make the atmosphere flow together _llconv.htm
  5. 5.  Is when air pocket is made and then the surrounding air make the air pocket less density
  6. 6.  The time when air temperature increases The most stable time Reports/2008.html
  7. 7.  Is fog or dew surprising-side-effect-of-climate-change-a-fog-of- confusion/
  8. 8.  Cirrus are high clouds Cumulus are middle clouds Stratus are low clouds
  9. 9.  Calledcirrocumulus White and thin clouds Made up of icecrystalshttp ://
  10. 10.  Their calledaltocumulus clouds They are larger and denser clouds They get us light snow or drizzle
  11. 11.  There are three part of low clouds are stratus, stratocumulus and nimbostratus
  12. 12.  Some clouds do not go in the range of high, middle, and low. They go in the middle of the range or they are to low to be called low clouds
  13. 13.  Fog is not different then a cloud Fog is cloud on the ground or right above the ground
  14. 14.  This iswant a liquid is at 0 degrees C Can freeze a solid object dust-pollen-matters-for-cloud.html
  15. 15.  Is when the air fully saturated
  16. 16.  Snow is rain falling and turn in to snowflakes Rain is water that fall from clouds and they have to be at least 0.5mm big rainy-afternoon/
  17. 17.  Sleet is small particles of clear to translucent ice Glaze is the fall as rain drops and turn to ice went hit the ground Hail are small pellets of ice